Friday, January 2, 2009

Like the BAD old days, when Jews were the despised victims

Pam Geller's "Atlas Shrugs"

Arab European League rioters enter Jewish quarter of Antwerp during anti Israel demonstration carry Hamas flags

Translated by Militant Islam Monitor (hat tip Sonia)
January 1, 2009

Jews in Antwerp afraid after riots by league (AEL]

Many Jews in Antwerp did not go on the street Wednesday after the demonstration from the AEL against the war violence got out of hand.
There was considerable damage done

Around 3:30 200 rioters marched into the Jewish district of Antwerp in the process of rioting and destroying.


The demonstraters went on a rampage and destroyed car windows, trams, and buses. There were also fights with the police who had closed off the district.

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MORAL: Unarmed Jews, living as a minority among uncaring nations are ripe for attacks by rioting Moslems.

In most nations, the populace is not allowed to bear lethal arms. Jews are no match for raging mobs fueled by Jew-hatred. In the United States, there still exists the right to bear arms (firearms). Many Jews are repelled by firearms. Unarmed, they are fair game for the supporters of such murderous rabble as HAMAS.

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