Sunday, October 26, 2008

Thoughts Out Of Season

Paul Eidelberg

The only way to win the war on terror (or on what is called “Islamism”) is to terrorize the terrorists.

To refrain from doing so because Islamic terrorists do not fear death is a strategic error.

There are two ways of making them fear death. One is their witnessing unceasing attacks and annihilation of Islamic terrorists; the other is their witnessing the destruction of the visible symbols of their deity.

Of course, the West is incapable of this kind of offensive warfare. Humanism or liberalism, tolerance and multiculturalism, preclude such ruthlessness. Sending our enemies to paradise is too much for self-righteous liberals or compassionate conservatives. Which is why the former abhorred, while the latter gradually deserted, the Bush Doctrine, by which I mean the following:

● Its forthright recognition of evil, hence its rejection of moral relativism;

● Its rejection of stability as the modus operandi of the State Department’s conduct of international relation;

● Its rolling back Islamic despotism and promoting democracy;

● Its recognition of the futility of diplomacy when dealing with terrorist states;

● Its resort to unilateralism in the face of an impotent and corrupt United Nations;

● Its recognition of the necessity of preemption in a world proliferating in weapons of mass destruction.

The war against Islamic terrorism cannot be won without exposing and overcoming the anti-American Cultural Left entrenched in academia, the courts, the news and entertainment media, and now the Democratic Party.

The virtual impossibility of securing the “home front” against these anti-Americans without statesmanship comparable in greatness to that of Abraham Lincoln. Therefore:

● America is at a historic turning point no less significant than that which Lincoln faced in the presidential election of 1860.

● Since America does not have a Lincoln, it cannot save itself. Which bodes ill for the survival of Western civilization.

● Only one nation can save America, and that is Israel. Which means that Israel would have to begin the unraveling of Islam.

● But Israel also lacks a Lincoln. It, too, is dominated by the Cultural Left.

● Is there a force in Israel that can overcome the Cultural Left? Can such a force be created? If not now, when?

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