Sunday, October 19, 2008


O once there was a wicked, wicked man, and Ahmadinejad was his name, sir

He wanted to kill all the jews, though they were not to blame sir

O -

[what will happen when he has the wherewithall to incinerate Israel off the map? and how will he go about hunting down and exterminating all the world's remaining Jews?]

NOTE: Any Jew who votes for Obama will be complicit in paving the way for Ahmadinejad to attempt his dream.

Why? Because, worse than Chamberlain with Hitler, Obama legitimizes Ahmadinejad and his Mahdistic dream of cleansing the world of Jews (making it Judenrein)

“Just as we would refuse to sit down and negotiate with Hitler, so we refuse to hobnob with his successor in Tehran, who denies the Holocaust but promises another.”
--Paul Eidelberg: "What McCain-Palin should say to Barack Obama"

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