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How Many American Jews Still Support the So-Called "Peace Process" the U.S. is trying to foist off on Israel?

How Much Do American Jews Support the Peace Process?
by Yale M. Zussman

Middle East Quarterly

[first published in 1998 - updated for today's "same-old, same-old" story]

As it becomes more widely-known that American Jews are skeptical of the [peace] process, three consequences are likely to follow. First, American Jews opposed to it will feel freer to express their opposition, and it will become ever-harder to dismiss them as "hard-liners," "right-wing" ideologues, or apologists for the Orthodox. Second, the foreign policy establishment will find it more difficult to claim that it has the support of American Jews, and will have to make more of an effort to present their case. Third, especially with a presidential campaign . . . under way, American pressure on Israel should ease off.

These are positive developments for anyone interested in a real peace in the Middle East, for they again focus attention where it always should have been: how ready are the ["Palestinians"] and other Arabs to live in peace with Israel?

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Walking the Razor's Edge - A Requirement for Jews

Obama opened the Race Package*. He is now reaping what he has sown by spreading the seeds contained in that package.

They are ugly plants that grew from them, bearing bitter fruit.

Jews must be careful not to pick these fruit and eat them, for ingesting these fruit will change Jews into something ugly and hateful.

Since the start of the "Nation Of Islam," many black people have become rabid antisemites.

Louis Farrakhan who leads the Nation Of Islam is a rabid antisemite.

There are too many black people who hate Jews. Jews must not hate black people back.

Why not return hate for hate?

Hate consumes the Hater. That goes for white-hot hatred. Ice-cold hate does not consume, but that is also uncalled for as concerns Jews' towards black people.

Black people are not a monolith (neither are Jews as we well know from the Obamaites amongst them).

More important, however, why Jews must not hate black people is because it makes them tumble into the foul nest of the white supremacists . . .

. . . who hate Jews as much as they hate black people. They are Equal Opportunity Haters.

Trying to join them will not only bring rebuffs but torrents of hatred towards Jews of all political persuasions from these white nazis.

Jews are not only facing hatred from the white nazis but also from the multi-colored, multi-ethnic Islamic nazis.

Jews must not join with either. . .

. . . whether Jews shed bitter tears for the so-called "Palestinians" (read Arabs) as many in Israel as well as in the US do . . . or whether they (some Jews) believe that the Obama Leftitst are connected to the Islamic nazis and have as much hatred for Jews (although the Obama inner circle keeps this well hidden) as do the white nazis.

Jews must tread the razor's edge that keeps them from falling into either camp: Islamic Jew-haters or white nazi Jew-haters.
*Obama Derided “Race Mixing” in “Dreams From My Father”
Barack Obama ridiculed a Black classmate for having a Caucasian girlfriend
Obama also brought up that he "doesn't look like the Presidents on the dollar bills" and that he's black. He belonged, until recently, to a white-hating, black supremacists church preached to by Jeremiah Wright.

Another Reason for Jews to Dump Obama: McCain and the Israel - Arab "Peace Process"


McCain will refrain from actively engaging in the peace process
By Ted Belman
Last week I wrote to John McCain’s press office and recommended that he take a position of not pushing Israel to capitulate in the peace process. I wrote that it would contrast with Obama’s position supported by J-Street and his foreign policy advisors that Israel should be pressured to make further concessions.
So you can imagine my satisfaction of seeing this in INN

McCain ‘Would Not Promote Israel-PA Talks’
by Gil Ronen
( A U.S. administration under John McCain would discourage Israeli-Syrian peace talks and refrain from actively engaging in the Israeli-Palestinian diplomatic process. That was the message delivered over the weekend by two McCain advisers – Max Boot, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, and Richard Williamson, the Bush administration’s special envoy to Sudan – during a retreat hosted by the Washington Institute for Near East Policy at the Lansdowne Resort in rural Virginia.

Richard Danzig, a representative of Barack Obama, said the Democratic presidential candidate would take the opposite approach on both issues.

I believe this is an important policy difference, one which will drive more Jews to vote for McCain.

Shock Poll: Jews Now Favor McCain in New York, 54-32

So you think Israel is not alone?

Then read . . .
Does Israel Have A True Friend?

Click on it.

Study says US textbooks misrepresent Jews and Israel

Sep. 25, 2008

American elementary and high school textbooks contain many "gross misrepresentations" of Judaism, Christianity and Israel, according to a book-length study released this week by the San Francisco-based Institute for Jewish and Community Research.

"It is shocking to discover that history and geography textbooks widely used in America's elementary and secondary classrooms contain some of the very same inaccuracies about Christianity, Judaism and the Middle East as those [used] in Iran," the IJCR said in a summary of the findings of the five-year study.

In examining the 28 most widely-used history, geography and social studies textbooks in America, researchers Dr. Gary Tobin and Dennis Ybarra found some 500 instances of "errors, inaccuracies and even propaganda" on these issues. Tens of millions of schoolchildren in all 50 states use the textbooks, according to Tobin.

Among the "outrageous misrepresentations" the study found was "a denial of the Jewish roots of Jesus," as when the textbook The World relates that "Christianity was started by a young Palestinian named Jesus."

"Textbooks include negative stereotypes of Jews, Judaism and Israel," the authors write. "For example, textbooks tend to discredit the ties between Jews and the land of Israel."

According to Tobin, "you're much more likely to learn about Jewish terrorism before the founding of Israel [in the textbooks] than about terrorism against Israel since that time."

Among the claims made about Israel in some of the textbooks are that Arab countries never initiated wars against Israel, Arab nations desire peace while Israel does not and that it was Israel that placed Palestinians in refugee camps in Arab lands, not Arab governments. No mention whatsoever was found relating to the hundreds of thousands of Jewish refugees from Arab countries who were forced out after the establishment of Israel.

In their treatment of Judaism, too, the textbooks showed a negative bias, according to the study. They often expressed a view that "Jews and Judaism are legalistic," and that "Jews care only about the letter of the law and ignore its spirit," the study found. The Jewish God is presented as "stern and warlike," and not compassionate, as is highlighted in other religions. In some instances, Jews are charged with deicide in the killing of Jesus.

The study also found that 18 textbooks used "unscholarly and disparaging 'Old Testament' terminology for the Jewish scriptures when discussing the origins of Judaism."

The study compared language used in describing Jewish and Christian belief with that describing Muslim belief. "The textbooks tend to be critical of Jews and Israel, disrespectful about Christianity, and rather than represent Islam in an objective way, tend to glorify it," says Ybarra.

"Textbook publishers often defer completely to Muslim groups for their content [on Islam] because they want to be sensitive to Muslim concerns," he explained. "So they write that Mohammed is a prophet of God, without the qualifier you should have in a public school that shows you're teaching about religion, rather than teaching religion."

One example among the many cited in the study is in World History: Continuity and Change, in which a glossary entry on the Ten Commandments describes them as "Moral laws Moses claimed to have received from the Hebrew God Yahweh on Mount Sinai."

The same glossary describes the Koran as a "Holy Book of Islam containing revelations received by Muhammad from God" - without a conditional qualifier.

"Islam is treated with a devotional tone in some textbooks, less detached and analytical than it ought to be," the study finds. "Muslim beliefs are described in several instances as fact, without any clear qualifier such as 'Muslims believe... .'

"No religion should be presented in history textbooks as absolute truth, either on its own or compared to any other, or they all should be."

"All in all, there are repeated misrepresentations that cross the line into bigotry," the authors write.

The textbooks examined in the study are published by some of the largest publishers in America, including Pearson, an $8 billion dollar company which is one of America's largest textbook publishers, and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company, a global corporation with revenues totaling some $2.5 billion.

The publishers, however, are not bigots, Tobin emphasizes. "I learned in graduate school that you should never try to explain something with conspiracy when you can account for it with incompetence," he says. "That's what you've got here. The fact that publishers don't use scholars to write the textbooks, but amateurs," is a major source of the bias in the texts.

"If the person writing about the founding of Israel isn't an expert in the field - and he's not - he'll go to whatever sources he can find, such as Google. Any misinformation he finds can get into the textbooks."

The lack of expertise among the writers is only one of the many "systemic ills" the study found in the textbook publishing process. "Developing a textbook and getting it adopted in the major states of Texas and California is so expensive that only those competitors with the deepest pockets stand a chance of succeeding. Only three mega-publishers (down from nine in less than twenty years) control the K-12 textbook market, meaning that more and more titles are concentrated in fewer hands. Errors in one book now stand a greater chance of replicating themselves across other books because they may originate from the same source."

These structural weaknesses leave the textbook industry susceptible to pressure from certain groups. "We do not believe that textbook publishers are 'out to get' anybody or any group," the authors note in the study. Rather, "they are subject to all kinds of external pressures so that the higher pursuit of truth and accuracy can be sacrificed to narrow interests."

"Arab and Muslim interest groups... promote a pro-Arab, pro-Palestinian agenda in textbooks' lessons on the Middle East," the study finds. "For example, the Council on Islamic Education has weighed in during adoption processes to oppose the direct and unconditional use of the term 'Israel' for the Israelite monarchy in textbooks, lest anyone make the connection between modern Jews' claims to Israel and the kingdom that existed in the same location 3,000 years ago."

