Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Meet Me Behind The Playground After School

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January 6, 2009 by Lawrence of Bessarabia

Remember your elementary school playground/school yard?
Not one of these was complete without the requisite bully. Along with the bully comes the robotron teacher/playground monitor.

Invariably the bully taunts some kid because of perceived weakness. The taunted kid in most cases takes the abuse, out of fear of further punishment or because they have been told by parents and teachers that hitting back is wrong, or that if the bully is ignored, the abuse will stop.

We all know that this is a fallacy. The bully will either be emboldened by a lack of response or frustrated that he is not causing sufficient anguish in his victim and take the abuse to a higher level.

Ultimately the bully initiates action on an inappropriate target who will not suffer these indignities and get the shit kicked out of him.

Enter the dolt with cabbage for brains, who has been oblivious to the comings and goings of interpersonal dynamics in the school yard world.

Deaf, dumb and blind to the savagery of the bully and the torment of his victims, the playground monitor suddenly becomes the purveyor of justice and its dispensation only when roused from his/her stupor by the whines and cries of the offended bully.

Suddenly this petite bureaucrat develops the eyes of an eagle just as the victim turns the tables on his tormentor, whose brutality had always been missing from his/her field of sight.

Now the kid who has been beaten repeatedly, with no one in his corner, is now labeled the aggressor and is on his way to the principal’s office so the parents can be notified.

This happens in countless school yards and buses throughout the world on a daily basis.
Many of you reading this have encountered it personally either as a child, or like me, as a parent.

My phone call came when my son was in first grade. Unbeknown to me he had been bullied by an older kid for the entire previous year. My son was pushed beyond his breaking point and clocked the kid in the smeller.

Any way I digress.

The point is that the UN and the majority of world leaders are no more fit to be in their positions of authority than they are to be playground capos.

Let me break it down for you:

Firing random rockets with the expressed desire to kill and terrorize civilians = bullying on the playground.

No condemnation of such actions by the UN, BBC, CNN, leftwing activist moonbats, etc. = ignoring the actions of the bully

Israeli self defense = getting a bully to understand that it it wrong to perpetuate these acts.
Condemning Israel while ignoring Islamic terrorism or equating it with self defense = blind, stupid, Jew-hating bullshit.

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