Sunday, January 25, 2009

Unfortunate Remarks about Israel by Joe Lieberman

. . . when Senator Joseph Lieberman was in Israel

In his "Remembering Rabbi Hollander," Sultan Knish
mentions the late rabbi's assessment of Senator Joseph Lieberman:

[quoting Rabbi Hollander]

This story recently came to mind when Senator Joseph Lieberman was in Israel and announced as loudly as he could that the Jews have no right to live on "occupied territory." We are painfully ashamed because very recently, a non-Jew, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, defended Israel, and pointedly referred to the West Bank as "so-called occupied territory." Senator Lieberman, who calls himself an Orthodox Jew, does not stop from pontificating that part of the Holy Land given by G-d to the Jews is forbidden to Jews.

It is difficult to have such high expectation from our modern American Joseph. Yet, one would still expect some humility, some integrity and some fairness in judging who is at fault in the current terror war in the State of Israel. Lieberman deplored the "desperate" humanitarian condition of the Palestinians without stating clearly that the sole responsibility for this "desperate humanitarian condition" of the Palestinians lies with the Arabs, who train their sons and daughters to kill themselves in the process of killing Jews.

[close quote of Rabbi Hollander]

This shows how far the current Joseph has drifted from his Biblical namesake. He wears his alleged Orthodoxy on his sleeve and uses it as a campaigning point. This is most unbecoming and un-Jewish.

[close quote]

Now, Joe Lieberman is not alone in his appraisal of the Israel-Arab situation, and he is among the most avid supporters of Israel amongst politicians, but one could expect less bleeding-of-the heart for the "Palestinians (Arabs)."

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