Thursday, October 9, 2008

Are you ready to put a stop to what they have in store for you once more: The Final Solution?

The Path To The Final Solution

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. . . then think before you empower those who would weaken corruptly-governed Israel and give power to the Jew-Haters in America.

Code words? You can bet your life on it! This is not the time to go pussy-footing about so as not to rouse those who hate us no matter what contortions we go through to show them that we are fair, humane, help all regardless whether they wish for our death--and that of our children--or not.

Who are these haters that can turn words into action? Answer: Louis Farrakhan, "Al" Sharpton, the "white-haters" such as the "Rev"Jeremiyah Wright, "Fr" Pfleger whose "white" often is the code word for "Jews," and . . .

Yes, the black Americans that have been turned to hating Jews--regardless of the Jews who sacrificed lives and limbs to bring the vote to these self-same blacks.

What to do about what is poised to unload a whole lot of tsores on Jews once again?

Don't hate back. But also don't be a dupe and support those who want to--and will kill you, once the situation is right.

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