Says Tobin: "If the president of Iran wants to blast Israel at the UN, he can use American textbooks to do so."

This article can also be read at /servlet/Satellite?cid=1222017396250&pagename=JPost%2FJPArticle%2FShowFull
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Jews Supporting Obama should be aware of his anti-Israel and antisemitic Connections

[excerpt from Obama dollars can tell us a lot
Hey, they’re just “People...people needing people...are the luckiest people in the world!”]

In 2001 the Woods Fund gave a $40,000 financial aid grant to a group with ties to the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) . . .

While both Senator Obama and terrorist William Ayers were on the board of the Woods Fund, it also made a $1,000,000 contribution to Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC) -- what essentially became Mr. Ayers' failed Leftist attempt to redesign education in Chicago schools in his own image. Senator Obama chaired the CAC from 1995 through 1999.

In 2001 the Woods Fund gave a $40,000 financial aid grant to a group with ties to the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) -- the Arab American Action Network -- which was co-founded by radical Columbia University professor Rashid Khalidi and whose president is conveniently Mr. Khalidi's wife, Mona. In 2002, the Woods Fund gave the Arab American Action Network a second gift of $35,000. Mr. Khalidi and his wife are successful fundraisers for Senator Obama.

The Arab American Action Network opposes the existence of Israel as a state, calling its founding a "catastrophe." Mr. Khalidi, the Arab American Action Network's co-founder, "was reportedly also a director of the official PLO press agency WAFA in Beirut from 1976 to 1982, while the PLO committed scores of anti-Western attacks and was labeled by the U.S. as a terror group. Khalidi's wife, AAAN President Mona Khalidi, was reportedly WAFA's English translator during that period." Both deny this but Palestinian diplomatic sources have confirmed it.[9]

While both Senator Obama and terrorist William Ayers were on the board of the Woods Fund, it also made a $1,000,000 contribution to Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC) -- what essentially became Mr. Ayers' failed Leftist attempt to redesign education in Chicago schools in his own image. Senator Obama chaired the CAC from 1995 through 1999 [see #9 below].

7. $325,000. Other People's Money.

As a state senator Obama directed $225,000 of Illinois taxpayers' money, and later as a U.S. Senator earmarked another $100,000 in federal tax money, for programs run by radical political activist and Catholic priest (now removed from his church), Father Michael Pfleger of St. Sabina Roman Catholic Church on Chicago's South Side.[10] Senator Obama identified Father Pfleger, with whom he has been involved for 20 years, as "a key source of spiritual guidance."[11]

Father Pfleger's Catholic parish, like that of Obama spiritual mentor and advisor Reverend Jeremiah Wright's church, espouses a brand of black exclusivity based in the "black liberation theology" of James Cone and has done so, also like Reverend Wright's church, for two decades.

Pfleger is not only a long-time political associate of Senator Obama and Reverend Wright, but also of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan[12] whom Wright described "as one of the...giants of the African-American religious experience" and praised for his "integrity and honesty" -- despite the well-known fact Farrakhan is an outspoken anti-Semite and admirer of Adolf Hitler. Wright and Farrakhan once traveled together to visit Libyan dictator, Muammar al-Qaddafi -- whose government was responsible for blowing up an airliner over Lockerbie, Scotland, killing everyone aboard. Nevertheless, in December, 2007 Wright's Trinity United Church of Christ awarded Farrakhan for his lifetime "achievements."[13]

National Review's Stanley Kurtz (among others) has written extensively about and revealed the extremist political interdependencies of Senator Obama, radical Catholic priest Michael Pfleger, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and Nation of Islam's Louis Farrakhan.[14] In a lengthy, in-depth article about Trumpet, the slick, nationally-distributed magazine of Senator Obama's church (and one in whose issues he has frequency appeared) Kurtz noted:

...that Wright's theology and politics have more in common with black-nationalist sources (both Christian and Muslim) than with those of conventional Christianity. In particular, Wright is closely allied with a radical and highly controversial Catholic priest named Michael Pfleger, and with Nation of Islam head Louis Farrakhan. While his specific ties (if any) to Farrakhan are unclear, Barack Obama appears to be very much a part of the broader Wright/Pfleger/Farrakhan theological-political nexus.

It is clear Obama was aware of Wright's views; indeed, the specifically political character of Wright's liberation theology is what drew Obama to Christianity.[15]

Kurtz continued:

Pfleger is just as far as Wright is from the majority of American Christians. Although Pfleger is white, he heads a largely black congregation on Chicago's South Side. Like Wright, Pfleger follows the black-liberation theology of James Cone.

As insightfully penned by James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal, here is what the hoopla over Senator Obama and his spiritual advisors ultimately boils down to and why it matters so much for America and her future:

Wright proclaims himself an exponent of "black liberation theology." He cites James Cone, a distinguished professor at New York's Union Theological Seminary, whom he credits for having "systematized" this strain of Christianity.

Here is a quote from Cone, explaining black liberation theology:

Black theology refuses to accept a God who is not identified totally with the goals of the black community. If God is not for us and against white people, then he is a murderer, and we had better kill him. The task of black theology is to kill Gods who do not belong to the black community. . . . Black theology will accept only the love of God which participates in the destruction of the white enemy. What we need is the divine love as expressed in Black Power, which is the power of black people to destroy their oppressors here and now by any means at their disposal. Unless God is participating in this holy activity, we must reject his love.

Could Obama really have been unaware for all these years that his spiritual mentor follows a racially adversarial theology, one that demands of God that he be "for us and against white people" and that he participate "in the destruction of the white enemy"? It doesn't exactly sound like the sort of "change" we can believe in.[16]

Stanley Kurtz further pointed out that none of Senator Obama's rhetorical dissimulating can explain away:

The nature and status of this kind of Christianity.... There is a profound difference between "black-liberation theology" and Christianity as conventionally understood. Trinity [Church] itself recognizes this difference, to the point where Wright, his followers, and his theological mentors often present conventional American Christianity as both false and evil.[17]

Senator Obama has said he never saw Wright's views as being "particularly controversial." Perhaps that is why he secured $325,000 in tax dollars for his radical friend's community (organizing?) events.

8. $15,000,000. Other People's Money (yes, you read that right, $15 million)

Over the past 15 years Senator Barack Obama's church, Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, Illinois, and its pastor, Senator Obama's "spiritual mentor" Reverend Jeremiah Wright has received $15,000,000 in grant money from the federal government.[18] Senator Obama has been a church member for 20 years.

Reverend Wright's church also espouses "black liberation theology" as systematized by James Cone. Black liberation theology's doctrines (only very briefly touched upon in #7 above) are not only extremely different from Christian spirituality but from Christianity as a whole. Reverend Wright has now become infamous due to the reportage of his widely-sold video-taped sermons in which he frequently makes anti-American and anti-white pronouncements from the pulpit, and repeatedly asserts (just as a small example) that: America is the USKKKof A; the United States purposefully invented the AIDS virus and infected Third World peoples with it in order to maintain America's standard of living; America brought the September 11, 2001 al-Qaeda attack in New York City upon itself by its own terrorism; and that the U.S. supports state [Israel] terrorism against the Palestinians.[19]

Reverend Wright even turned his "Pastor's Page" over to a member of the Muslim terrorist organization, Hamas, to use as a bully pulpit in a screed against Israel, and by extension, the United States:[20]

Sen. Barack Obama's Chicago church reprinted a manifesto by Hamas that defended terrorism as legitimate resistance, refused to recognize the right of Israel to exist and compared the terror group's official charter - which calls for the murder of Jews - to America's Declaration of Independence.

The Hamas piece was published on the "Pastor's Page" of the Trinity United Church of Christ newsletter reserved for Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr., whose anti-American, anti-Israel remarks landed Obama in hot water.....

Hamas, responsible for scores of shootings, suicide bombings and rocket launchings against civilian population centers, is listed as a terrorist group by the U.S. State Department.

Now remember, Reverend Jeremiah Wright and Senator Obama's church received $15,000,000 in grant money from the United States government.

9. $100,000,000. Other People's Money (and again, yes, you read that right, $100 million).

The Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC) was established in 1995 after a $49.2 million grant proposal by Obama friend and unrepentant-terrorist-bomber-now-educator William Ayers [see #6 above] was awarded. Both Senator Obama and Mr. Ayers were deeply involved - Senator Obama as founding Chairman - in the failed, five-year CAC educational "reform" fiasco, which wasted over $100 million of other people's money on Mr. Ayers' pet authoritarian educational theories.[21]

The C.A.C.'s own final technical report issued in 2003 repeatedly noted that it was an utter failure.

In order to receive the grant money, an equivalent amount of matching funds had to be raised. $110 million quickly was, $1,000,000 of which was awarded by the Wood's Fund -- the "progressive" non-profit organization of which both Senator Obama and William Ayers were board members.

