Saturday, January 3, 2009

How to deal with Jihadis: Israel shows the way

Dhimmi Indians condemn.

from Shadow Warrior
A Hindu Nationalist Perspective

The Israeli model of dealing with Jihadi terrorists is a robust and logical one. Way to go, Israeli brothers - do not stop until you pound the Hamas terrorists to pulp - and ignore any protestations by suicidal Indian dhimmis Far from emulating this eminently practical strategy - with respect to Jihadi terrorists in South Asia, the Dhimmi UPA government in India has condemned the punitive action against Hamas with alacrity.

The imbecile "Foreign minister" (sic) Pranab Mukherjee has been bleating loudly about how "Islam is a religion of Peace", how "Islam is being unfairly equated with terrorism" and how "Islamic terrorism is an imaginary Western construct". With morons like these at the helm, does India stand any chance of defeating terror? Indeed, do the Jihadis really need to exert themselves so much in order to bring down the rotten edifice of the SECULAR STALINIST Indian state?

Not to be left behind in prostituting the nation to Islamism, Samuel Reddy of Andhra Pradesh apparently "welcomed" the newly inaugurated U.S Consulate in Hyderabad by organising a protest demonstration by 1000 local Mohammedan sympathisers of Hamas.

Israel should reciprocate by withdrawing security to Samuel Reddy's state subsidised Indian Christist Hajis going on their "pilgrimage" (sic) and delegate that job to Hamas and Hizbollah.The latest "SECULAR" entity to indulge in breast beating about Israeli "State terrorism" against "innocent" Hamas is that shrill pseudo-liberal banshee, Brinda Karat - calling on the Dhimmi UPA regime to sever diplomatic relations with Israel.

"Our independent foreign policy is under threat and West Asia wants India to condemn these attacks," she added.

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How to deal with Jihadis: Israel shows the way. Dhimmi Indians condemn

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