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Hillary: "Palestinian State" Must Be "Judenrein" (Cleansed of All Jews)

Of course, Israel must allow Arab Moslems to seep into its lands, make its capital (Jerusalem) an international city.

From the Associated Press:


In strong language, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton had said Wednesday that Obama wants a halt to all settlement construction, including "natural growth." Israel uses that term for new housing and other construction that it says will accommodate the growth of families living in existing settlements.

Israel says some construction to continueIsraeli spokesman Mark Regev responded Thursday by saying some construction would go on.

"Normal life in those communities must be allowed to continue," he said, noting Israel has already agreed not to build new settlements and to remove some tiny, unauthorized settler outposts. Regev said the fate of the settlements would be determined in peace negotiations with the Palestinians.

With that as a backdrop, Obama said part of Israel's obligations include "stopping settlements."

But he [Obama] also struck a hopeful tone. [Not for Israel though. When you read the next paragraph here, you will see that Obama is but pissing into the wind.]


Obama said he told Abbas the Palestinians must find a way to halt the incitement of anti-Israeli sentiments that are sometimes expressed in schools, mosques and public arenas. "All those things are impediments to peace," Obama said.

The Palestinian leader said "we are fully committed to all of our obligations" under the peace framework known as the road map. Doing so, Abbas said, is "the only way to achieve the durable, comprehensive and just peace that we need and desire in the Middle East."

[An evasive answer by the cardboard cutout figure Abbas. And the Arabs have long ago stopped their part in following that idiotic roadmap set up for Israel by Bush and his anti-Israel European confederates. The Arabs want Israel to traipse along the Road map route to its destruction whereas they do nothing to stop the propaganda and Jew hatred in their camp. They (the Arabs) deserve nothing better than removal to Jordan or better far beyond.]

Plan calls for Palestinian state

Obama, like predecessor George W. Bush, embraces a multifaceted Mideast peace plan that calls for a Palestinian state alongside Israel. [Same old S**t]

The president [Obama] refused to set a timetable for such a nation but also noted he has not been slow to get involved in meeting with both sides and pushing the international community for help.

"We can't continue with the drift, with the increased fear and resentment on both sides, the sense of hopelessness around the situation that we've seen for many years now," Obama said. "We need to get this thing back on track."

Abbas is working to repackage a 2002 Saudi Arabian plan that called for Israel to
give up land it has occupied since the 1967 war in exchange for normalized relations with Arab countries.

Abbas gave Obama a document that would keep intact that requirement and also offer a way to monitor a required Israeli freeze on all settlement activity, a timetable for Israeli withdrawal and a realization of a two-state solution.

[Abbas' suggestions to Obama about what Israel must do, is certain to advance the farkackte
"peace process."

In a pig's eye!]

Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said Obama affirmed to Abbas that Israel has an obligation to freeze settlement expansions, including natural growth.

The U.S. and much of the world consider the settlements an obstacle to peace because they are built on captured land the Palestinians claim for a future state. But successive U.S. administrations have done little to halt settlement activity.

Settlement growth complicates issues

Now more than 120 settlements dot the West Bank, and Palestinian officials say their growth makes it increasingly impossible to realize their dream of independence. More than 280,000 Israelis live in the settlements, in addition to more than 2 million Palestinians in the West Bank. An additional 180,000 Israelis live in east Jerusalem, where the Palestinians hope to establish their capital.

[JUDEA--get it, Yehuda--must be part of of The Jewish state and homeland, as must Samaria. These parts of the ancient Jewish heartland must not be kept judenrein!]

Israelis will be anxiously watching Obama's June 4 speech in Cairo, where he will deliver a message to the Muslim world to try to repair relations that frayed badly under the Bush administration. Obama will also visit Saudi Arabia before he goes to Egypt.

[To get instructions from his masters.]

"I want to use the occasion to deliver a broader message about how the United States can change for the better its relationship with the Muslim world," Obama said of his Egypt speech.

"That will require, I think, a recognition on both the part of the United States as well as many majority Muslim countries about each other, a better sense of understanding, and I think possibilities to achieve common ground."

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'Let Us Deal Shrewdly With Them'

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Descendants of Spanish Jews Forced to Convert to Catholicism Act in Support of Israel

Referred to by non-Jewish historians derogatorily as marranos*, translatable as "pigs," these forced converts or conversos, who continued being Jews in secret, left descendants in Spain, Portugal, and Brazil, who today under the name of Bnei Anousim are aware of their ancestry.

Following is from IMRA, Independent Media Review and Analysis:


. . . there are tens of thousands, and possibly hundreds of thousands of Bnei Anousim in Spain and Portugal who are conscious of their identity and their special relationship with Israel and the Jewish People. "The fact that Bnei Anousim are taking the initiative and expressing a desire to take part in Israel advocacy efforts in their own countries is an exciting development," Freund noted. "The Bnei Anousim can serve as a wonderful corps of goodwill ambassadors for the Jewish state, and it behooves us to reach out to them and forge a stronger relationship with them," he said.

Dozens of participants, whose ancestors were forced to convert to Catholicism during the Inquisition over 500 years ago, gathered this past weekend in Barcelona for a special seminar run by Shavei Israel to train them in making Israel's case to the media.

From "For the first time, Bnei Anousim in Europe enlist to join Israel's Hasbara (Public Diplomacy) efforts"

Bnei Anousim in Spain

In the early Middle Ages, Spanish Jewry was one of the oldest and most successful Diaspora Jewish communities. But from 1391 onwards, a series of terrible disturbances and great tribulations befell the Jews of Iberia, resulting in unprecedented waves of expulsion, persecution and forced conversions. These tragic events culminated in 1492, when the remaining Jews were formally expelled by Spanish monarchs. Many of those who had been compelled to convert to Catholicism – known by the Hebrew term Bnei Anousim – remained behind, where they nonetheless continued to preserve their Jewish identity and to practice Jewish tradition covertly, away from the prying eyes of the Inquisition and its enforcers. One of the most famous example was the converted Jews from Palma de Mallorca know until today by the name “chuetas”(pig).

Bnei Anousim in Portugal

In 1497, the Portuguese king presented the Jews living in his realm with a dastardly choice: convert or die. Some chose death, but most of Portuguese Jewry was dragged to the baptismal font and compelled to accept Catholicism against their will. But many of these "New Christians" did their utmost to remain loyal to their Jewish roots, passing down the faith and practices of their ancestors across the generations. And while many were made to pay a heavy price by the Inquisition for their continued fidelity to Judaism, many others somehow succeeded in preserving their Jewish identity. Perhaps the most famous example was the community of Belmonte, in northern Portugal, where some 150 Bnai Anousim were formally restored to the Jewish people two decades ago by a rabbinical court sent from Israel.

Bnei Anousim in Brazil

When the doors of the New World swung open in the 16th and 17th centuries, Brazil came to play an important role for the Bnei Anousim. Seeking to distance themselves from Iberia, where the hand of the Inquisition was heaviest, the Bnei Anousim actively participated in the colonization and development of the new continent. Brazil offered the possibility of a new life, and the hope of one day returning to the faith of their ancestors. But the long arm of the Inquisition reached across the Atlantic, and continued to pursue the Bnei Anousim, hunting down those accused of secretly practicing Judaism and remaining faithful to the laws of Moses. But even the heartless cruelty and ruthless efficiency of the Inquisitors could not extinguish the flame of Judaism, and countless thousands of families, especially in the interior of northern Brazil, continued to preserve Jewish rituals and traditions. This flame is still very much alive today, and in cities such as Recife, Fortaleza and Natal, the descendants of Brazil's Bnei Anousim are once again clamoring to rejoin their people, the nation of Israel.

