Saturday, November 8, 2008

Durban II: The UN’s Racist Jamboree

Durban II: The UN’s Racist Jamboree

Family Security Matters, NJ
November 07 2008
By Rael Jean Isaac

The UN’s Durban Review Conference, scheduled for April 2009 in Geneva (widely referred to as Durban II) shapes up to be even more disgraceful than Durban I, the notorious anti-racism conference held in that South African city in 2001. Durban I exemplified what it was supposed to combat, turning into an orgy of hatred against Israel (with considerable venom against the United States thrown in).

Then Secretary of State Colin Powell, to his credit, withdrew the U.S. delegation, telling the UN organizers that you don’t combat racism by singling “out only one country in the world – Israel – for censure and abuse.” In a fitting irony, the conference, which concluded by identifying Israel alone as a state sponsor of racism, ended three days before 9/11. »-->

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