Friday, January 9, 2009

Stop Complaining About “Double Standards”

Paul Eidelberg

It is futile complaining about the media or about various nations using double standards in their negative portrayal of Israel vis-à-vis Hamas terrorists. Such complaints will have no effect on the Jew-hatred evident in Israel’s detractors. Besides, such complaints are self-demeaning when uttered by Jews. Let me suggest another approach via Friedrich Nietzsche.

In The Dawn of Day, Nietzsche exalts like no other gentile, "The People of Israel." Here is a very small sample:

In Europe they have gone through a school of eighteen centuries, such as no other nation can boast of … In consequence whereof the resourcefulness in soul and intellect of our modern Jews is extraordinary… their heroism in the spernere se sperni [despising their despisers] surpass the virtues of all the saints.

The attitude Israel must develop when maligned by the media or by the spokesmen of any nation is to despise Israel’s despisers, indeed, to regard them as beneath contempt. Do not seek the approval of the “goyim.” Israel is at war. Just do: devastate, defeat, and disarm the enemy by swift, awesome, and uninterrupted attacks. This is the teaching of the classics on war.

Those who denigrate Israel vis-à-vis Hamas—a terrorist organization that uses women and children as human shields—are primitive or uncivilized human beings who adorn their barbarism in the aura of a religion that rejects the idea of human rights.

If other people do not see this, they are not misinformed: they are sick, pathological human beings, and it’s not your business to enlighten and heal them. You are soldiers, not academics or priests or social workers.

To Israel’s political echelon I say: The liberal-left thinks that the use of might in defense of right is morally suspect. The liberal-left is suffering from a mental disorder. Don’t waste your time trying to win them over.

Normal people love a winner, and they are not overly concerned about how you win. So go ahead and win: win as big as you can, and forget about your public image. Stop all thus drivel about being humanitarians. Don’t worry about UN condemnations or even about sanctions. As I have elsewhere shown, there are big corporations in the USA that sell tens of billions of dollars worth of military hardware to Arab states—thanks to Israel.

Israel has enormous power. But if Israel’s government thinks small and acts small, then Israel will be treated like a banana republic.

So stop complaining about double standards. Make winning your standard, and despise those who favor the losers.

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