In recent years, throughout Spain, Portugal and South America, a growing number of their descendants are emerging from the shadows of history, looking to reconnect with the Jewish people and return to the faith which was so cruelly taken away from their forefathers five centuries ago.

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Read the entire article from IMRA, Independent Media Review and Analysis
at Spaniards and Portuguese whose Jewish ancestor were forced to convert during the Inquisition join efforts to support Israel
* Marranos or secret Jews (also known as Anusim) were Sephardic Jews (Jews resident in the Iberian peninsula) who were forced to adopt Christianity under threat of expulsion but who continued to practice Judaism secretly, thus preserving their Jewish identity. The term in Spanish meant pigs; it stemmed from the ritual prohibition against eating pork, a prohibition practiced by both Jews and Muslims. In Spanish, the term marrano acquired the meaning of "swine" or "filthy". In contemporary Spanish it is no longer associated with Jews. In Portuguese, the word refers only to crypto-Jews, since pig or "swine" is marrão or varrão.

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Let the Arabs have the gas station at Abu Dis

PM: Jerusalem will 'never again be divided and partitioned'


Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Thursday insisted that all of Jerusalem will always remain under Israeli sovereignty.

Speaking at a Jerusalem Day ceremony marking 42 years since the city's reunification in the Six-Day war, Netanyahu did not refer to Palestinian demands to declare east Jerusalem the capital of the state they want to establish."United Jerusalem is Israel's capital. Jerusalem was always ours and will always be ours. It will never again be partitioned and divided," he said.The ceremony was held on Givat Hatahmoshet, a hilltop in northern Jerusalem where a bloody battle took place during the Six Day War between IDF troops and Jordanian soldiers. Also in attendance were President Shimon Peres, Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch, Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger, opposition leader Tzipi Livni and IDF Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi.In his address at the ceremony, Peres noted the special place of Jerusalem in the Jewish people's history and in the hearts of Israelis."The size of Jerusalem is measured not by its geography but by its history," said the president. "Geographically, Jerusalem has no distinction; no river runs through it, there is no beach nearby and the mountains surrounding are not extraordinarily high. But there is no city in the world with a historical wealth to match Jerusalem, both political history and spiritual history."
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Moshe Dayan--the Villain of Jerusalem

.........."It's true," Eldad said, "that the original sin was when the Jewish People, immediately after the Six Day War in 1967, ceded its hold on the Temple Mount in an unholy alliance between the Chief Rabbinate and Moshe Dayan - each side for its own reasons - but now the danger is that the Arab sovereignty on the Temple Mount will spill over to the Western Wall plaza, and from there to other places."

Then-Defense Minister Dayan, just days after Israel's liberation of the Old City, informed the Muslims running the Temple Mount that they could continue to run the mosques there - and later went further by preventing Jewish prayer all over the Mount."It was evident that if we did not prevent Jews from praying in what was now a mosque compound," Dayan later wrote, "matters would get out of hand and lead to a religious clash... As an added precaution, I told the chief of staff to order the chief army chaplain to remove the branch office he had established in the building which adjoins the mosque compound."Source Israel National News

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That means never! No "Palestinian" state!

Why not?

Because it would be a state founded on, dedicated to, predicating Jew Hatred!

The only reason of the existence of a "palestinian" state would be to deny Jews their homeland.

It would be "state" that is "clean" of Jews. (remember, the orginator of the ideology of hate--Islam--sprayed out in fury that Jews were descendants--and progenitors [according to at least one Islamic cleric*]--of apes and pigs.)
[Dry bones cartoon palestine quiz]

IS ISRAEL DOOMED? by Kenneth Levin
Kenneth Levin writes that "[i]n addition to the animosity of the Arab world, Israel is faced with much hostile sentiment in Europe, fed by traditional anti-Semitism, by leftist anti-Americanism and association of Israel with America, by perverse, ahistorical leftist twisting of the Israeli-Arab conflict into Israeli colonialists brutalizing the supposedly indigenous population, and by the European media being house organs for anti-Israel bigotry of all these pedigrees." Add in the hate exhibited by various organs of the United Nations, peace-at-any-price Israelis, radicalized Israeli Arabs, estranged diapora Jews, the threat of nuclear annihilation and the constant barrage of rocket fire. That's a lot of ill-will directed against a tiny country. Yet its major problems seem of its own making: suffering Hezbollah attacks for years and then attacking without real preparation; expelling the Jewish residents of Gaza; and most stupidly, its pretending it had peace partners, when all these partners wanted was to destroy Israel. It needs to get over its "desire to propitiate its enemies, to see salvation in concessions and self-reform and to ignore the nature and the dimensions of the threat." This is a very wise assessment. READ MORE

JEW-HATING JEWS: Jews who avidly support the cause of "the poor 'Palestinians'"

These disgusting, although understandable "we-don't-really-want-to-be-Jews-we-are-like-all-you-nonJewishJewHaters-so-accept-us-as-ones-as-bleeding-for-humanity-(the'palestinians')-as-you-all-are" validate the two-state, leading to the one-state-of-its-"citizens"-Arab-as-well-as-Jew-until-Arabs-demographically-can-take-over solution, or ideally the Islamic state of "Palestine," as clean of Jews as are Jordan, Gaza, Saudi, and the like.

Who are they and where do you find these despibable wretches, deserving of a fate left to individual imaginations? Read on . . .

PERVERSE CHILDREN by Patricia Berlyn
Patricia Berlyn provides us an insightful look at the "self-hating" Jew. She points out that for these perverse children, "[i]t is not enough for them to cast off a Jewish identity and merge into the mainstream; they must take on the identity of the most Judeophobic elements of that mainstream." Their talent for inventing reasonable-sounding but spurious arguments have provided the Judeophobes and the recently-invented people, the "Palestinians", some of their best material. READ MORE

Irwin Cotler describes the rise of a new type of anti-semitism. "... classical or traditional anti-Semitism is the discrimination against, denial of or assault upon the rights of Jews to live as equal members of whatever host society they inhabit. The new anti-Semitism involves the discrimination against the right of the Jewish people to live as an equal member of the family of nations — the denial of and assault upon the Jewish people's right even to live — with Israel as the 'collective Jew among the nations.' Judenstaatrein applies to the Jewish state as judenrein does to jews. Cotler describes some characteristics of Judenstaatrein anti-semitism: it is overtly proposed by states; it is unabashedly proclaimed in terror-state proxies: the terror organizations of Hamas, PLO, Hizbullah, etc.; it has the weight of Islamic clerics and media behind it. Classic anti-semitism used the language of racism; this brand uses the benign words of humanism and civil rights. This article suggests that we can no longer pretend that those who want to destroy Israel are not gunning for Jews everywhere. This article needs to be taken seriously. READ MORE
*All Pigs Must Die Because they Descended From Jews-->Egyptian Cleric PMW/The Lid ^ 5/13/09 The Lid
Posted on Wednesday, May 13, 2009 8:54:37 AM by Shellybenoit

More love from the "moderate" clerics from The Religion of Peace. According to a Senior religious leader in the "friendly" nation of Egypt, Sheikh Ahmed Ali Othman, all pigs in the world are descended from Jews that were turned into pigs by Allah--and that's why pigs are hated creatures that should be killed. He even has a another source for his theory, in the "moderate" country of Jordan, newspaper Al-Hakika al-Dawliya adds cites Sheikh Ali Abu Al-Hassan, head of the Fatwa Committee at Al-Azhar University says that Allah turned all the Jews into pigs and monkeys, but those animals died out.

Gee, I wonder if they got to pick whether they became an ape or a pig? Either way its sad because Al-Azhar University could have used those Jews for their football team.
Read more below:
(Excerpt) Read more at ...