Not coincidentally, not only was William Ayers one of the first CAC grantees despite being the co-chairman of one of its two operational arms, but his decades-long friend and political ally, communist Michael Klonsky who founded the American-birthed Maoist Communist Party[22] was as well. Mr. Klonsky initially received a $175,000 grant for his Small Schools Workshop, and was later given another $482,622.[23]

Until recently, Mr. Klonsky operated a blog at the official Obama Campaign website. All of its content has now been removed. Additionally, Senator Obama's official campaign web site contains an endorsement page entitled, "Marxist / Socialist / Communists for Obama"[24]

Education is a crucial policy issue in America. Its form and substance should never be left to either the Barack Obama's of the world, nor to William Ayers who, as news editor Ed Lasky noted, "Barack Obama has been attempting to burnish Ayers' reputation by characterizing him as a university professor -- still one of the more honored and respected professions in America. He peddled the notion that Ayers is an educator now and this should absolve him of the burden of his bomber background." Mr. Lasky observed that Ayers adopted an ideology of radicalism over education when he attended Columbia University's Teacher's College:

Ayers has subsequently written a best seller used in ed-school courses which focuses on the moral imperative of teaching "social justice" to students in K-12 classrooms. He has been active in ‘teaching teachers' that capitalism is a curse and imperialism is an American obsession. [....]

[excerpt from Obama dollars can tell us a lot
Hey, they’re just “People...people needing people...are the luckiest people in the world!”]

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The Menorah

Prof. Paul Eidelberg

A. Introduction

1. Israel is confronted by implacable foes. This is not well understood or acknowledged by many who profess support for Israel, most importantly, the President of the United States. By advocating a Palestinian state, Mr. Bush reveals that he—like countless others, including Jews—does not understand the nature of Islam, He foolishly calls Islam “a religion of peace,” even though it is obviously a religion of war, a religion whose believers have slaughtered some 270 million people since Muhammad. War or jihad has been the driving force of Islam for fourteen centuries. Islam is inherently implacable. This makes Islam an enemy of civilization as brilliantly articulated in Lee Harris, Civilization and its Enemies (2004).

2. As an implacable foe, Islam is animated by a hatred that can only be described as demonic—a hatred that cannot be assuaged, a hatred rooted in satanic evil. It is this hatred that impels Iran’s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to vow, again and again, to wipe Israel off the map. Such, however, is the moral decline of Western civilization, that the supposedly religious President of the United States allows this despot to enter the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave to address the United Nations.

3. Note the irony: the religious toleration for the most intolerant of religions in a country that excludes the Ten Commandments as well as the Menorah from the public sphere. This hatred of religion manifested in a country that gives a forum to the most dangerous spokesman of a hate-filled religion, a Muslim who calls for a world without America and Israel, hence a world without Christianity and Judaism!

4. Without this Persian monster in mind, Bat Ye’or has shown that Islam is a “culture of hate.” Of this culture, Syrian-born Dr. Wafa Sultan has said there are no Muslim moderates, none who are true disciples of Muhammad. To be a devout Muslim, a disciple of the Quran, one must hate and kill or at least subjugate all “infidels.” No infidels are hated more than the Jews, if only because the re-establishment of the Jewish State of Israel constitutes a refutation of Islam, of Quranic doctrine. And of course the scientific/technological success of Israel puts backward Islam to shame. This shame is enough reason to explain neither diplomacy nor economic sanctions will deter Ahmadinejad’s striving to make Islam a nuclear power.

5. Surrounded by some 200 million Muslims, another Holocaust threatens Israel’s six million Jews. Hence, there are many individuals and organizations that empathize with Israel’s plight and support the idea of a safe or a strong Israel. What many of such individuals and organizations do not realize, however, is that only a Godly Israel can be truly safe and truly strong Israel—can confront and overcome the diabolical religion of Ahmadinejad.

6. I see here a testing of Israel, on whose success civilization ultimately depends. The test is marvelously articulated by the prophet Zechariah: “Not by armed might, nor by power, but by My spirit, says the Lord of Hosts” (4:5). Let us try to understand this verse by means of Israel’s most sacred symbol, the Menorah.

B. The Menorah

1. The light of the Menorah symbolizes knowledge, more precisely, spiritual enlightenment. The source of spiritual enlightenment is of course God. As King David has written: “The Word of God is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path” (Psalms 119:105). Or, as his son King Solomon has written: “For the Commandment is a lamp and the Teaching a light” (Proverbs 6:23).

2. Israel will be safe and strong only if its leaders are men of Torah. Only if they imbue every heart and home with the light of the Torah will Israel enjoy peace. “For instruction shall go forth from Me, and I will create a quiet abode for My [people], so that it may shine upon the nations” (Isaiah 51:4). “O House of Jacob, come let us walk in the light of God” (Isaiah 2:5). When Israel suffers murder and misery, it is because “they rebel against the light, do not recognize the ways of God and never seek serenity [or peace] in His paths” (Job 24:13).

3. Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch writes: Scripture also uses the words “lamp” and “light” as metaphors for the source of growth and life, of undisturbed progress and happiness. Hence, the spirit of God mentioned in Zechariah denotes not only the means for attaining perception, but also the motivation for action.

4. Now, it should be noted that the Menorah resembles a tree with a central shaft generating three branches from one side and three branches from the other side. The central shaft symbolizes the spirit of God. From Isaiah (11:2) we learn that whereas the three branches of one side of the Menorah symbolize wisdom, counsel, and knowledge, the three branches from the other side symbolize understanding, strength, and fear of God. Imbued with the spirit of God, Israel will unite theory and practice, perception and accomplishment.

5. Unless they stem from the spirit of God, what is called “wisdom,” “counsel,” “knowledge,” “understanding,” and “strength” will be futile. “I am the Lord … that turns wise men backward, and makes their knowledge foolish” (Isaiah 44:24-25). As for the fear (really awe) of God, this, says King David, is “the beginning of wisdom” (Psalms 111:10). If Israel’s leaders feared God, they would not have made a covenant of death and lies with PLO terrorists. (See Isaiah 28:15.)

6. But merely to critically analyze the suicidal mendacity of Israel’s political elites will have no impact on their behavior, since such knowledge is not linked to the spirit of God. This is why Isaiah says that God “confirms the words of His servant, and fulfills the counsel of His messengers” (44:26). This means that it is not enough for critics to expose the lies and lethal nature of the Oslo peace process. Their criticism must be motivated by the desire to sanctify the Name of God. God’s Name must be in their hearts and on their lips.

7. “Thus said the Lord, your Redeemer and the One Who formed you [Israel] in the womb: I am the Lord, Who has made everything; Who spread out the heavens by Myself, and formed the earth of My own accord; that frustrates the signs of imposters, and makes rulers mad …” (Isaiah 44:24-25). Are not Israel’s rulers mad?

8. We have come full circle. Israel, now led by one kind of madmen, is now threatened with annihilation by another kind of madman, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. No one quite knows how to confront this madman. Israel desperately needs a new beginning—may I say a Rosh HaShanah?

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Jews Again Beaten Up in Germany

Shame on Germany: Cologne Was Ready to Beat Up Jews
By The Brussels Journal
Created 2008-09-22 20:59
A quote from Diana West at her blog, 22 September 2008
Cologne proved it values neither reason nor discussion. “The city was ready.” For mob rule.

A quote from Aviel, a Jewish man beaten up in Cologne on 20 September
My [Jewish] friend, Michael Kucherov was the first casualty here on Friday. He got beaten up for trying to enter the first of our [=Pro Cologne] meetings on Friday. I sorely resent myself for not being there at that time for him. It rips me apart to hear about a Jew being beaten up in the streets of Germany. Well he wouldn't be the only Jew. The next day as I was trying to enter Heumarkt, I was beaten up by Antifa thugs on Eibahnstrasse. In both incidents, as we were being beaten up, they were yelling and screaming "Nazi" which was quite odd. Michael dressed in a suit but I was wearing my kippa and quite easily identified as a Jew so you can understand how odd it seems to be beaten by Germans in the street and called Nazi when you are Jewish. Anyway, I am going home with a broken rib but my pride still entact. I could have tried to escape or run but no way no how and I going to run or get on my knees for these people. Not this Jew.

And one more thing, just let them all know that we (Jews) arent all soft. Living here in Europe, we battle thugs and islamists all the time and still ask for more. Thats why I traveled from France to Germany to make this conference. We are on the frontline of a battle which grows darker by the minute.

A quote from the Gates of Vienna blog, 22 September 2008
The event (both days) was chaotic. Obviously someone in the police department had leaked all our programme as we were blocked at every step. I tried to accompany B. [an Italian] to the Friday private meeting, but we were blocked by loonies, and the police, instead of protecting us, sent us all away. B., as you can imagine, was furious! The same thing happened in the evening when we all tried to meet up again for dinner. The proprietor of one establishment, a bierkeller on the banks of the Rhine, threw us all out when he realized who we were.
See also:
An International Disgrace: Cologne Kicks Out “Undesirables”, 21 September 2008
Cologne Gives In to Violence after Mayor Calls for Intolerance, 20 September 2008
Cologne: A Tale of Two Mayors, 20 September 2008
Source URL:

Cologne Mayor Fritz Schramma called the mob rule of his city that led police to shut down a political rally against Islamization this weekend "a victory for the city of Cologne and a victory by the democratic forces in this city."
Here's a morning-after appraisal in Der Spiegel of how wonderful it really was that rioters in Cologne were able to prevent the anti-Islamization rally from taking place last weekend. It opens this way:
When radical-right activists from around Europe arrived in Cologne on Saturday for a rally, the city was ready. Thousands of protesters flooded the rally site, disrupted city transportation and even attacked a river boat where a press conference was supposed to be held.

