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There is No Place in this World for Jews!*

Least of all in Israel!
[Why? Read the Footnote at the end of this post!*]

Just listen to the voices piping up in the despicable UN (Association of Islamic and failed countries)

and see why the "Peace Process" has been going on for for near 70 years


Peace process started in Holocaust

By Obadiah Shoher
January 4, 2009

The world’s attempts at the peace process can only be understood in historical context. On their own, they are unintelligible. Why, indeed, the countries are so concerned with national rights of a three-million-people no-nation? [The self-styled "Palestinians." ed. lw] The West doesn’t support independence for hundreds of liberation movements worldwide even when they clearly involve historically, linguistically, and genetically distinguishable nations. Nor is the West overly concerned with one country taking another’s land: the paragon of democracy had itself annexed a third of Mexico; Russia, Poland, Czechoslovakia, and France annexed core German lands. Nor is anyone really concerned about suppressing minorities, especially when they are hostile: there is no need to appeal to the well-known example of Russia and Chechens when France legalized Breton names only a few years ago. It’s also hard to see how is the West concerned with religious freedom in the places like Saudi Arabia.

Perhaps Israel is pushed to inessential concessions only? On the contrary, the Road Map plan demands us ceding the Temple Mount, Jerusalem, and Judea. If there are Jewish territories on earth, those are the ones. It’s a sort of Russia abandoning Kremlin or America selling the White House.

Maybe some painful concessions are historically normal? Not for victors. There is not a single instance in the world history when an attacked country won the war, conquered the land from its enemy, and then relinquished it out of goodwill. Israel was attacked half a dozen times in six decades; taking over the enemy’s land is a historically standard retribution.

Is there any benefit for Israel in agreeing to the concessions, however bizarre? No, they are clearly suicidal. No state can possibly exist in eight-mile-wide borders, let alone a state besieged by three hundred million enemies.

International attitude to Israel is clarified by the auxiliary demands. Israel has to fight nicely, send her children into urban combat, and even there somehow inquire of the terrorist affiliation before shooting. Israel has to be liberal – that is, abandon Judaism which demands strict morality. Israel has to open herself to foreign influence, thus forgoing uniquely Jewish lifestyle. Israel has to be democratic: in plain English, allow Arab voters to subvert the Jewish state. Israel has to be tolerant to minorities and accept Arabs as one third of her population. What remains of the Jewish state when all those ultimatums are implemented?

Look further. The US, our closest ally, bans our attack on Iran which will get nuclear weapons the next year. The US Administration is therefore okay with nuclear Iran which wants to wipe Israel off the map. This is not an isolated event: America condemned Israel for bombing the Iraqi nuclear reactor. In 1967, the outlook was apocalyptic, Jews digged tens of thousands of graves and prepared for total annihilation, but the US barred us from preempting; likewise in 1973. Two years after Holocaust, the United Stated and Britain did not give their UN votes for establishing Jewish state. When the state was established nonetheless, they embargoed weapons sales.

Polls indicate moderate anti-Semitism in America up to 1937, around 15%. In the terms of today’s polls, those were hardcore anti-Semites, with about twice that many latent Jew-haters. Not surprisingly, then, that polls indicate a sharp rise of American anti-Semitism in 1939-41 when papers delivered the news of anti-Semitic repressions in Germany and Austria. Common Americans saw that anti-Semitism is actionable and socially acceptable. During the war, polls steadily placed Jews as the most disliked group in America well ahead of its German and Japanese citizens.

In 1944, Germans came up with an offer to release up to one million Jews; the Allies refused to negotiate. When Jewish organizations scrambled to collect the necessary amount, the Allies informed them that the borders would remain shut. The Jews were sent to Auschwitz.

During the Holocaust, America, Britain, and Russia conducted daily radio broadcasts on occupied territories. Millions of people listened to every word. Not a single time had the broadcasters warned the Jews to flee or told about the massacres. Stalin knew about the extermination from day one, Roosevelt and Churchill – at least from January 1942, probably earlier. Their intelligence intercepted German radio transmissions with exact numbers of murdered Jews, but they did not warn the Jews to flee. So when the Jews boarded the trains to Auschwitz, the name meant nothing to them.

Before the war, when Germans and Austrians repressed the Jews atrociously, Britain concurred with exactly similar measures: just like Germany and Austria, Britain forbade Jews to buy land – in the Jewish national home, entrusted to Britain by the League of Nations. The 1939 White Paper formally reneged on the Balfour declaration and the Mandate’s terms, limited Jewish immigration to a trickle, subject to Arab approval, and blocked Jews from the only place in the world they could escape to.

