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If you doubt that, take a backwards look (a glance will suffice) at when the furthest left turn yet was made: The Bolshevik Revolution and its end result THE SOVIET UNION.

Granted things were not good at all under the czars. Pogroms, cossacks, and the white-hot hatred of the Russians for Jews. But, did the Communist Revolution, the implementation of pure Marxism make it better for the Jews?

Cosmetically it looked good for the Jews--everyone was equal to everyone else, all "workers," all voices raised in a world-shattering choir singing the "Internationale."

The major raison for Jew-hatred--the Christian religion, and the belief that "the Jews" crucified "their"--the Christian's-- Saviour was gone. No more religion, "we're all equal now."

But the Russians still hated the Jews. The Communist government did not like the Jews any better than the Russian people, although there were Jews in it--Jews in ancestry only, to be sure--and when the chance came for Jews to finally leave "the Motherland," they did--in droves (for Israel and the United States).

Communism may be good for the Communist Jews, in the short run. In the long run, the Communist Jews were still considered as Jews, although they may have thought of themselves as "international" or "global," identifiable only with the rest of the proletariat.


Plenty, because the Obama Machine, fronted by the dapperly-suited "Middle-Class appearing" but neither-this-nor-that Barack Hussein Obama, is following the blueprint by the Communist Jews Saul Alinsky (see what happened to the Communist Jews in the Soviet Union, alluded to above).

The Alinsky blueprint--get POWER via the Middle Class--get 'em on your side, then use "em to get the ultimate POWER, the Government of the United States."

Once you got that, with a Democrat Congress and the path cleared for a Left supreme Court, you've got the entire United states to do with as you wish.

Impossible? A looser interpretation of the Constitution, it no longer is iron-clad with Amendments necessary to change an iota of it? Impossible? Don't bet on it.

You can, if you've got a good kop, see where this is leading. The Americans--not the foreign Barack Hussein Obama ideologues, un-American in beliefs--will blame their iron-fettered existence in an a la Hugo-Chavez-in-Venezuela type of quasi (at first) dictatorship of the Left-- President, Congress, and supreme Court--on --You guessed it! The Jews.

The Americans, the people whom Jews should be part of, should, because being part of them is the only way to survive what is coming, will not take kindly to what is coming (what's that? see WHY DOES AN ISLAM-RESISTING BLOG WARN AMERICANS AGAINST OBAMA? )

You see, a Dictatorship (overt or covert or even clandestine) of the Left--viz Chavez in Venezuela, Castro in Cuba, etc.--is never good for the Jews.

Neither is a Dictatorship of the Right--although these in recent history have started with Socialism (Mussolini, Hitler--the only Fascist right from the start being Franco in Spain).

Message to Obama and his ilk should be: "ver tsuzetst!" although I would like it to be, but cannot express because of his position already, the more a propos "ver g---"


[ . . . difficult to decide--against the Obama Machine, when your very being tells you to be a Liberal? Well, who said it should be easy? It is, as it always has been--since even before Moses-shvertz azayan Yid.]


from "The 2008 Election: The Defining Line for American Jews"

(You owe it to yourself to read this entire piece)

The assimilationist agenda of liberal American Jewry has metastasized with each succeeding generation to produce two Jewish Americas, one of committed religious Jews and one that has reduced Jewishness to an ethnic joke in the service of a liberal creed.

A river now flows between us and many of those on the other side of the river are not even Jewish in the ethnic sense and few are religious in any sense. Their belief system is liberalism, their synagogue is the activist's bus, their prayer book was written by Saul Alinsky and their messiah is Barack Hussein Obama.

I have never had much in common with their kind, but today I have nothing in common with them at all, for the commonality of a people must be based on a mutual commitment to that people, and in their list of commitments Jews come worse than last, not simply neglected but sacrificed time and time again on the altar of liberalism.

Whether it is bus bombs going off in Israel or rioting mobs besieging the Jewish community of Crown Heights, time and time again they have stood with the Arafat's and Dinkins', the Sharptons' and Abbas' over their own brothers, which makes them no brothers of mine.

More, much more at

Sultan Knish

Read it and take action


Sean said...

Very thoughtful post. We are so often led to believe that a person like Khalidi is respectable because of his Ivy-League association, when in reality many of these institutions are safe harbors for radicalism and anti-semitism, all in the name of academic freedom. This we cannot accept. We need to know the truth about the LA Times and the Khalidi videotape. To deny us this information is an affront to all supporters of Israel. Please write and ask that they do the right thing and release the tape. We NEED to know who we are voting for.

urbanadder22 said...

Liberal Jews will vote for Obama, even were he to say outright that he will destroy Israel and make it into "Palestine."

See the following Comment from

#1 lizzie | October 27, 2008 11:02 PM
I sent this to a Jewish woman who replied that Khalidi seemed a respectable professor. She wanted an intellectual as president, not a redneck for vice president.
I despair.

So do I when it comes to Jews helping to save the United States, saving themselves or preserving the Jewish state of Israel.