What Makes Tzipi Livni Tick

Background: Tzipi Livni adopting "Balls of Steel" as her image for campaign

Democratic American Jewish leaders decided that putting Sen. Barack Obama in the White House is more important than protecting the lives of Jews

Our World: Your abortions or your lives!

Sep. 22, 2008

American Jews have good reason to be ashamed and angry today. As Iran moves into the final stages of its nuclear weapons development program - nuclear weapons which it will use to destroy the State of Israel, endanger Jews around the world and cow the United States of America - Democratic American Jewish leaders decided that putting Sen. Barack Obama in the White House is more important than protecting the lives of the Jewish people in Israel and around the world.

On Monday, the New York Sun published the speech that Republican vice presidential nominee and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin would have delivered at that day's rally outside UN headquarters in New York against Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and against Iran's plan to destroy Israel. She would have delivered it, if she hadn't been disinvited.

The rally was co-sponsored by the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations, the National Coalition to Stop Iran Now, The Israel Project, United Jewish Communities, the UJA-Federation of New York and the Jewish Council for Public Affairs. Its purpose was to present a united American Jewish front against Iran's genocidal leader and against its genocidal regime which is developing nuclear weapons with the stated intention of committing the second Holocaust in 80 years.

Palin's speech is an extraordinary document. In its opening paragraph she made clear that Iran presents a danger not just to Israel, but to the US. And not just to some Americans, but to all Americans. Her speech was a warning to Iran - and anyone else who was listening - that Americans are not indifferent to its behavior, its genocidal ideology and the barbarity of its regime. Rather, they are outraged.

After that opening, Palin's speech set out clearly how Iran is advancing its nuclear project, why it must be prevented from acquiring nuclear weapons and why and how the regime itself must be opposed by all right thinking people - not just Israelis and Americans - but by all people who value human freedom.

PALIN'S SPEECH was a message of national - rather than simply Republican - resolve against Iran's nuclear weapons program and its active involvement in global and regional terrorism. She made this point by quoting statements that Democratic Sen. Hillary Clinton has made against the Iranian regime.

The speech detailed Iran's past and current attacks against the US, beginning with its bombing of US servicemen in Lebanon in 1983 and continuing with Iran's proxy war against US forces in Iraq and against Iraqis who oppose its intention of taking control of their country.

By discussing Iran's role in Iraq she not only made a convincing case for why an American victory there is essential for defeating Iran. She also made clear that Iran is actively making war against the US, not just Israel.

From Iran's war against Israel, the US, and freedom loving peoples worldwide, Palin's speech turned to the regime's war against its own people. She attacked the regime for its systematic repression of Iranian women. She applauded the extraordinary bravery of women like Delaram Ali who risked their lives and their families to demand basic rights for Iranian women. Ali, she noted, was sentenced to 10 lashes and three years in prison for having the courage to speak out. An international outcry has temporarily suspended her sentence.

Then Palin returned to Iran's nuclear weapons program and its support for terrorist groups pledged to Israel's destruction and to the destruction of the US. She returned to Ahmadinejad's calls for Israel's annihilation. She reiterated Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain's solemn promise to work with Israel to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons and she joined her name to his promise to stand side by side with Israel to prevent another Holocaust.

IF PALIN had been allowed to deliver this speech at Monday's rally, she would done just what the organizers of the rally, and what the Jewish people in Israel, America and worldwide need to have done. She would have elevated the imperative of preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons and the implicit moral and strategic imperative of overthrowing the regime in Teheran to the top of America's national security agenda. Given the massive media attention she garners at all of her public appearances, Palin's participation in the rally would have done more to steel Americans - across the political spectrum - to the cause of opposing Iran than 10 UN Security Council sanctions resolutions could do.

It was a remarkable speech, prepared by a remarkable woman. But it was not heard. It was not heard because the Democratic Party and Jewish Democrats believe that their partisan interest in demonizing Palin and making Americans generally and American Jews in particular hate and fear her to secure their votes for Obama and his running-mate Sen. Joseph Biden in the November election is more important than allowing Palin to elevate the necessity of preventing a second Holocaust to the top of the US's national security agenda.

The rally's organizers invited both Clinton and Palin to speak. It was a wise move. In light of Iran's monstrous oppression of Iranian women, had the two most powerful women in American politics joined forces in opposing the regime and its war against human freedom, their appearance would have sent a message of American unity and resolve that would have reverberated not just throughout the US and in the US presidential race, but throughout the world and into Iran itself. But it was not to be.

The moment that Clinton found out that she was to share a stage with Palin, she cancelled her appearance. By cancelling, she signaled to Jewish Democrats - and Democrats in general - that opposing Palin and the Republican Party is more important than opposing Ahmadinejad and the genocidal regime he represents.

THE JEWISH Democrats on the rally's organizing committee got the message loud and clear. Two of the rally's co-sponsors - the Jewish Council for Public Affairs and the UJA Federation of New York demanded that the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations disinvite Palin.

The JCPA is led by Steven Gutow. Before joining the JCPA, he served as the founding executive director of the National Jewish Democratic Council, which is the Jewish support arm of the Democratic Party. The UJA Federation of New York is led by John Ruskay, who began his Jewish communal career as an anti-Israel "peace" activist in the radical CONAME and Breira organizations. Among their other endeavors, CONAME and Breira opposed US military assistance to Israel during the Yom Kippur War and called for US recognition of the PLO after the group massacred 26 children in Ma'alot in 1974.

Gutow and Ruskay were supported in their demand to disinvite Palin by the National Jewish Democratic Council and by the new Jewish pro-Palestinian lobbying group J-Street.

In an attempt to assuage Gutow and Ruskay, the rally organizers invited Biden to speak. But he had a scheduling conflict. So the organizers contacted the Obama campaign and asked it to send a representative. The campaign offered Congressman Robert Wexler.

But the Democrats knew that Wexler would be no match for Palin. So they continued on the warpath, absurdly claiming that by inviting Palin (and Clinton, Biden and Wexler), the organizers were endangering the sponsoring organizations' tax-exempt status. That is, through Ruskay and Gutow, in their bid to prevent Palin from appearing at the rally, the Democrats threatened to bring down the organized Jewish community.

Never mind that the threat is absurd. The likelihood that the Internal Revenue Service would open an investigation against every major American Jewish organization for daring to invite Palin to a rally opposing Ahmadinejad's appearance at the UN and Iran's stated intention of annihilating Israel is just slightly smaller than the prospect of Ahmadinejad wrapping himself in an Israeli flag and singing "Hatikva" on the UN rostrum.

But no matter. The fear that these Democratic Jews would openly split the Jewish community on the need to confront Iran frightened the organizers. The notion that the Democratic Party, and its Jewish supporters would openly turn their backs on the need to confront Iran to advance the political fortunes of their party and their party's presidential slate was too much to take. Palin was disinvited.

LIBERAL AMERICAN Jews, like liberal Americans in general, and indeed like their fellow leftists in Israel and throughout the West, uphold themselves as champions of human rights. They claim that they care about the underdog, the wretched of the earth. They care about the environment. They care about securing American women's unfettered access to abortions. They care about keeping Christianity and God out of the public sphere. They care about offering peace to those who are actively seeking their destruction so that they can applaud themselves for their open-mindedness and tell themselves how much better they are than savage conservatives.

Those horrible, war-mongering, Bambi killing, unborn baby defending, God-believing conservatives, who think that there are things worth going to war to protect, must be defeated at all costs. They must intimidate, attack, demonize and defeat those conservatives who think that the free women of the West should be standing shoulder to shoulder not with Planned Parenthood, but with the women of the Islamic world who are enslaved by a misogynist Shari'a legal code that treats them as slaves and deprives them of control not simply of their wombs, but of their faces, their hair, their arms, their legs, their minds and their hearts.

The lives of 6 million Jews in Israel are today tied to the fortunes of those women, to the fortunes of American forces in Iraq, to the willingness of Americans across the political and ideological spectrum to recognize that there is more that unifies them than divides them and to act on that knowledge to defeat the forces of genocide, oppression, hatred and destruction that are led today by the Iranian regime and personified in the brutal personality of Ahmadinejad. But Jewish Democrats chose to ignore this basic truth in order to silence Palin.

They should be ashamed. The Democratic Party should be ashamed. And Jewish American voters should consider carefully whether opposing a woman who opposes the abortion of fetuses is really more important than standing up for the right of already born Jews to continue to live and for the Jewish state to continue to exist. Because this week it came to that.

