Friday, October 3, 2008

Will Obama's "CHANGE" be good for Jews?

Jews should know that Obama, no matter how engaging his smile, how charming he is when he dons a kippah and places a not-so-secret note into a crack of the Kotel, is not your friend nor a supporter of Israel.

Obama wants POWER, that is all. Born of a failed hippie mother, who never could achieve her dream of changing America to suit her own image (interracial marriage, open-arms to Islam) and an African Moslem father--a philanderer, an alcoholic, and also a failed human being-- he always wanted to be dominant in the White Society he saw as ruling the United States.

Don't you know yet that this Barack Obama will do and say anything to get at that POWER? He will tell Jews that Jerusalem will not be divided, he will tell Arabs that Jerusalem will not be divided (but be all Arab "Palestinian").

If you are a Jew and a Socialist/Marxist/Communist, you will love Obama. If you are a Jew who wants to preserve what you have earned and allow it to grow via prudent investments, you should not love this creature who has learned to be quite a chameleon--when he is with blacks, he is black, when with white, he is white. And why not? He can change his skin at will, can't he, being both black and white.

But a Judeophile he's not. Look at his associations: Jeremiah Wright--antisemitic, Louis Farrakhan (Nation of Islam--very antisemitic), Sharpton (antisemite). The voter base that catapulted him into national politics consisted of the inhabitants of the black communities in Chicago.

Ever since African-Americans gained their civil rights, owing a lot to white Jews, some of who sacrificed their lives to achieve that goal, the black multitude has not been friendly towards Jews. As a matter of fact, African-Americans, as a group, not as individuals, have been hostile to Jews, as goaded on by the "Black Muslims" (Nation of Islam), the Black Panthers," and even the Rev. Jesse Jackson (of Hymietown fame).

Black Americans, incited by the forces touched on above, started to blame Jews for their ancestors' slave status. Many black Americans tried to escape that stigma by converting to Islam--not realizing that, besides African blacks, Arab Mohammedans were the prime slave traders (and still are, viz Sudan).

With a Jew-hating base, abetted by Communist Marxists of all colors and stripes, Obama will not be the "Friend" that American Jews so fervently hope for.

Change may not be good for Jews. It never was nor is.

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