Saturday, November 8, 2008

Obama and Israel - Comment to "Arab Media on Obama: 'That Black Man Will Not Change US Policy'"

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Come ON! Don't Be Blind!
These are the very same Muslims who were just dancing in the streets about Obama being elected. Why the sudden about-face? BECAUSE the Muslim leaders cannot have their tools (tools being the Muslim people) OPENLY loving Obama. This would be a disaster for Obama! This would bring all kinds of questioning as to Obama's links to extremist Islam, this would cause Obama's followers (maybe) to start having second thoughts.So the status quo must be maintained. The Muslims are liars, and will present whatever face to the world that will further their goal of Jihad and global rule. If they are seen as Obama's enemies, they can continue to get their demands met, just like they have under Bush for 8 years while pretending to be his enemy.It's all bullocks, people. Don't fall for it. Muslims and Obama have the SAME GOALS in mind for Israel and the Jews - EXTERMINATION. Global Jihad.
SarahRachel, Los Angeles (06/11/08)

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