This article can also be read at

Monday, September 22, 2008

Strengthening America’s Enemies:

PMW (Palestinian Media Watch) Report Released in US Congress:

Strengthening America’s Enemies:

The ideological allies of a future Palestinian state·
by Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook (PMW)
The Palestinian Authority-Fatah government of Mahmoud Abbas is alliedwith many states who see themselves as enemies of the US and whom the US sees as threateningUS security and world peace.

To read more see (Left-hand Column)

PA cozying up to America's enemies'

President Mahmoud Abbas's Palestinian Authority is snugly in bed with the United States' worst enemies, according to a report presented in Washington on Tuesday by Palestinian Media Watch. Read more

Islam is at War against the Jews and Israel in Palestinian Authority Religious Teaching

by Itamar Marcus


. . . the Palestinian religious leaders, all appointees of the PA political leadership, are publicly preaching that the Israel-Palestinian conflict is part of Islam’s eternal religious war against the Jews. Jews are portrayed as the eternal cursed enemies of Allah, and the killing of Jews as Allah’s will. On the national level, Allah prohibits acceptance of Israel’s existence and will destroy it.

The Palestinians are teaching their people that the conflict is not over borders, in which compromise may be a solution, but is a religious war for Allah in which compromise is heretical. The implications for future peace are ominous.

This report is not brought as a critique of Islam’s religious traditions nor does it claim to represent authentic Islam. Rather it demonstrates the way Palestinian Authority religious leaders are selecting, interpreting and teaching Islam. Although Islam has positive references and traditions regarding Jews, the PA religious leaders have chosen to cite only negative references in their religious teaching, using the traditional sources to justify and even to demand uncompromising hatred of Jews and Israel.

The religious ideology of the Palestinian Authority religious leaders as expressed in the Friday sermons and religious lessons can be summarized by nine essential principles, five regarding the Jews, and four regarding Israel:


• Jews are the enemy of Allah.

• Allah cursed the Jews for all eternity.

• Islam is fighting a continuous religious war against the Jews.

• The killing of Jews is a religious obligation.

• Palestinians are the vanguard in this war against the Jews, and all Islamic nations are obligated to assist in this war.


• All of the land between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea [which includes all of Israel] is a religious Wakf - an Islamic religious trust. Any Muslim who relinquishes any part to Israel is damned to Hell.

• All agreements with Israel are inherently temporary in nature and are signed only because of Israel’s temporary balance of power advantage.

• Allah will replace Muslims who shirk their obligation to battle Israel.

• The ultimate destruction of Israel is a certainty.

Excerpted from

Saturday, September 20, 2008

We Won! Palin Not Speaking at Iran Rally: [signed] Jews for withdrawal group(J Street):

Sunday, September 21, 2008
Clip and save: Jews for withdrawal group(J Street): We Won! Palin Not Speaking at Iran Rally
Dr. Aaron Lerner - IMRA:

Why "clip and save"?

Because J Street, a relatively new pro-withdrawal * Jewish organization,
revealed its priorities.

And its priority is promoting their own political agenda - in this case the
promotion of the election of whoever happens to be running on the Democratic
ticket - over the interests and needs of the Jewish State.

J Street could have used its insider standing in the Democratic Party to get
the candidates to adjust their schedules and have even Obama show up at the
rally or at least convince Clinton to show (with the spin that they
convinced her that the Iran issue was bigger than American politics).

But instead of building for the benefit of Israel - and turning the Iran
rally into an event of magnitudes greater impact - they took the low
destructive road and knocked out the headliners for the rally.

But they didn't.

And now that they have revealed that politics is more important than Israel
to J Street, anything they advocate is subject to question.

Do they support "X" because the genuinely believe it is in Israel's
interests or are they pushing it to serve another agenda?

* Why "pro withdrawal" rather than "pro peace"? Because that's what they
support. And by the same token that "Peace Now" really means "Withdrawal
Now" this group supports withdrawal without any serious concern for the

We Won! Palin Not Speaking at Iran Rally
J Street

We collected over 20,000 signatures in 24 hours asking Iran Unity rally
organizer Malcolm Hoenlein to take Sarah Palin off the schedule for Monday's
rally, and he caved to our pressure on Thursday afternoon citing the fact
that the rally had become too partisan.

This is the right decision. A unity rally to express communal solidarity is
no place for partisan politics. And to give such prominence to Sarah Palin
alone would have spoken neither to, nor for, the American Jewish community.

This is a victory not just for the 20,188 others who signed J Street's
petition. It's a victory for the broader community. And we're pleased the
rally's organizers came to their senses so quickly.

Victories like these don't come easily - or often. But when they do, we
should savor them, at least briefly.

We'll be back at it tomorrow, because our next task is making sure that the
messages at the rally reflect the view of a majority of Americans - Jewish
and otherwise - that the best way to deal with Iran is through tough, smart
diplomacy - not saber rattling and threats of force.

[Comment: (concerning that last phrase) Mazel Tov. lw]

Also, see Why Jews are Self-Destructive

Why Jews are Self-Destructive . . .

. . . or Learning about Islam and Jews, version 2576

. . . or Why the Jews were so easily wiped out by Hitler

. . . or are Jews in the shadow of another Holocaust?
(Ahmadinejad promises one--at least off and on [sometimes he only wants to do the "Zionists" in, other times, it's all the Jews in the World]).

It is not necessary for Jews to become Conservative, not even to leave their Liberal ideas behind. What is needed though is that Jews wise up to who hates them the most in the world at any particular time and is determined to kill as many, if not every one, of them as possible.

At The Lion of Judah site, PRCalDude, a Christian, posted under title Why the Jews were so easily wiped out by Hitler, in discussing the Tyson Foods' adopting a Muslim holiday, and Somali Muslim immigration rapidly transforming Shelbyville, Arkansas, into a disaster area (see Robert Spencer). "The RWDU, the union that voted in favor of Muslims being allowed to take off for Eid, is run by a guy named Stuart Appelbaum." PRCalDude knowing that Stuart Appelbaum was the President of the Jewish Labor Committe, assumed rightly that the man was Jewish.

To those who objected to Tyson Foods letting itself be bullied by Moslems and substituting Eid mubarak as a day off instead of the American customary holiday of Labor Day, Stuart Appelbaum, asserted: "There’s no question . . . that there is a lot of bigotry against Muslims and that this agreement has clearly touched a raw nerve among those who are prejudiced against them. However, the RWDSU has always understood that unions are only strong when they work to protect the dignity of workers of all faiths. That includes Muslims. Our union may be the first to negotiate this kind of agreement, but I have no doubt that others will follow our lead."

PRCalDude, a Christian, said that this is pretty typical of liberal Jewish moral confusion about many topics, the most obvious of which is Islam in this case.

PRCalDude then goes on to say, "Consider the Qur'an's view of Jews, outlined on a Sunni message board:" [and reproduces the material on the message board as follows]

Dear Sheikh! As-Salam 'Alaykum. What, according to the Qur'an, are the main characteristics and qualities of Jews?

Answer: [...]

As regards the question you posed, the following is the fatwa issued by Sheikh 'Atiyyah Saqr, former Head of Al-Azhar Fatwa Committee, in which he states the following:

"The Qur'an has specified a considerable deal of its verses to talking about Jews, their personal qualities and characteristics. The Qur'anic description of Jews is quite impartial; praising them in some occasions where they deserve praise and condemning them in other occasions where they practice blameworthy acts.

Yet, the latter occasions outnumbered the former, due to their bad qualities and the heinous acts they used to commit.

The Qur'an praises them on the verse that reads: "And verily We gave the Children of Israel the Scripture and the Command and the Prophethood, and provided them with good things and favored them above (all) peoples." (Al-Jathiyah:16) i.e. the peoples of their time.

Among the bad qualities they were characterized with are the following:

1. They used to fabricate things and falsely ascribe them to Allah. Allah Almighty says: " That is because they say: We have no duty to the Gentiles. They speak a lie concerning Allah knowingly." (Al-'Imran:75) Also: "The Jews say: Allah's hand is fettered.

