Friday, September 26, 2008

Walking the Razor's Edge - A Requirement for Jews

Obama opened the Race Package*. He is now reaping what he has sown by spreading the seeds contained in that package.

They are ugly plants that grew from them, bearing bitter fruit.

Jews must be careful not to pick these fruit and eat them, for ingesting these fruit will change Jews into something ugly and hateful.

Since the start of the "Nation Of Islam," many black people have become rabid antisemites.

Louis Farrakhan who leads the Nation Of Islam is a rabid antisemite.

There are too many black people who hate Jews. Jews must not hate black people back.

Why not return hate for hate?

Hate consumes the Hater. That goes for white-hot hatred. Ice-cold hate does not consume, but that is also uncalled for as concerns Jews' towards black people.

Black people are not a monolith (neither are Jews as we well know from the Obamaites amongst them).

More important, however, why Jews must not hate black people is because it makes them tumble into the foul nest of the white supremacists . . .

. . . who hate Jews as much as they hate black people. They are Equal Opportunity Haters.

Trying to join them will not only bring rebuffs but torrents of hatred towards Jews of all political persuasions from these white nazis.

Jews are not only facing hatred from the white nazis but also from the multi-colored, multi-ethnic Islamic nazis.

Jews must not join with either. . .

. . . whether Jews shed bitter tears for the so-called "Palestinians" (read Arabs) as many in Israel as well as in the US do . . . or whether they (some Jews) believe that the Obama Leftitst are connected to the Islamic nazis and have as much hatred for Jews (although the Obama inner circle keeps this well hidden) as do the white nazis.

Jews must tread the razor's edge that keeps them from falling into either camp: Islamic Jew-haters or white nazi Jew-haters.
*Obama Derided “Race Mixing” in “Dreams From My Father”
Barack Obama ridiculed a Black classmate for having a Caucasian girlfriend
Obama also brought up that he "doesn't look like the Presidents on the dollar bills" and that he's black. He belonged, until recently, to a white-hating, black supremacists church preached to by Jeremiah Wright.

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