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Debbie Schlussel on the Mumbai Massacre at Chabad House

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"They're All Gone": Where Have We Heard That Before? Mumbai 2008 is Munich 1972 for Murdered Jewish Hostages
Debbie Schlussel

[Here are a few excerpts to make you want to read the entire sad tale that been told too many times before: Jews being killed for no other reason than that they are Jews. Debbie fixes the blame for this atrocity on the ideology that drives men to hatred and murder: Islam. No excuses, no taqqiya*, no explanation that Islam itself is not bad, but only the few that do not follow the "true" Islam, will change that.**]

Just like in Munich in 1972, the Indian government let things go on too long before they made even the first (unsuccessful) attempt to storm the Chabad House. Tragically, the Jewish hostages, targeted and taken only because they were Jews, met the same fate as their co-religionists in Munich. We will never learn. Whether it is the incompetent German police then, or the incompetent Indian ones in the last couple of days, they treat Islam and terrorists with kid gloves. Yes, India is far tougher on Muslims than we are. But still not enough.

While India was tougher than anyone against Somalian Islamic terrorists a/k/a "pirates", the country was meek on its own soil. It's disappointing that a country headed by a Sikh--who must surely have learned something from decades of Muslim attacks on Sikhs (and Hindus)--does not crack down sufficiently on his country's Muslim population. At one time, Islam was a much smaller percentage of the Indian populus. Now, it is 10-15 percent and growing--so it matters not whether or not these terrorists were homegrown or snuck in from Pakistan. India has its fair share of Islamic terrorism supporters, such that tennis player Sania Mirza canceled her doubles partnership with Israeli Shahar Pe'er, lest she offend Muslims by playing alongside a Jew.

And now, it may be too late to crack down on Islam in India. But surely, there should have been swift stormtrooping on the Jewish center. Yes, some may have died. But now, all of them have been murdered.

Just like in Munich.

The Munich Olympians and the Mumbai Chabadniks had little in commmon. Most of the Israeli athletes were secular Jews. The Mumbai hostages were devout Jews. But that didn't matter to the Muslim one-drop rule. They were all Jews. And therefore, they were deemed less than human and slaughtered at the hands of Islamic murderers.

And by the same token, it makes no difference whether or not the Mumbai terrorist were from Al-Qaeda.
The Bible was so right when it said, in Genesis, that Ishmael (and his descendants) would be wild asses of men and live lives of "manlike wilding." They continue to show us on a daily basis their wild savagery against innocents around the world.

And yet, the organized Jewish community continues to embrace these people and speak of them as a "religion of peace" and about how "hijackers hijacked the religion." I suppose now, we are supposed to say that "hostage takers and murderers took hostage-took and murdered the religion."
May G-d give us strength to finally recognize that our enemy is Islam. And that it will never give us peace. Only take it away, along with our lives, like it did to Jewish hostages in Mumbai in 2008 and in Munich in 1972 and at many other times and occasions before and in between those dates.

And it will continue to do so, until we stop it.

We've come full circle from the Munich Massacre to the Mumbai Massacre, with a lot more to come because we've done nothing in the West to push Islam out.


*taqqiya - lies and dissimulation used by apologists for Islam to explain away the violence and murder carried out in the name of, and justified by the scriptures of Islam.

**May the accursed ideology that calls for the slaughter of innocents disappear from this World FOREVER

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