Flagrant antisemite Pat Buchanan verbally lambastes Israel as always in his "Bibi and Israel at Dead End" at

Buchanan's whining complaints about what to do for example with the 2.4 million Arabs squatting in Judea (The so-called "West Bank") and the 1.5 million occupying Gaza can easily be remedied by moving them off Jewish land into the empty spaces of their fellow-Moslems' miriad "states" that make up Islam's umma (self-styled "community").

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Bibi and the American Inquisition

David Wilder
13 במאי 2009

Last week PM Netanyahu told his cabinet, "I think we must make great efforts to ease life for the Palestinians while keeping security constraints in mind."

Israel has much experience 'easing life' for Arabs living in Judea, Samaria and Gaza. Following signing of the Oslo Accords, Israel moved out of all of the major Arab-populated cities in Judea and Samaria. The results were phenomenal. The Arabs had it great, sort of like when kids get to school and find that the teacher's not there, and there's no substitute. The kids then have a free-for-all day, no holds barred.

That's what happened when Israel retreated from Shechem, Jenin, Tul-Karem etc. A huge vacuum was created, leading to anarchy-plus, resulting in massive terror throughout Israel.

In January, 1997 Bibi signed and implemented the Hebron Accords, which transferred over 80% of Hebron to Arafat and the PA. Finally an overwhelming majority of Hebron Arabs were freed from the yoke of the Zionist occupier. No more Israeli soldiers patrolled some 80% of the city, looking for 'freedom fighters' aka terrorists. This led, three and a half years later, to the beginning of shooting attacks from the Abu Sneneh and Harat a-Shech, hills overlooking Hebron's Jewish community, which continued for almost two and a half years. They lived the good life; Hebron's Jews lived with constant terror.

The cherry on the icing was, of course, the greatest 'easing of Palestinian life' almost four years ago, when for the sake of peace and a healthy Arab state of mind, Israel expelled almost 10,000 Jews from Gush Katif and abandoned their land to the PA. "Finally," they exclaimed, "alone at last." Well, almost but not quite. There were still a few things that bothered them, like Jews living in Sderot. According to Hamas leader Musa Abu Marzook, "Sderot, which may be known to some as an Israeli town, lies on the ruins of Najd, a Palestinian village ransacked in May 1948 by Zionist terrorist gangs."

Shekh Achmad Yassin told Amira Hass in Ha'aretz, 'what is important is that the holder of the right remain fixed in his resolve to restore his rights. In other words, in 1948 I lived in Ashkelon. Will I, who hold the right [to live in Ashkelon] go to make the case that it is mine?
(Not so coincidentally, I have on my wall a 'tourist map' published by the "Palestinian Authority Ministry of Tourism, which lists three coastal cities (from south to north) Ashdot, Askelon, and (Tel Ar Rabee) Tel Aviv).

Of course, the great easing of 'palestinian life' in Gaza, following Israel's abandonment there, led to thousands of rockets being shot from that very land into these Israeli coastal cities. The goal of these attacks is undoubtedly to liberate Sderot from oppressive Israeli rule, thereby giving Palestinians more breathing room, while at the same time making it easier for them to attack and liberate Tel Ar Rabee.

The latest phase in life-easing situations is Hebron. Hebron leaders were notified by high ranking officers in the IDF that it is necessary to improve Palestinian living conditions. Therefore they are not opposing the opening of Tzir Tzion – the Tzion road, from north of Kiryat Arba, running past Kiryat Arba and Beit HaShalom, into Hebron. Interestingly enough, two of these generals, who have a great deal to say about what happens in Hebron are former commanders of the Judean Brigade and Hebron: Central Region Commander, General Gadi Shamni, and Commander of forces in Judea and Samaria, General Noam Tibon. Shamni was in charge in Hebron when the Hebron Accords were implemented. He didn't think they would be so bad. Tibon was in Hebron when the Oslo War started (the 2nd Intifada). He closed the transJudea road (Rt.35) leading to Beit Shemsh and Kiryat Gat, claiming he couldn't give it full protection. His successor, Col. Dror Weinberg hy"d opened it almost immediately upon taking command in Hebron. Tibon also has a thing about destroying homes in the Hebron area; he commanded the force that destroyed the home of Livnat Uzeri, whose husband Nati was killed in that home by terrorists. He also commanded over the forces that destroyed the Federman farm in Kiryat Arba and Yad Yair, near Dolev in the Shomron.

The present situation is a no-brainer. Palestinian living conditions are more important than Israeli lives.

I count 7 people having been killed on the soon to be reopened road,: Mordechai and Shalom Lapid, Sarit Prigal, David Cohen, Hezi Mualem, Kerin Ya'akobi and Meir Kalfon. Yet now, it's going to be safe. Just to make sure, the IDF is bringing in a full squadron of some 100 soldiers, just to make sure. In order to ensure a good view of the area they'll be using the roof of Beit HaShalom.

Early this morning Hebron residents staged a small protest march between Hebron and Kiryat Arba, on the Tzion Road. A few dozen children, along with a group of adults, marched with flags and whistles up the hill to school in Kiryat Arba. Usually the kids have a ride; today they walked.
No one paid too much attention.

Tomorrow a larger group, including residents of Kiryat Arba and Hebron, along with others, will again stage another protest march, this time leaving Kiryat Arba at about 1:30 in the afternoon. Again, we don't expect Shamni or Tibon or Barak or Netanyahu to care. We don't live under any illusions. Barring unpredictable events, they will open the road sometime in the near future, despite our protest marches. This will certainly 'ease' the lives of some Arabs living in the vicinity.

The question is what answer these 'leaders' will offer when a 'majnun' (crazy person) tries to run over some Jews on the road, or attempts to push an Israeli vehicle (like a bus or van, G-d forbid, tractor-style) into the valley below, from this road.

Arabs have yet to prove that they can be trusted in any way shape or form. They have never lived up to any so-called agreements; to the contrary, they violate them, as if it's their right to do so. In this case, they are not giving anything; not even any promises. They're getting a gift, which endangers Israeli lives, for free.

And most unfortunately, this is just the beginning. More is soon to come. Watch for chapter two following the conclusion of Obama's version of an American Inquisition, next week in Washington. The big question is whether Bibi, as they are tying him to the stake, will be willing to say loud and clear - Shema Yisrael – Israel belongs to the Jews, or whether he will, at the last moment, give in, acquiesce and agree to sacrifice more Jewish lives for the Obama republic. Let's hope for the best.

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re: Bibi and the American Inquisition
Lee Caplan
We must encourage Eli Yishai in his efforts to keep the Zion Route closed to Arabs. We must convince him to demand that it remain closed as a condition for his remaining in the coalition.

I would recommend that the Hevron leadership meet with Yishai together with HaRav Ovadia Shlita and make this request by demonstrating how dangerous it would chas veshalom be if the route is opened.

The Jewish Community of Hebron
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The Hebron Fund
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You too can Help Hebron -

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Israel is Approaching the Moment of Truth*

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[cartoon from]

NEW! Epilogue added on May 12, 2009!

by Paul Eidelberg

Trite as it may seem, Israel is approaching the moment of truth. I am alluding to the forthcoming meeting of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Barack Obama.

Obama vigorously supports a Palestinian state in Israel’s heartland, Judea and Samaria. Netanyahu does not oppose a Palestinian state, but he has reservations about the conditions required for its establishment, and the extent of its powers.

Apparently, the state Netanyahu has in mind (1) would not have an army; (2) would not enter into treaties with any country it likes; and (3) would not have complete control of its air and water.