The free world gathered at the Evian conference to find a place for Jewish refugees. At the time, immigration to the US ran well below the legally established quota; even without moral considerations, the law allowed about 100,000 more immigrants per year. The US and Britain announced they would not admit any refugees, a euphemism for Jewish undesirables. The Britain reneged on its obligation to establish Jewish national home in Palestine just when it was most needed, and curtailed immigration into our own land; a laughable explanation was that the Arabs were upset about the coming Jews – as if the Britain cared in the least about opinions of Palestinian peasants. There was no place for Jews in other parts of the globe-spanning British empire, too. Other countries happily followed the suit. The Germans got the message: their opponents don’t want the Jews anywhere.

The Holocaust was a four-headed beast: America, Britain, and Russia played their parts.

The peace process is just another means of Holocaust.


Article from Obadiah Shoher's Samson Blinded:
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NOTE: Caveat! I (Leslie White, interlocutor of this blog) do not agree at every turn with Obadiah Shoher's opinions nor religious philosophy. Although I leave it to you to make up your own mind as to what you accept as reasonable and with what you would agree, I try to reproduce here what I view as rational and fitting my own worldview (Weltanschauung). You of course are free to make up your own mind and disagree. If you read the Comments following Obadiah Shoher's articles at the original source, you will find that opinions do vary. Neither I nor Obadiah Shoher are the final word on how things are and how they should be--with Jews. As far as Islam and its proponents' goal to dominate the world is concerned, I do not waver from my views expressed here and in the other blogs of the Islamic Danger family.

Excerpt from
Voting for a Holocaust

The Muslim statements, intentions, and ideology are clear: in the long term, they won’t accept a Jewish state in the Middle East. The targets for North Korea, Pakistan, and Iran’s nuclear bombs are clear: Tel Aviv, Haifa, and Ashdod. The disloyalty – or rather nationalism – of Israeli Arabs is clear: in a crisis, enough of them will come up to kill Jews. That Israeli government commits treason on every turn, from giving Muslims the Temple Mount to sending humanitarian aid to Gazan Arabs is beyond doubt. The sour fruits of the peace process with determined enemy are no secret: more than 7,000 Jewish casualties. The map of the Roadmap plan is there on the Internet to see: creating a Palestinian state leaves Israel a 9-mile wide country most of whose territory is Negev desert. Arrogant Israeli Jews disparage the Holocaust victims for sheepishly accepting their deaths; Israelis, for their part, accept the lethal prospects as donkeys. Sheep accept their fate; donkeys ignore it.

It was for a reason that Plato has only awarded voting rights in his utopian state to military aristocracy. The rights belong to those ready to fight for them. Fictional democracy allows brainwashed donkeys to elect a government that kills them on the altar of peace process. The Holocaust generation of Jews, at least, did not elect its executioners.

The foregoing is an excerpt from
Voting for a Holocaust

and following is a link to another current topic of interest:

Searching for exit from Gaza

*unless they (Jews) establish it with arms and blood. No one will do it for them. Jews earned the right to own Israel--not by being victims, enduring the Holocaust--but by fighting for the land. Warfare to keep the land must be swift and merciless. No hudnas--the slimy Moslem ceasefires that benefit only the Mohammedans, letting them regroup--as practiced by the accursed progenitor of this ideology of evil. The choice is arguing as to what is moral, traipsing along an high road (not the accursed "Roadmap" imposed by the nations), or surviving. No one will laud dead Jews as upholders of an impossible and self-imposed "morality" that consists of sacrificing Jewish soldiers and civilians to save the lives of enemy Arabs of all ages and sexes--all determined to exterminate every Jew--man, woman, and child, including those still in the bellies of their mothers.

EXAMPLE from this gem of moral superiority:

4 Jan 2009
Israel continues to ensure that the civilian population in the Gaza Strip receives food, medicines and other humanitarian necessities, even as Hamas and other terrorist groups launch dozens of missiles daily at Israeli communities.
Whole story at

What is Israel trying to do here? Show the world how humanitarian and moral it is?

Does one fight a war and supply one's enemies with the necessities of life at the same time?

The entire population of Gaza is yearning to kill Jews. Sustaining it only strengthens this determination.

See this flash video

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