Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Mental Impairment* of Israel's Leadership

. . . not only have they settled for the Islamic hudna, the ceasefire designed to rebuild Moslem defences,

but now they made another move that shows they are truly insane

IDF Spokesman: IDF to allow attacks against Israeli civilians but not Israeli soldiers

. . . in light of the ceasefire, IDF forces operating inside the Gaza Strip face stricter rules of engagement.

He gave as an example of the stricter rules that the IDF did not strike a rocket launcher positioned between two schools that fired rockets towards Israel.

The news anchor declined to ask Benayahu why the IDF saw it fit to allow rocket attacks against Israeli civilians when human shields might be hurt but did not apply the same restriction when it came to the defense of IDF forces.

Read the whole sad mess at
IDF Spokesman: IDF to allow attacks against Israeli civilians but not Israeli soldiers


Prime Minister Ehud Olmert made the following remarks:

"At 02:00 this morning, IDF forces ceased firing in the Gaza Strip, by order
of the political echelon. . . . The decision leaves Israel with the
freedom to respond and resume firing if our enemies, the various terrorist
organizations in the Gaza Strip, continue their attacks.

This morning, some of them have continued shooting and have thereby proved what we warned of in advance - the ceasefire is fragile and must be reconsidered minute by
minute, hour after hour.

AP - Israeli troops, some smiling and dancing, began to withdraw from Gaza Sunday after their government and Hamas militants declared an end to a three-week war. But neither side achieved long-term goals and the burden of consolidating the fragile calm fell to world leaders.

The bad news for Israel: press releases, photo ops and all the wishful thinking in the world isn't going to stop the flow of weapons from Egypt to Gaza.
*damage: the occurrence of a change for the worse -

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