Monday, November 17, 2008

The Obama Crackdown on the Jewish Media Begins

from Sultan Knish

. . . the Jewish community's influence in American politics is an obstacle for Obama. The Obama junta's approach to dealing with that, has been to maintain the illusion of a Jewish consensus backed by the widely circulated phony high 70's figure of Jewish votes for Obama. This is being followed by a quiet campaign of intimidation intended to silence anyone who isn't on board. Dissidents will be branded as "racists" with stories already running on this theme and numerous more set to go.

The way is being cleared for Obama to take power and begin the destruction of Israel. Silence only serves his agenda. Blogs have an independence that the print media does not have. We don't have advertisers that we answer to or community organizations whose cooperation we need. We are not owned by families with vested business interests. We can speak out and join our voices together against the growing night.

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