Their hands are fettered and they are accursed for saying so. Nay, but both His hands are spread out wide in bounty. He bestoweth as He will." (Al-Ma'idah:64)

In another verse Almighty Allah says: "Verily Allah heard the saying of those who said, (when asked for contributions to the war): 'Allah, forsooth, is poor, and we are rich! We shall record their saying with their slaying of the Prophets wrongfully and We shall say: Taste ye the punishment of burning!'" (Al-'Imran:181)

2. They love to listen to lies. Concerning this Allah says: "and of the Jews: listeners for the sake of falsehood, listeners on behalf of other folk" (Al-Ma'idah: 41)

3. Disobeying Almighty Allah and never observing His commands. Allah says: "And because of their breaking their covenant, We have cursed them and made hard their hearts." (Al-Ma'idah: 13)

4. Disputing and quarreling. This is clear in the verse that reads: "Their Prophet said unto them: Lo! Allah hath raised up Saul to be a king for you. They said: How can he have kingdom over us when we are more deserving of the kingdom than he is, since he hath not been given wealth enough?" (Al-Baqarah: 247)

5. Hiding the truth and standing for misleading. This can be understood from the verse that reads: "distort the Scripture with their tongues, that ye may think that what they say is from the Scripture, when it is not from the Scripture." (Al-'Imran: 78)

6. Staging rebellion against the Prophets and rejecting their guidance. This is clear in the verse: "And when ye said: O Moses! We will not believe in thee till we see Allah plainly." (Al-Baqarah: 55)

7. Hypocrisy. In a verse, we read: "And when they fall in with those who believe, they say: We believe; but when they go apart to their devils they declare: Lo! we are with you; verily we did but mock." (Al-Baqarah: 14) In another verse, we read: "Enjoin ye righteousness upon mankind while ye yourselves forget (to practice it)? And ye are readers of the Scripture! Have ye then no sense?" (Al-Baqarah: 44)

8. Giving preference to their own interests over the rulings of religion and the dictates of truth. Allah says: "when there cometh unto you a messenger (from Allah) with that which ye yourselves desire not, ye grow arrogant, and some ye disbelieve and some ye slay?" (Al-Baqarah: 87)

9. Wishing evil for people and trying to mislead them. This is clear in the verse that reads: "Many of the People of the Scripture long to make you disbelievers after your belief, through envy on their own account, after the truth hath become manifest unto them." (Al-Baqarah: 109)

10. They feel pain to see others in happiness and are gleeful when others are afflicted with a calamity. This is clear in the verse that reads: "If a lucky chance befall you, it is evil unto them, and if disaster strike you they rejoice thereat." (Al-'Imran:120)

11. They are known of their arrogance and haughtiness. They claimed to be the sons and of Allah and His beloved ones. Allah tells us about this in the verse that reads: "The Jews and Christians say: We are sons of Allah and His loved ones." (Al-Ma'idah: 18)

12. Utilitarianism and opportunism are among their innate traits. This is clear in the verse that reads: "And of their taking usury when they were forbidden it, and of their devouring people's wealth by false pretences." (An-Nisa': 161)

13. Their impoliteness and indecent way of speech is beyond description. Referring to this, the Qur'anic verse reads: "Some of those who are Jews change words from their context and say: 'We hear and disobey; hear thou as one who heareth not' and 'Listen to us!' distorting with their tongues and slandering religion.

If they had said: 'We hear and we obey; hear thou, and look at us' it had been better for them, and more upright. But Allah hath cursed them for their disbelief, so they believe not, save a few." (An-Nisa':46)

14. It is easy for them to slay people and kill innocents. Nothing in the world is dear to their hearts than shedding blood and murdering human beings. They never give up this trait even with the Messengers and the Prophets. Allah says: "and slew the prophets wrongfully." (Al-Baqarah: 61)

15. They are merciless and heartless. In this meaning, the Qur'anic verse explains: "Then, even after that, your hearts were hardened and became as rocks, or worse than rocks, for hardness." (Al-Baqarah: 74)

16. They never keep their promises or fulfill their words. Almighty Allah says: "Is it ever so that when ye make a covenant a party of you set it aside? The truth is, most of them believe not." (Al-Baqarah: 100)

17. They rush hurriedly to sins and compete in transgression. Allah says: "They restrained not one another from the wickedness they did. Verily evil was that they used to do!" (Al-MA'idah:79)

18. Cowardice and their love for this worldly life are their undisputable traits. To this, the Qur'an refers when saying: "Ye are more awful as a fear in their bosoms than Allah. That is because they are a folk who understand not. They will not fight against you in a body save in fortified villages or from behind walls.

Their adversity among themselves is very great. Ye think of them as a whole whereas their hearts are divers." (Al-Hashr:13-14) Allah Almighty also says: "And thou wilt find them greediest of mankind for life and (greedier) than the idolaters." (Al-Baqarah:96)

19. Miserliness runs deep in their hearts. Describing this, the Qur'an states: "Or have they even a share in the Sovereignty? Then in that case, they would not give mankind even the speck on a date stone." (An-Nisa':53)

20. Distorting Divine Revelation and Allah's Sacred Books. Allah says in this regard: "Therefore woe be unto those who write the Scripture with their hands anthem say, 'This is from Allah,' that they may purchase a small gain therewith. Woe unto them for that their hands have written, and woe unto them for that they earn thereby." (Al-Baqara: 79)

After this clear explanation, we would like to note that these are but some of the most famous traits of the Jews as described in the Qur'an. They have revolted against the Divine ordinances, distorted what has been revealed to them and invented new teachings which, they claimed, were much more better than what has been recorded in the Torah. It was for these traits that they found no warm reception in all countries where they tried to reside.

Rather, they would either be driven out or live in isolation. It was Almighty Allah who placed on them His Wrath and made them den of humiliation due to their transgression. Almighty Allah told us that He'd send to them people who'd pour on them rain of severe punishment that would last till the Day of Resurrection. All this gives us glad tidings of the coming victory of Muslims over them once Muslims stick to strong faith and belief in Allah and adopt the modern means of technology."

PRCalDude comments: "So the Qur'an treats the Jews just like Mein Kampf does. Notice how the sheikh quotes at length from the Qur'an in answering his reader's question? It's almost as if Muslims take the things in the Qur'an seriously?!?! I posted the Muslim understanding of Jews on T-Nation and got the following response from a Jew who posts there:"

"A religion hating on a different religion?

"Profound and original, I must say.

"And what does the Bible tell us about pagan nature worshipers? Was it to stone them or burn them? I can't quite remember...

"Oh wait, right, this thread is about Jews and Muslims. I'm not aloud to talk about Christianity. So, what does the old testament say about heretics? I'm sure they have quite the glowing record.

"oh and: Sheikh! As-Salam 'Alaykum.- who the hell is he? Qualifications? Status? Ability to speak for how many Muslims? ect"

PRCalDude then goes on to say:

[quoting PRCalDude]

" . . . I have several Jewish colleagues, and I've heard them make similar statements, to the effect of, 'All religions can be twisted to promote violence!' Abraham Foxman, director of the ADL, continues to worry about antisemitism resulting from Mel Gibson's 'Passion' flick and the recent ruling in the PCUSA regarding the Palestinians rather than all of the rank Islamic antisemitism he's presented with and what's contained in the Qur'an. More than that, he continues to promote immigration. Gee, isn't immigration bringing all of these antisemites into the country in the first place?"

"With all the liberal Jewish moral equivalence about Christianity and Islam being equally problematic, it's not hard to see how they might have been morally confused by a guy named Hitler, because Mohammed and Hitler are pretty much the same guy. Both had a paranoid obsession with Jews, both wrote at length about it. Mohammed wiped out an entire Jewish tribe, beheading 600 men and raping the remaining women and giving them to his men as spoils. Nevertheless, the Jews just gave up their guns when Hitler came to power and didn't really recognize what was happening until it was too late. The same thing is happening now with the Muslims, and they're doing the same thing."

"Never again? Probably not."

Update on Thursday, August 7, 2008 at 02:38PM by PRCalDude
Oh, and boycott Tyson foods.

[close quote by PRCalDude]

Selected Comments to PRCalDude's post:

The old axiom - When a Jew makes a fist in anger, he uses it to beat his own chest.The longest day I live I will never understand the Jewish/Israeli mindset of bending over and grabbing the ankles at everything the muslim/"palestinians" want.WWII never understand the pictures showing two Nazis each with a 5 shot bolt action rifle guarding 500 Jews who know they are about to die. I want to see them rise up like warriors of the OT and smite the living dog-snot out of their enemies.
August 7, 2008 SameNoKami

Me too. Hopefully, calling it what it is will help them do so.

We read in the OT about David's mighty men slaughtering 50 men with a jawbone and stuff like that. They can't do that worrying about whether the Baptist next door is just as bad as the Muslim down the street or whether Mel Gibson will incite us all to riot against the Jews.
They have their own watchdog groups with money and influence, for crying out loud. Look at how guys like Appelbaum use that influence: for naught.
August 7, 2008 PRCalDude

[I believe that it was Sampson who used the jawbone of an ass, but I agree with PRCalDude. lw]

Right-thinking Jews like Dennis Prager have publicly marvelled at the self-destructiveness which seems to be so prevalent among Jews. It has always seemed to me that Satan tries much harder to decieve Jews and Christians than he does any other groups...the reasons for that are obvious, are they not!
August 8, 2008 Toa

The Mother of All Frauds Expanded

Prof. Paul Eidelberg

On September 17, Kadima, the ruling party of Ehud Olmert’s coalition government, held an election to determine who would replace him as Israel’s Prime Minister. The election was won by Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, portrayed in the media as “Mrs. Clean.” The previous day, Caroline Glick, deputy managing editor of The Jerusalem Post, wrote: “Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni may not be a crook, but she is a fraud … just one fraudulent election away from becoming our next prime minister.”

As we shall see, however, Livni is not the mother of all frauds—merely one of its many children.

Glick sees that “unlike all the other party primaries that have been held over the years, the Kadima primary is designed not as a preparatory step ahead of general elections to the Knesset. Rather, it is intended to replace general elections.”