To promote an acceptable Palestinian state, its Arab citizens (1) must have a decent economy (an incentive not to make war); (2) they must enforce the rule of law; and (3) they must recognize Israel’s right exist as a sovereign Jewish state.

This, in short, is called the “bottom-up” or “people’s” approach to peace-making. However, no one in the Netanyahu government speaks of how much time will be required for this approach to succeed. Middle East expert Daniel Pipes estimates one or two generations, and then only if and after the Palestinians are vanquished.

Be this as it may, surely a bottom-up approach must include teaching Arab children not to hate Jews and Israel and not to exalt suicide bombers. Netanyahu is surely aware of this problem. But can Arab hatred of Jews be overcome without drastic changes in the Quran? No one in Israel’s government is going to breathe a word about this—not to Barack Hussein Obama.

Netanyahu’s approach to peace-making is secular: he obscures the religious dimension of the Palestinian problem. An Arab spokesman is quoted as saying: "The propagandists of secularism, who leave out of account the religious factor in the Palestine problem, ignore the fact that this is the only bone of contention in the world which has persisted for thirty centuries ..."

Netanyahu ignores the historical fact that religion trumps economics in the Arab mind. Here is some evidence. During the Palestine Mandate period, the progress of the Jews immensely improved the economic standards, health, and longevity of the Arabs. Their per capita income greatly exceeded that of any Arab country. The rapid growth of the Arab wages was particularly striking in those areas of Jewish settlement and development. This was acknowledged by the British Peel Commission report of 1937.

Yet the report noted that, "Although the Arabs have benefitted from the development of the country owing to Jewish immigration, this has had no conciliatory effect. On the contrary, improvement in the economic situation in Palestine has meant the deterioration of the political situation." Religion trumped economics.
This is why those who think poverty is a cause of Islamic terrorism are utterly mistaken. Dr. Marc Sageman, a forensic psychiatrist, who used empirical research involving 500 terrorists, debunked the soothing notions that terrorism “is caused by poverty, lack of education, sexual deprivation … or lack of economic opportunity.” Only shallow commentators, who do not take religion seriously, ignore the root cause of Islamic terrorism, namely, the imperatives of Islam.

It’s obvious to any thoughtful and honest observer that genuine peace between Israel and the Palestinians is impossible so long as these Arabs adhere to a religion that mandates murderous hatred of infidels, Jews in particular. Moreover, Islam rejects what Israel exalts, the basic principles of democracy. Let me enumerate ten contradictions between democracy and Islam.

1. Whereas, freedom, including freedom of speech, is one of the two cardinal principles of democracy, Islamic culture is strictly authoritarian, which is why its media are state-controlled.

2. Unlike democracy, whose other cardinal principle is equality, Islamic culture is strictly hierarchical. Top-down leadership is fundamental in Islamic theology. Authority runs down from Allah to Muhammad and from Muhammad to the imam, the ruler of the regime.

3. Democracy is based on the primacy of consent or persuasion. This adorns democratic societies with a certain easy-goingness and civility. Past grievances are readily swept aside, and political opponents can be friends despite their differences. Differences are resolved by mutual concessions, and agreements are usually lasting. In contrast, Arab-Islamic culture is based on the primacy of coercion. Agreements between rival factions do not really terminate animosities, which is why such agreements are so short-lived. Revenge is a dominant motif of Arab culture.

4. Because democracy is based on the primacy of consent, the pursuit of peace is the norm of democratic states. In contrast, because Islamic culture is based on the primacy of coercion, the foreign policy norm of Arab-Islamic states is intimidation and conquest. Jihad is a basic Islamic principle, which is why violence will be found throughout the Islamic world.

5. Whereas democracy is based on the primacy of the individual, Arab-Islamic culture is based on the primacy of the group—be it the village or the extended family. The individual Muslim has no identity outside the group; it is to the group that he owes all his loyalty. This is one reason why internecine conflict has been endemic among Arabs throughout history.

6. Contemporary democracy is regarded as a process by which individuals pursue their private interests and have diverse values or “lifestyles.” This is not the case in Islamic culture, which binds everyone to the set of substantive values prescribed in the Quran and Islamic law.

7. Whereas contemporary democracy is inclined toward moral relativism, Islam is based on moral absolutism.

8. Whereas democratic societies are preoccupied with the present, Islamic mentality is dominated by the glories of the past projected into the future. Islam has always aspired to global dominance.

9. The openness or publicity found in democracy stands in striking contrast to the hiddenness, secrecy, and dissimulation characteristic of Islam. As one intellectually liberated Arab sociologist writes: “Lying is a widespread habit among the Arabs, and they have a low idea of truth.”

10. Whereas contemporary democracy is rooted in secularism, Arab-Islamic culture is rooted in a harsh religion. Even Arab leaders who are not devout Muslims identify with the basic goals of Islam. The radical separation of religion and politics found in democracy is foreign to Islamic regimes.

So, those who think the Palestinians can be democratized are adolescents in Wonderland. So again I ask, “How long will it take before the Palestinians become a reliable peace partner?” It may be asked: “Hasn’t Iraq been democratized?” Really?

Not according to Mark Helprin, whose opinion is based not on partisan impulses, but on more than 40 years of involvement in the Middle East, training with the leading scholars, and serving in deserts, mountains, and villages in the region, speaking the languages and walking around at night with a machine gun in pursuit of the people relevant to this issue.

He writes: “If Iraq is a democracy because it has held election, then so was the Soviet Union. Under pressure from the United States, Iraq is unenthusiastically pretending to be a democracy while it remains a forced confederation of three homogeneous and mutually hostile religious and/or ethnic communities that will not and cannot be brought together contentedly.”

Netanyahu’s talk about peace with the Arab Palestinians, most of whom exalted suicide bombers, and many of whom used women and children as human bombs is, hogwash, an insult to the intelligence.

I have set forth the unvarnished truth about Israel’s enemies. What I have said about the Arabs was published the month after 9/11 by the Ariel Center for Policy Research, to which Netanyahu has spoken more than once.

Israel is indeed approaching the moment of truth—when it must choose between life and death. It is not difficult to articulate the truth, as I indicated to Netanyahu some years ago at a meeting with people from the Ariel Center. What Israel needs is a champion of truth. But now I must issue a warning.

Obama’s commitment of a Palestinian state may be part of a strategy to eliminate Israel from the Middle East. If so, then Netanyahu will accomplish nothing in Washington. In that case, he had better return home and begin thinking of a strategy to thwart Obama by any and all means—and I mean any and all means. Let me suggest that he organize an inter-ministerial committee whose primary purpose is to devise ways and means of curtailing Israel’s exaggerated strategic dependence on the United States. The committee might want to consider the following:

(1) Establish a strategic alliance with India, aspects of which are already in place.
(2) Develop with India a strategic strike force as well as commando units.
(3) Develop exchange programs with India for highly qualified scientists and engineers.
(4) Expand industrial and commercial relations between the two countries.
(5) Cease providing intelligence information to the United States.
(6) Reconfigure joint projects with American corporations such as Boeing and Lockheed.
(7) Establish an Israel-American think tank in the United States with links to the American Enterprise Institute, the American Heritage Foundation, the Hudson Institute, etc.
(8) Replace AIPAC with an American organization run by religious and secular Zionists.
(9) Institute a presidential system of government and replace party slates with constituency elections.
(10) Require all public schools to include in their curriculums basic sources of Judaism.
(11) Require all public schools to teach students about Islam.
(12) Require all public schools to teach students about the Jewish people’s contribution to Western civilization as well as Israel’s current contributions to the welfare of mankind.

