Monday, November 17, 2008

Three Philosphers and "The Pianist" (The Life of a Jew in the Holocaust)

THE PIANIST: The Life of a Jew in the Holocaust

by stormyfebruary

Admittedly, the film The Pianist really caught me by surprise. While I am currently enrolled in an Introduction to Global Society course and have previously studied the events of World War II in full detail, nothing could have prepared me for the brutal, cruel, bloody picture this film portrayed. In relation to this, I found a number of philosophers’ thoughts and ideas relevant to some of the scenes that still remain vividly in my mind.

First, Martin Buber’s philosophy of the self and the other is described in terms of the I-Thou relationship and the I-It relationship. Whereas the I-Thou relationship recognizes the other as a being in relation to the self, the I-It relationship is the opposite. The self views the other as a mere object, and not as a fellow subject, one that has the sole purpose of merely serving his interests.

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