Having won that primary, Livni will have 42 days to put together a ruling coalition. Failure to do so would mean a new general election in early 2009, a year and a half ahead of schedule. Olmert, who is a crook as well as a fraud, will remain as a caretaker leader until a new coalition is approved by the Knesset.

Before elaborating on Livni’s fraud, something should be said of the mother of all frauds—what I call “The Myth of “Israeli Democracy.” of which Glick and countless other pundits are silent.

Consider, first, this simple fact. Barely half of Kadima’s 74,000 eligible members voted in the primary, and only half of them voted for Livni. This means that less than 20,000 votes in a nation of seven million people may have catapulted Livni into the premiership of this so-called democracy.

However, to fully appreciate this travesty of democracy, we must go back to 2005 when Likud Prime Minister Ariel Sharon betrayed his party and founded Kadima. Lo and behold, a party that had never competed in an election gained control of the government—something unheard of in any genuine democracy!

Livni, a member of the Likud, betrayed her party by jumping on Sharon’s bandwagon, even though he had adopted Labor’s policy of “unilateral disengagement,” a policy rejected by 70% of the voters in the January 2003 national election. In other words, Sharon nullified the election and became Labor’s surrogate Prime Minister! How’s that for a democracy?

Livni is Sharon’s disciple. Fraud, meaning deceit, is the thread that ties her political opportunism to her policy maneuvers: “The most blatant recent example of Livni's deceitfulness [writes Glick] is her behavior on the issue of sovereignty over Jerusalem. For the past year, Livni has led the negotiating team with the Fatah faction of the Palestinian Authority. In her position, she has been the architect of whatever agreements the government has concocted regarding the surrender of Judea and Samaria and parts of Jerusalem to Fatah.”

Like Olmert, Livni supports the establishment of a Palestinian state, which can lead to Israel’s demise. Yet, by denying the public the right to know what they are discussing with Fatah, they have prevented any public debate about their actions. “This,” says Glick, “is crucial for them because opinion polls show that their presumptive plan to withdraw from some 98% of Judea and Samaria and partition Jerusalem is not supported by the public.

Livni and Olmert also defraud the public by claiming that Jerusalem is not on their diplomatic chopping block.

Glick also observes that Livni’s undeserved reputation as Mrs. Clean was evident during her tenure as Justice Minister. In the months leading up to the August 2005 expulsion of 10,000 Jews from Gaza and northern Samaria, “she presided over the country's law enforcement bodies as they systematically trampled the basic legal rights of law abiding citizens who sought to demonstrate their opposition to the expulsions. Thousands of protesters were illegally arrested and held in jails for weeks at a time without charges being brought against them.”

Glick also exposes Livni’s dishonesty regarding the cease-fire with Hezbollah. Livni crafted that cease fire and thereby “paved the way for the Iranian proxy's takeover of Lebanon.” Yet Livni calls that ceasefire a diplomatic success! “She tells us that we have no option of victory over our enemies and the best we can do is beg others to defend us. And she tells us we should give her the reins of power because she tells us the truth.” (This means that a Livni government will not attack Iran to prevent its development of nuclear weapons. Indeed, it will probably negotiate with Hamas.)

Glick concludes: “The public is powerless today to do anything in the face of Livni's and Kadima's trampling of our democratic system” (emphasis added). Ah, but therein is the mother of all frauds!


It seems that Livni won the Kadima primary election with 43.1% (16,936 votes)—only 431 votes more than Transportation Minister Shaul Mofaz, who received with 42% (16,505 votes).

Y-Net reports that 14,000 of Kadima's 74,000 registered voters are not Jewish, and that, the non-Jewish sector had demonstrated the highest voting rate among party members. Among these, 6,900 are Druze, 4,600 are Muslim and the rest are Christian or Bedouin. It thus appears that the Arab vote made the difference in this close election. If so, the Arab members of Kadima may or will have made Israel’s next Prime Minister! Not for the first time!

The Arab parties made Yitzhak Rabin Israel’s Prime Minister in the June 1992 election—the election that led to Oslo. Perhaps this is why Israel’s left-wing parties have always supported the policy of territory for peace,” as I have elsewhere argued.

Hence, not only is it a mistake to regard Israel as a democracy, but as I have also argued, it is also misleading to regard Israel as a Jewish state!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Islamization of the West

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Is it good for Jews? No, it is not. Islam is not Jew-friendly--quite the opposite in fact.

also look at the U-Tube video "How You Can Boycott Israel" That one is Jew-friendly, pro-Jews and pro-Israel and very well done. Don't miss it!

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That is, Bare Naked Islam -
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Anti-Semitism in Austrian Universities - Ruth Contreras

On the Situation in Austrian Universities 2007
Dr. Ruth Contreras
From Manfred Gerstenfeld ( ed.) Academics against Israel and the Jews


Bruno Kreisky was a Jewish Social Democrat who served as Austrian chancellor from 1970 to 1983. He has been criticized for his ambivalence toward his Jewish identity and the effects this had on his approach to the Middle East. As Manfred Gerstenfeld notes, "Kreisky provides an example of a Jewish initiator of anti-Israel actions. He played a crucial role in making Yasser Arafat acceptable to the Socialist International."2

Kreisky came from an assimilated Jewish family that originated in Bohemia. Although his autobiography3 tells little about his Jewish roots, he mentions a cousin, Victor Much, whom he met in his youth and was an adherent of Vladimir Jabotinsky and his Revisionist Zionist movement. Kreisky says Much failed to persuade him of these views.4

The political scientist and expert on anti-Semitism, Anton Pelinka, pointed out, "For the National Socialists, Kreisky was a Jew. To save his life he had to go into Swedish exile. Vis-à-vis his environment, Kreisky had accepted his Jewish identity-but not in the sense of drawing religious or political implications. Kreisky was a Jew because others saw him as a Jew."5 He was committed to his Social Democratic ideas rather than to his Jewish identity.

When speaking about the Palestinians, Kreisky compared their situation to that of occupied Austria after 1938. His memoirs refer to an incident in Sweden in 1941: he identified himself to a Swedish policeman as Austrian even though the policeman insisted that Austria did not exist anymore. Kreisky relates that he mentioned this story once in a discussion with Golda Meir when she opposed using the term Palestinians at a meeting of the Socialist International.6

As president of the Austrian Social Democratic Party since 1967, Kreisky had major influence in the Socialist International. When Willy Brandt was elected president of the Socialist International in 1976, Kreisky became one of its vice-presidents.

After World War II, the Socialist International took a pro-Israeli stance. It admired Israeli socialism with its kibbutzim and moshavim, viewing this as the only path to a prosperous Jewish homeland.7 After the 1973 Yom Kippur War, however, these perceptions changed.

At its thirteenth congress in Geneva in 1976, the Socialist International passed a resolution supporting the "right of all peoples to self-determination and a life in peace with secure and recognized borders." It did not mention the Palestinians or the PLO in particular.8

In a Jerusalem Post interview in 1978, Kreisky called Israeli prime minister Menachem Begin a "political grocer," a "Polish lawyer from Warsaw," and also sharply attacked Israel as being culpable for the Middle East conflict.9 In 1979, Kreisky and Brandt invited Arafat to Vienna, and the latter became the first European capital to receive him as a future prime minister.

In March 1980, Austria formally recognized the PLO. The Conservative opposition charged Kreisky with "condoning terrorism and deviating from the diplomatic tradition of recognizing only states."10 As Harry Delfiner noted,

Kreisky apparently never seriously examined whether in helping Arafat he was also helping to advance a new form of warfare that would eventually threaten many of the very values in which he and his fellow socialists believed. When confronted with the facts of Arafat's engagement in terrorism, he would downplay or deny it altogether, while concentrating his attention on what he saw as advancing the wronged people and on the need to bring peace to the Middle East.11
Kreisky continued his involvement with Middle Eastern politics after he left the government in 1983.


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[COMMENT: Here we have the curious conjoining of the Left and the Islamic jihadists--see
There is an alliance between the enemies of our country (the USA) . . . for why this a danger to the rest of us--(non-Moslems and non-Socialist-Marxists).]

The Waldheim Affair

In 1986 Kurt Waldheim, having previously been secretary-general of the United Nations, was the Conservative candidate for the Austrian presidency. During the period of his candidacy it became known that he had kept silent about serving as an officer of the German army in the Balkans during the war.

The populist newspaper Kronenzeitung and the conservative Kurier received a flood of anti-Semitic letters blaming the Jews for impugning Waldheim's integrity.12 There was also, however, a positive effect as for the first time Austria critically scrutinized its Nazi past and questioned its presumed role as victim.13

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As to why Socialism and the Jihad are both dangerous, see
There is an alliance between the enemies of our country--which is the USA under its Constitution (our country, that is). The enemies are those who would subjugate us to foreign ideologies [Socialism and Islam].