Epilogue to “The Moment of Truth”

Paul Eidelberg

1. If Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu agrees to a Palestinian state, he will be leading Israel to her destruction. Professor Louis Rene Beres has shown that such a state cannot readily be deprived of military forces despite an agreement to the contrary it may have with Israel. Any internal or external terrorist attack would enable this New Islamic State, under international law, to arm itself or to call for external military support—most likely Iran.

2. As concerns Mr. Netanyahu’s fixation with the economic development of the projected New Islamic State, its inhabitants lack not only the skills, but the middle class habits required for the viability of such a state. According to a recent RAND Study, such a state “would require $33 billion of aid over ten years, $50 billion of aid through 2019, and access to Israel’s labor market.” Nor is this all.

3. More than two million Arab Muslims restricted to 2,323 square miles of the Judea and Samaria (the “West Bank”), and another million Arabs squeezed into 141 square miles in Gaza, is not only a formula for economic stagnation and discontent. The New Islamic State will be a cauldron of envious hatred of Israel fueled by the leaders of one or another Arab clan or group of thugs parading under the banner of Allah. And, as indicated, it will welcome, as one colleague of mine emphasized, “internationally recognized authority to station units of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps in Ramallah and Hebron and Bethlehem.”

4. Two questions:

a. What will happen to the 300,000 Jews expelled from Judea and Samaria to make room for the New Islamic State? (Not a word about this from Mr. Netanyahu.)

b. Does Mr. Netanyahu—does Israel—have the fortitude to withstand the inevitable terror and ceaseless tension of an Arab-Islamic state in such proximity?

ALSO SEE . . .
What Israel does for the U.S.
[it ain't a one-way street--that is, the U.S. does NOT act out of love for Israel or Jews but out of SELF-INTEREST]

*Edited transcript of the Eidelberg Report, Israel National Radio, May 11, 2009.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Muslim World Today: The eternal Arab-Jewish conflict

Appetite Versus Starvation and Some Other Eternal Truths
By: Gerald A. Honigman

Arabs have spent decades trying to convince the world that they are both the old and the new Jews. Arafat and others have claimed that Jesus, Peter, and their comrades were actually Arabs—"Palestinians" to be exact—and not Jews. It seems that planes were not the only things that Arafat's crew decided to hijack. Too bad that besides the Jews themselves, the Romans, who ruled the land in Jesus' day, also left a clear record of the land belonging to the Jews—whom they were in the process of conquering—and also made a clear distinction between Jews and Arabs as well.

Tacitus and Dio Cassius were famous Roman historians who wrote extensively about Judaea's attempt to remain free from the Soviet Union of its day, the conquering Roman Empire. They lived and wrote during, or not long after, the two major revolts of the Jews for independence in 66-73 C.E. and 133-135 C.E. They make no mention of this land being Arab, of it being called "Palestine," or its people "Palestinians." On the contrary, they detailed the difference between the native Jews Rome was fighting and the Arabs from surrounding lands who decided to join the massive Roman assault on their Jewish neighbors.

Listen to this quote from Vol. II, Book V, The Works of Tacitus:
"...Titus was appointed by his father to complete the subjugation of Judaea... he commanded three legions in Judaea itself... To these he added the twelfth from Syria and the third and twenty-second from Alexandria... amongst his allies were a band of Arabs, formidable in themselves and harboring towards the Jews the bitter animosity usually subsisting between neighboring nations..."

After the 1st Revolt, Rome issued thousands of Judaea Capta coins which can be seen today in museums all over the world. Notice, please... Judaea Capta... not "Palaestina Capta." Additionally, to celebrate this victory, the Arch of Titus was erected illustrating legionnaires carrying away the spoils of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. It stands tall in Rome to this very day. Arafat, of course, denies that such a Temple ever existed.

When, some sixty years later, Emperor Hadrian decided to further desecrate the site of the destroyed Temple by erecting a pagan structure there, it was the grandchildren's turn to take on their mighty conquerors.

The result of the struggle of this tiny nation for its freedom and independence was, perhaps, as predictable as that which would have occurred had Lithuania taken on the Soviet Union during its heyday of power. Listen next to this next quote from Dio Cassius:
"...580,000 men were slain, nearly the whole of Judaea made desolate. Many Romans, moreover, perished in this war (the Bar Kochba Revolt). Therefore Hadrian, in writing to the senate, did not employ the opening phrase commonly affected by the emperors, ' I and the legions are in health.'"

The Emperor was so enraged at the Jews' struggle for freedom in their own land that, in the words of the esteemed modern historian, Bernard Lewis, "Hadrian made a determined attempt to stamp out the embers not only of the revolt but also of Jewish nationhood and statehood... obliterating its Jewish identity."

Wishing to end, once and for all, Jewish hopes, Hadrian renamed the land itself from Judaea to "Syria Palaestina"—Palestine—after the Jews' historic enemies, the Philistines, a non-Semitic sea people from the eastern Mediterranean or Aegean area. So, sorry Yasser...Trying to hijack the latter's identity, as you have tried to do with that of the Jews, won't work either.

The reality, of course, is that the vast majority of Arabs did not even begin to enter into the picture regarding the land of Israel / Judaea / Palestine until almost seven centuries after fall of Jewish Jerusalem—during the beginning of the Arabs' own extensive imperial conquest, forced Arabization, and settlement of much of the region. Imperialism is evidently only nasty when non-Arabs so indulge.

Ditto for settlement and such. Most so-called "native Palestinians" today came into the land only recently themselves, beginning with thousands of Egyptian troops who stayed after the invasion of Muhammad Ali's army in the 19th century, and ballooning after Jewish capital began to develop the land soon afterwards. The records of the Permanent Mandates Commission of the League of Nations and other evidence document Arabs flooding into Palestine after 1920. It is believed that many others entered under cover of darkness and were simply never recorded.

While the story of the Arabs' attempt at establishing themselves as the "aboriginals" of the land could be developed further, I'll let it rest for now. So much for their attempt at becoming the old Jews. Let's now turn to the Arab attempt to become the new Jews.

After Judaea's fight for freedom against the mighty Roman Empire and the conversion of the latter to Christianity, forced conversions, being branded the deicide people (and treated accordingly), inquisitions, demonization, dehumanization, ghettos, blood libels, massacres, expulsions, and existence as perpetual stranger in someone else's land became the plight of the stateless, "Wandering Jew."

Estimates have placed the number of Jews murdered as a result of these experiences, prior to the Holocaust, in both the Christian West—where they were considered to be "G-d killers"—or in the Muslim East, where there was no Holocaust per se, but where Jews were still frequently regarded as "killers of prophets' and kilab yahud "Jew dogs," in the millions. And this was without the benefit of 20th century methods of mass destruction aiding the process.

Arabs have tried to convince the world that their experiences and the plight of Palestinian Arab refugees is somehow the equivalent of that of the Jews. It has worked to a great extent with a world largely—and willingly—deaf, dumb, and blind to the obvious differences.

Let's turn the clock back some seventy years to hear how one great Jewish leader explained these differences in his Evidence Submitted To The Palestine Royal Commission in London in 1937. Still recovering from the murderous pogroms and massive Jewish refugee problem which accompanied them just a bit earlier, it had by now become evident that even worse was yet to come. Let's listen to how this Zionist leader dealt with all of this:

"Three generations of Jewish thinkers...have come to the conclusion that the cause of our suffering is the very fact of the Diaspora, the bedrock fact that we are everywhere a minority...The phenomenon called Zionism may include all kinds of dreams...but all of this longing for wonderful toys of velvet and silver is nothing compared with that tangible momentum of irresistible distress and need by which we are propelled and borne..."