DAILY ALERT (for Anyone Interested in Matters Concerning Israel and Jews)

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Prepared for the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs


Caroline Glick: It is time to act against Iran


Column One: It is time to act
Sep. 18, 2008

Iran is just a heartbeat away from the A-bomb.Last Friday the Daily Telegraph reported Teheran has surreptitiously removed a sufficient amount of uranium from its nuclear production facility in Isfahan to produce six nuclear bombs. Given Iran's already acknowledged uranium enrichment capabilities, the Telegraph's report indicates that the Islamic Republic is now in the late stages of assembling nuclear bombs.

It would be a simple matter for Iran to assemble those bombs without anyone noticing. US spy satellites recently discovered what the US believes are covert nuclear facilities in Iran. The mullocracy has not disclosed these sites to the UN's International Atomic Energy Agency, which is charged with inspecting Iran's nuclear sites.

As to the IAEA, this week it presented its latest report on Teheran's nuclear program to its board members in Vienna. The IAEA's report claimed that Iran has taken steps to enable its Shihab-3 ballistic missiles to carry nuclear warheads. With their range of 1,300 kilometers, Shihab-3 missiles are capable of reaching Israel and other countries throughout the region.

In support of its swiftly progressing nuclear program, Iran has escalated both its conventional military and terroristic adventurism. It has also ratcheted up its diplomatic assault on the US. This week, Teheran conducted a countrywide air defense exercise. Gen. Khatim al-Anbiaa, the commander of Iran's Air Defense Corps, explained that the exercise was aimed at defending against both electronic jamming systems and actual bombing strikes.

Also this week, Yahya Rahim Safavi, the former commander of the Revolutionary Guards Corps and current senior adviser to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei for security affairs, announced that Iran has shifted responsibility for naval warfare on the Persian Gulf from its regular naval forces to its more fanatical Revolutionary Guards. The Iranian navy will now be deployed only in the Gulf of Oman and along the Caspian Sea.

The deployment of the Guards along the Persian Gulf means that the force will be responsible for naval operations in the narrow Strait of Hormuz, through which 40 percent of global oil shipments travel. Issuing Iran's most explicit threat to US naval forces in the area and global oil shipments to date, Safavi declared, "The entire Strait of Hormuz is under the tight control of the Iranian security forces, which are ready to defend Iran against any threat."

As for terror, al-Qaida boss Ayman Zawahiri's recent tirade against the Islamic Republic notwithstanding, Iran has apparently intensified its cooperation with al-Qaida. Over the past two weeks, Israeli counterterror officials have issued explicit warnings to Israeli vacationers to immediately depart from Sinai. They have stated that terror cells from al-Qaida and Hamas are working with Iran's Hizbullah to abduct groups of Israeli vacationers to Gaza. Moreover, as Hamas and Teheran have openly acknowledged their "brotherly" ties, more and more reports have been published about al-Qaida's escalating presence in Gaza.

Beyond all this, both regionally and globally Iran is escalating its diplomatic and strategic offensive against the US. It has widened its diplomatic operations in the Western hemisphere from Venezuela, Cuba, Ecuador and Nicaragua to the Caribbean by opening diplomatic relations with Grenada and St. Vincent, and it is pursuing diplomatic ties with Jamaica.

Teheran has initiated its own pro-Russian diplomatic initiative to "stabilize" the Caucasus. This week Iran's Foreign Minister Manoucher Mottaki caught the US State Department by surprise when he arrived in Tblisi to meet with Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili. That meeting was part of a regional tour that took Mouttaki to Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia, as well as Germany.

Finally, of course, there is Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's annual trip to New York for the UN's General Assembly opening session next week. Aside from being honored by leaders of the supposedly pacifist and clearly anti-Semitic Quaker and Mennonite churches, Ahmadinejad will be feted by newly elected General Assembly President Miguel d'Escoto Brockmann from Nicaragua.

COUNTERING TEHERAN'S sprint to the nuclear finish line and its intensifying threats against Israel and the West are three Western initiatives to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

First, the US, France and Britain have stepped up their rhetoric calling for additional economic sanctions against Iran. During the General Assembly meeting in New York, US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is scheduled to meet her counterparts from the other permanent members of the Security Council and Germany to try to agree on such sanctions. But this will be an exercise in futility.

Russia has made clear that it will reject any further sanctions. Indeed it is intensifying its military and financial ties to Teheran. Moscow has pledged to have the Bushehr nuclear plant up and running by the end of the year. And Iran is already suspected of diverting plutonium from the plant to develop still more nuclear weapons.

Germany, too, has evinced no interest in curtailing its financial ties to Teheran. To the contrary, German trade with Iran expanded 12% in the last year, from $2.7 billion to $3b.

So the US will fail to pass additional sanctions against Iran in the UN Security Council. And this is a shame. But even if a miracle occurred and Russia, China and Germany agreed to adopt and enforce stiff sanctions against Iran, those sanctions would come too late to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

The uranium that the Iranians took from their Isfahan plant will be weapons grade and attached to Shihab-3 missiles or transferred to Hizbullah, al-Qaida or Hamas terrorists for use long before such hypothetical sanctions would even be noticed.

The second way that the West - and particularly the US and Israel - have sought to stymie Iran's nuclear ambitions is through sabotage. As Yediot Aharonot reporter Ronen Bergman documented in his book, The Secret War with Iran, over the past few years the Mossad and US intelligence agencies have had some success killing personnel involved in Iran's nuclear weapons program. They have also managed to sell faulty nuclear components to Teheran that have slowed down and sabotaged its operations. As the assassination of Iran's terror master Imad Mughniyah in Damascus in February demonstrated, Israel has the capacity to carry out sensitive covert operations deep inside enemy territory. And more successful covert operations could no doubt cause still more damage to Iran's nuclear program.

But it is all but impossible to see how any such operations can prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons in the short term. With that uranium from Isfahan hidden away in one of its covert facilities, with terror operatives deployed all over the globe and in charge of Lebanon and Gaza, and with the Shihab-3 missiles happily accepting nuclear warheads, it is apparent that no matter how bold, limited covert operations have not and will not prevent Iran from crossing the nuclear threshold.

Finally, there are the private initiatives to use international law, capital markets and political pressure to deter Teheran from acquiring nuclear weapons and to persuade states not to cultivate ties with Iran.

A year ago, The Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs began a push to indict Ahmadinejad as a war criminal for his breach of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. His calls for Israel's annihilation make him guilty of the explicit crime of inciting genocide. The JCPA's initiative has fomented similar calls by groups in Canada and Australia and, most recently, by tens of thousands of evangelical Christians.

The Anti-Defamation League and AIPAC are waging public campaigns against European oil and gas companies that are involved in developing Iran's oil and gas fields.

The Center for Security Policy in Washington spearheaded the initiative to divest US public employee pension funds from companies that do business with Iran and other state sponsors of terror.

Several major American Jewish organizations are organizing a massive protest outside UN headquarters that will take place during Ahmadinejad's address to the body next Tuesday. Other groups, like the Israel Project, conduct intensive briefings for the media in the US and Europe to educate reporters and editors about the Iranian nuclear program.

All of these private initiatives are vital for raising public awareness in the West about the lethality of the Iranian threat to Israel and to global security in general. They are also important for embarrassing governments - particularly Germany, Austria and other European governments with histories of anti-Semitic violence - that refuse to end their bilateral trade with Teheran. Beyond that, they serve the important goal of weakening the Iranian economy.

But again, none of these programs can do a thing against that uranium for six bombs that Iran removed from its plant in Isfahan. They can't stop those centrifuges in Natanz and in covert facilities throughout Iran from buzzing along. They can't destroy those Shihab-3 missiles. They can't kill the scientists assembling the bombs.

IN LIGHT of Iran's unrelenting and rapid progress toward the nuclear finish line, it is clear today that while positive in their own rights, none of the actions the West is taking will succeed in blocking its path to the atomic bomb.

For that matter, the one option short of war that might have put an end to the mullahs' race to the bomb three years ago - namely supporting the Iranian people in their wish to overthrow their regime - cannot be adopted fast enough to prevent the likes of Khamenei and Ahmadinejad from pushing the button now.

Today, there is only one way to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. Israel must bomb Iran's nuclear installations. Such a strike will not end Iran's nuclear program. It will not overthrow the regime. It will not cripple Iran's economy. It will not end Iran's active support for international terrorist groups.

All an Israeli air strike against Iran's nuclear facilities will do is set its nuclear program back for a couple of years. Such a strike will buy Israel and the rest of the world time. And during that time, Iran will no doubt expand its diplomatic, terror and political offensives against Israel and the US. But if Israel and the US are wise, they can use the time as well.

If Israel and the US are wise, they will use the extra time to ratchet up international economic sanctions on Iran. They will use the time to conduct covert operations against nuclear and regime targets. They will use the time to increase international pressure on countries that do business with Iran and sell it arms. And they will use the time that an Israeli military strike against Iran's nuclear facilities will buy to support Iranian democracy movements and so weaken the regime and perhaps eventually topple it.

It is clear today that the Bush administration will not take action against Iran. This week five former secretaries of state said that the US should pursue diplomatic ties with Teheran regardless of Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons. There will be no will in Washington to act against Iran until after Iran has attacked Israel with nuclear weapons.

So it is up to Israel. Too bad we don't have a government in Jerusalem.

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