"Whenever I hear a Zionist...accused of asking too much...I really cannot understand it...Yes we do want a State; every nation on earth...they all have States of their own...the normal condition of a people. Yet, when we, the most abnormal of peoples, and therefore the most unfortunate, ask for only the same...then it is called too much...We have got to save millions, many millions. I do not know whether it is a question of one third...half...or a quarter (indeed, one third of world Jewry would be eliminated within just a few years of his remarks)."

"I have the profoundest feeling for the Arab case, in so far as that case is not exaggerated...I have also shown to you...that...there is no question of ousting the Arabs. On the contrary, the idea is that Palestine on both sides of the Jordan should hold the Arabs...and...Jews. What I do not deny is that in that process the Arabs of Palestine will become...a minority...What I do deny is that that is a hardship."

"It is not a hardship on any race, any nation possessing so many National States now and so many more National States in the future. One fraction, one branch...and not a big one, will have to live in someone else's State: Well, that is the case with with all the mightiest nations of the world...That is only normal and there is no "hardship" attached to that. So when we hear the Arab claim confronted with the Jewish claim, I fully understand that any minority would prefer to be a majority."

"It is quite understandable that the Arabs...would also prefer Palestine to be the Arab State No. 4, No. 5. or No. 6...but when the Arab claim is confronted with our Jewish demand to be saved, it is like the claims of appetite versus...starvation." The presenter of this evidence was Ze'ev Vladimir Jabotinsky. And, as can be seen above, unlike too many other Zionist thinkers, he was a realist regarding what could and what could not be expected in the Jews' relationships with Arabs.

As Jabotinsky correctly forecasted, Arabs made out quite well after the break up of the Turks' four century-old Empire at the end of World War I. To date, they have almost two dozen states. And most of those were conquered and forcibly Arabized from millions of Berbers, Copts, Kurds, Jews, Black Africans, and other non-Arab peoples. Appetite, indeed, Mr. Jabotinsky...and at everyone else's expense.

Arabs declared the region to be purely Arab patrimony, frequently outlawed others' languages and cultures, and killed anyone who stood in their way...millions to date.

In failing repeated attempts to destroy militarily the sole, miniscule state the Jews managed to get as a refuge, the Arabs next turned to another ploy. In the quest to defeat Israel on the battlefield of ideas, the Arabs virtually transformed themselves into the new stateless Jews. In a like manner, Israel's attempts to survive and suppress repeated acts of terrorism and Arab assaults on its life were also twisted to be equated with the Nazis' treatment of the Jews. Arabs became the new David to Israel's Goliath, despite the fact that there are some 300 million of them on over six million square miles of territory and there are five million Israeli Jews in a state that one practically needs a magnifying glass to locate on a map of the world.

Along these lines, there are those who make the argument, "if Jews can have a state, why not Palestinians?" For some, this is simply ignorance. But for too many others—academics included—it represents something far worse, for they know better.

While I won't get into argument over whether a distinct Palestinian Arab nationalism exists today, it certainly did not exist before the rise of modern political Zionism a little over a century ago. In fact, the former arose specifically to negate the latter. There are volumes of evidence to support this. Virtually all the writings of politically conscious Arabs on the eve of the collapse of the Ottoman Turkish Empire spoke of a greater Syrian Arab or Pan Arab identity. And there never was an Arab country, state, or nation of "Palestine." Indeed, the "Palestinians" were the Jews.

As in Jabotinsky's day, now, and before, this conflict has never been about Jews wanting to deny Arabs their just rights. On the contrary, it's always been about Arabs not allowing any one else—be they Kurds, Jews, Berbers, Black African Sudanese, or others—even a tiny sliver of the those very same rights they so fervently demand for themselves.

In the war of ideas, the Arabs realized that the very identity of the conflict would have to undergo a change. In their attempt to create their 22nd 23rd state—on the ashes of Israel, not along side of it—Arabs came to realize that it would make better press and public relations to speak in terms of creating a state for "stateless Palestinians" rather than calling for the creation of a yet an additional Arab state at the expense of the one of the Jews.

Hocus pocus: Arabs, with some two dozen states, would next be transformed into the likes of previously starving, stateless Jews.
Listen to Zuheir Mohsein, official with the PLO's military wing and Executive Council, in his interview with the Dutch newspaper, Trouw, on 3/31/77, and see how he explained this strategy:
"There are no differences between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians, etc...It is only for political reasons that we now carefully underline Palestinian identity....this serves only a tactical purpose...a new tool in the continuing battle against Israel." Despite the passage of time, these basic truths do not change.

The Arab-Jewish (or Arab-Kurdish, Arab-Berber, Arab-Black African Sudanese, and so forth) conflict is still all about Jabotinsky's appetite versus starvation...a conquering, subjugating appetite on the part of the Arabs to deny any one else their own share of justice in the region.

By rejecting repeated compromises over the 20% of the Mandate of Palestine left after they had already received the lion's share of it in 1922 with the creation of purely Arab Transjordan (some 80% of the whole), the Arabs created the impasse we are still living with today. They invaded a reborn Israel in 1948 in an attempt to nip it in the bud...thereby creating two refugee crises in the process: Arabs who fled Israel and a like number of Jews who fled "Arab "/ Muslim lands. But, unlike the Arabs, the Jews didn't have other multiple states of their own to potentially choose from.

What's even more depressing is that, in many crucial ways, nothing has really changed for well over a half century, as a look at Arab websites, textbooks, maps, and such illustrates. Israel simply does not exist. And the most that will be offered to it will be a temporary respite, a hudna, like that the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad, allowed his enemies until he could muster the strength to deal them the final blow...Arafat's so-called "Peace of the Quraysh." Even the Arabs' own moderates have admitted to this, calling any and all such moves for "peace" a Trojan Horse.

Once again...the basic truths of this struggle do not change. They are eternal. And the Arab-Jewish conflict is still all about appetite versus starvation.

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Obama and Hamas . . . and israel

The Wizard of Oz or, the Man behind the Curtain… aka Obama
By Arlene Peck

After living in Marina del Rey, California, and being in the film industry for the past twenty years, I've accepted living in La La Land… better known as the Land of Oz. However I don't know how much more I can handle the Obama worship. They wanted "change" and we are getting it! Our founders would drop dead all over again if they saw how Obama has already turned America into a Socialist nation.

Everything is changing, yet, too much is staying the same. I know that we, as a nation, have "dumbed down" considerably over the past few years. However, it wasn't so long ago that you should have forgotten the campaign promises of Candidate Obama.

Remember the teleprompter speeches where he, as a candidate, said, "I don't tolerate earmarks!! If necessary, when bills that have them are placed on my desk I will go over each and every one of them, if necessary line by line"!

Yeah, right. Until he had a bill that he wanted passed, and the Messiah conveniently forgets to note the almost 9,000 pork bills that he wanted passed for an additional trillion dollars. We're at almost ten trillion or, is that zillion, and climbing. I don't know how you feel about his financial "leadership" but it scares the hell out of me.

I tried; but, I can't wait until the first hundred days to mention how minute by minute, we're sinking into the abyss of socialism with the new government's idea "change." Change? We got it, alright. And now, I've just about lost hope.

Did I mention that Obama was the second largest recipient of the AIG "donations?" He almost made #1 on that list of AIG largesse with $101,332; but, Sen. Chris Dodd won that "lottery" and came in first at $103,332. Gee, has anyone asked him to "donate" that back to "the people?" I don't remember even hearing about it much.

But, truth be told, that is only a drop in the bucket of my concerns. Do any of you remember any discussions of AIG's promotion of Sharia (Islamic law) in its Takaful division? That, for you novices like me, is the Sharia-compliant insurance section of AIG. For you doubters out there who think I'm on another hate speech rampage, why don't you go to the AIG Takaful web site where they gleefully tell you it, "Avoids prohibited elements in accordance with Sharia law." Also, "We do not invest in anything that is haram (prohibited under Sharia). We do not borrow, lend or enter into any financial transaction that is not Islamic."

So, now the American taxpayer is directly funding sectarian Islamic religious activities. Don't believe me? Go check out a lawsuit being conducted by the Thomas Moore Law Center against the government. Or, Google either one of the only two elected officials, Representative Myrick, R NC, or Frank Wolf, R-VA, who have publicly come out against the US government's AIG Sharia-bailout.

Hmm, I wonder if Messiah Obama knew of the Islamic ties when he collected his money. Even if he didn't, do you think his involvement right? Now that I think of it, the man who swore he'd never consider using lobbyist and now has an administration full of them. He even hired as Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, who before his job for Obama earned at least $320,000 in a 14-month stint on the board of mortgage giant, Freddie Mac. Gee, I wonder if he's going to receive a multi-million dollar severance from them. I'll bet, though, you never even knew that … did you?

Amazing that in such a short period of time, his administration has been able to carefully construct a series of conditions in which he is the head honcho of manipulation. Obama is working non-stop and, as a result, we are now a socialist nation. A once democratic nation now has a new agenda under which everything will continue to be controlled by massive government bureaucracy.

Truthfully folks, can you name me one area where government has been the solution of anything? As President Regan once said, "government is never the solution... it is the problem!"

How can we trust that the people who got us into this mess in the first place will now get us out? We are creating a culture which contrary to the American spirit.

Remember when he said, before the election, that he intends to spread the wealth? And, Obama announced himself as a "citizen of the world." Well, folks, I am having a lot of difficulty with that concept. You see, I grew up as a citizen of the USA. My parents were charitable and gave to good causes. But, they were old fashioned enough to believe with hard work and education anyone could become successful. I was taught those same ethics and did my best to pass them on to my children.

They did little jobs around the house to earn their allowances. They sold cookies and flower seeds as class projects. My son even went to work for the newspaper and became a "group leader" in high school, which gave him an override on the people they sold subscriptions too! My daughters had the entrepreneurial spirit and started their own "businesses." This, I believe, was the foundation of the success that they've achieved today. Now however, I'm seeing the basic principles that I've tried to live by being destroyed. The new "leadership," or lack thereof, is teaching that individual achievement is a "bad thing;" all they need to do is have trust in the government and everything will be just fine as individual leadership and ambition are crushed.

Obama and company are on a 'fast track' to restructure everything from education and medical care, to interfering with your charitable donations. Soon, it will be the charity that the government deems appropriate;

Recently, I went to the library and checked out the classic "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand. We have become so dumbed down that I'm almost grateful that books such as this and George Orwell's "1984" haven't been banned or burned. Yet. Entire schools of enlightenment have sprung up because of the philosophy we learned from them.

What is so upsetting is that they were written in the 1930's, and we are living everything that was predicted so long ago? Big Brother is now in our lives ... big time. And, folks, I don't like it one bit.

I'm neither a Republican nor a Democrat. I blame both of these inept parties for the mess that we find ourselves in today. What I find astounding is how a full twenty-five percent of these people who are in our House of Representatives, Senate and Executive branch of our government, not only got us into this depression, but have never had a "real job." And, this goes double for our illustrious president.

A moron should be able see that we, as a nation, are on a fast road to financial disaster. The budget that our vacuum of leadership has created is beyond financial irresponsibility, it's criminal! And, because Obama is charming, my neighbors believe him when he praises Timothy Geithner, the same way he once touted Rev. Wright.

When my son was in high school and had his "team," he had to keep records about the progress or lack thereof; he had to keep showing what they were doing. Yet, this body of people went right into politics from college and haven't a clue as to what is needed in the "real world" to earn a living. Yet, these are the people that we, in our stupidity, have turned over our finances and allowed to quadruple debt for future generations, in order to 'bail us out of the disaster that they created in the first place.

What gives Obama the experience to tell the country how and where their savings are going to go? What in his background gives him the knowledge to know what we should be doing to get out of this quagmire of gook that we find ourselves?

Certainly not from his years of working as a county organizer. Or , his close relationship with the dubious organization, "Acorn?" If I had my druthers, I'd feel a lot more comfortable if there were men like Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg, Sam Walton, Steve Forbes, etc., or even, Oprah, giving directions of how we should be handling our finances. These are men and women who actually know how to run businesses and make money. That won't happen because such people are now in the process of being demonized and soon will the enemy as the filthy rich.

And, speaking of that, I find it ironic that so many of my neighbors in the film industry not only supported Obama, but contributed heavily to his campaign. It wasn't so long ago that the "Hollywood crowd" was a "good thing;" but these people were stupid enough to think that the euphoria would continue once their "friend in Washington" got into power. It's amazing how shocked they were, SHOCKED, to have not even been invited to the inauguration.

My goodness, do you think that they are getting a taste of what the big donors from Israel who live out here are also beginning to experience. The truth is emerging that Mr. Obama ain't no friend of Israel. The columns are already beginning to emerge that Israel's leaders are being snubbed by the White House. Frankly, I hope it continues because my gut feeling is that when he does have a minute to devote to his solutions in the Middle East, it's going to be nothing but harmful to the Jewish state.

In fact, one of the first items on Obama's agenda was to give over a billion, with a "B" of our hard earned dollars to support Hamas terrorism under the guise of rebuilding Gaza. The translation to that is that Hamas will take that money and spend it to re-arm itself and build more tunnels in order to complete its stated mission: Israeli genocide.

Friday, May 1, 2009



Mahomet's rejection by Jews as a "Prophet of Israel" led to the Arabian Holocaust
A Review of The Good Holocaust Denial
by Bill Warner

[Text in gray is mine. Text in white is Bill Warner's. lw]

There are two different Korans-an early one written in Mecca and a later one written in Medina. In Mecca, Mohammed claimed to get his Koran from Gabriel, a Jewish angel and portrayed himself in the line of Jewish prophets. Indeed, that was his proof of being a prophet; he was just like the Jews.

When Mohammed arrived in Medina, which was half Jewish, the Jews informed him that he was not a prophet of theirs. The Koran changed its attitude, and Jews became the object of hatred. Indeed, as a measurement of that hatred, 10.6% of the Koran written in Medina is about Jew hatred. Using the concept of the German Holocaust as the reference, it should be noted that 6.8% of Mein Kampf is about Jew hatred. Conclusion: the Koran written in Medina is more filled with Jew hatred than Mein Kampf. Here is one of the more egregious verses:

Koran 2:65 We [Allah] said to them [the Jews], "You will be transformed into despised apes." So We used them as a warning to their people and to the following generations, as well as a lesson for the Allah-fearing.
[in our "politically correct" self-flagellating climate] . . . the Muslim and his ideology of political Islam has to be respected with the silence of deliberate ignorance-denial and justification
[We must recognize that the Mohammedans not only regard the Koran as "sacred," but also . . . ]

The Sunna of Mohammed [that] is found in the Hadith (his traditions) and the Sira (his biography). In the Sira, 5.3% of the Medinan text relates to the destruction of the Jews-assassinations, executions, rapes, torture and exile. Then there are many other pages that are verbal violence against the Jews. If you add the verbal violence to the physical violence, the Medinan Sira is 8.6% Jew hatred. Mein Kampf is 6.8% Jew hatred. Conclusion: the Sira (Mohammed's biography) contains a greater percentage of Jew hatred than Mein Kampf.When we come to the Hadith, we do not have such high percentages of text related to Jew hatred; but here are two examples:

Muslim Book 042, Number 7135 Mohammed: "A tribe of Jews disappeared. I do not know what became of them, but I think they mutated and became rats. Have you noticed that a rat won't drink camel's milk, but it will drink goat's milk?"

Muslim Book 041, Number 6985: Mohammed: The last hour will not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews. The Muslims would kill them, until the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree. The stone or a tree would say: Muslim, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him. The tree Gharqad would not say, for it is the tree of the Jews.

What was the result of all of this hatred? Mohammed killed, enslaved, tortured, exiled, robbed and raped all of the Jews of Medina and then went a hundred miles away and attacked and destroyed the Jews of Khaybar. After he had taken their wealth, tortured the Jewish leader to death, and laid out the jihadic rules of rape for women, he made the Jews of Khaybar a new type of half-human-the dhimmi. The Jews of Khaybar became semi-slaves of Islam. They could keep their Jewish culture in the home and synagogue, but they had to pay a 50% tax and live under Islamic rule without civil rights. Finally, when Mohammed lay on his deathbed, he exiled all Jews and Christians from Arabia. There are Jews still in Germany today, but Arabia is Judenrein and has been for 1400 years.

And what do Jews, Jewish leaders and Jewish organizations say about the Arabian Holocaust? They deny it absolutely and categorically. They even deny that the subject of the Arabian Holocaust even exists.

Examine the case of the survival of Israel. Since so many liberal Jews deny the existence of the Arabian Holocaust and the Islamic Jew doctrine, they are incapable of answering the question: Who is the enemy of Israel? Jews cannot connect the dots from Mumbai to Israel and how Kashmir and Israel are the same struggle.

The Jews and Israel are losing the propaganda war. Modern wars are won in the propaganda arena, not with guns and bombs. It is the media that determines who is the victor, not the dead body counts. This started in Vietnam and has been true ever since.

Islam knows how to fight a propaganda war. The Holocaust has become the propaganda tool of victory in the hands of Islam. Islam mocks the Holocaust and turns it on Israel, saying that Israel is the Nazi state.

The Muslims of Gaza know that their war is an extension of the Arabian Holocaust and refer to it in their propaganda. Mohammed's destruction of the Jews is their ideal and goal. They see Israel as Khaybar. They know that one day the Jews of Israel will be their dhimmi servants again and so they chant: Khaybar, Khaybar. Oh, you Jews! The army of Mohammed is here for you.

Since Jews refuse to recognize their enemy, Islam, they can never defeat them. When given the choice of acknowledging the Arabian Holocaust (and the Jew hatred doctrine) and saving Israel, far too many Jews choose denial. Jewish/Israeli propaganda is weak and only operates in the defensive mode. They do not have an offensive propaganda campaign, because they do not have a doctrine to base it on, nor are they clear on who the real enemy is.The Islamic propaganda war will destroy Israel's allies in Europe and the US. When American support of Israel goes, there goes Israel.

READ ON ! (at . . .about how many American Jews--prominent ones at that--are dhimmis (half-humans to Moslems) and apologists for Islam . . . AND how . . .

The ACLU [and its Jews] is CAIR's (Council on American-Islamic Relations, a Hamas front) best friend.

Also, you owe it to yourelf as a Jew, to learn how CAIR* promotes the Islamic agenda of Mohammed's Jew-Hatred

Consider how Jews play into the hands of Moslem propaganda when . . .

Rabbis love to bring in the Somali warlord immigrant or the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood member to the synagogue to tell the Jews about the real Islam. So too many Jewish intellectuals bring harm both to Israel and America because of their deliberate ignorance about both the doctrine and history of political Islam.

One more bit by the incomparable Bill Warner at before I turn you loose to read the whole thing:

Again, we have a parallel between the Christian and the Jew. The majority of Christians cannot name the enemy of Christianity and Jews cannot identify the enemy of Judaism and Israel.

--Bill Warner


READ THE ENTIRE THING AT The Good Holocaust Denial
by Bill Warner

[NOTE: for a possible solution to the rabid and murderous Jew-hatred of the Mohammedans, see SOLUTION No. 5
at Sultan Knish's Winning the War on Terror
at ]

*If you Care how CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) promotes Jew-hatred in America in the name of Islam, you can find out a bit about this organization via
In the Old West, When the Government Failed to Protect the Good Citizens . . .
. . . there was always a Preacher-man to read from the Good Book . . .

Not at the first part of the post--that's just a bit of Americana--but at the afterthought there, that has no connection to the first part, the nostalgia about America's Old West.

Links about CAIR and how "we won't be fooled again" will start you on an information trail that may save your life and that of Jews in America, in Israel, and all over the world!

How to Resist and Win Against Islam Without Being Duped and Used by Antisemites

The problem is that only groups that resist the Islamization of their countries are nativists* that also look upon Jews as a foreign element. Allthough anti-Islam cannot be called "racist"--as we all know Islam has enveloped all races--it readily lends itself to be viewed as being against one "religion." We all know that Islam is much more than a mere religion (it has a major political and a social component), but being opposed to Islam echoes the Jew-hatred of the Nazis.

Even though anti-Islamic groups may have Jews as members and be in support of Israel, this is construed by their multiculturalist Leftist opponents as mere "eye wash" to divert attention from their "racism."

The target of these "nativist" groups are the Islamics who are taking over their native countries. Vocal Islamic groups and individuals--many of the latter in the governments of the host countries--call any group opposing them "racist" and "Nazis." With glee, they watch while the host countries' Leftists also brand the nativists as "racist" and "Nazis."

The so-called "Palestinians" and the entire Islamic world supporting them call the Israelis "Nazis." It is a label easily bandied about.

Those who oppose their countries being taken over by Islamics are left with the choice of either supporting the only anti-Islamic elements--the nativists--or eventually living under Islamic law.

This offers a choice between two equally unpleasant alternatives, that is, a dilemma, or two lines of reasoning that lead to the same unpleasant conclusion (from

Of course, if you absolutely will not consider allying with the "nativists," you can look at the the only other option being offered: eventually living under Islamic law. You may refuse to take that option. In that case, you will have to find a refuge in what remains of the non-Islamic world, submit to Islam, convert to islam, or leave this mortal coil by your own hand or at that of your conquerors (from

Is there a third alternative? Yes, if a mainstream movement resisting Islamization, separate from the "nativists," were to arise in countries being innundated with Mohammedans.

Such a third force, if in sufficient numbers, could halt the drive of the Leftist multiculturalists to allow special rights and privileges for the followers of Islam, and reverse the inflow of "asylum seekers" and other Moslem immigrants.

The people attracted to this third force would be those who want to preserve freedom of thought and action and independence from a foreign ideology.

Subsequent actions to return the governance of countries to their pre-Islamic populations will have to be considered. Prior to any other actions, the Islamic assault on the West will have to be halted. Islamic populations will have the choice of being assimilated, integrated, or expelled.

Assimilation--becoming like all other citizens with only a difference in spiritual belief is not likely.

Integration--living peacefully as a group apart from other citizens, without interference with them is also unlikely, as long as Saudi-financed and other jihadist influences are allowed to flourish.

This leaves expulsion, a delicate subject as it skirts the early Nazi idea of expelling all Jews from where it reigned. At that time, as not many countries accepted Jewish refugees, this turned into the Nazis systematically killing the Jews in their territories.

Expulsion can be accomplished, however, by reversing the flow of Islamic immigration that has taken place over the past decades. How? By removing the benefits that attracted hordes of immigrants in the first place and offering an attractive alternative.
*nativism - in the historical context, this means the favoring of the interests of long-standing inhabitants of an area over those of newcomers....