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Thinking back to Amona

Reminiscent of
Capos, Cossacks, Anti-True-Jews Inauthentic Jews
Were amongst these Israeli Police, Border Police, and IDF, some from the mixed multitude that washed into Israel from the Soviet Union, from Russia?
Wikipedia has this about Amona (named for the biblical Ammonites)

Amona (Hebrew: עמונה) is a communal settlement and Israeli settlement in the central West Bank's southern Samaria region, on a hill overlooking Ofra. Located within the municipal boundaries of the Mateh Binyamin Regional Council, the village was founded in 1997 on a barren hilltop and inhabited by young people from Ofra.

By late 2005 there were some thirty families living in Amona, usually categorized as an outpost since it has never been fully approved by the Israeli government, even though several separate government ministries have contributed to its growth. Its name is derived from the Book of Joshua 18:24, where it is named Kfar HaAmmonai, literally, Village of the Amonites.


In 2005, the Amana settlement organisation completed the construction of nine permanent homes for some of the families. In response to this, the Peace Now movement petitioned the Israeli Supreme Court, demanding that the houses be demolished since they were allegedly built on Palestinian land. The Attorney General’s office then gave the orders to destroy the buildings. At approximately 3:00 AM on February 1, 2006, a petition was successfully filed with the Supreme Court to delay the demolition until a special hearing at around 8:00 AM. The Supreme Court heard the case, requested time to consider the situation, and issued a 2-1 verdict to go ahead and destroy the nine homes.

Ten thousand Israeli Police, Israeli Border Police, and IDF soldiers appeared in Amona to carry out the demolition and to secure the troops involved in the operation. They faced an estimated 4,000 Israeli protesters, one thousand actively protesting inside and around the houses, and another few thousand in the surrounding area. The protesters mostly consisted of youths from across the country, but especially from nearby settlements and schools, some of which had fortified themselves inside the homes and on the roofs in an effort to block, delay, or protest the order being carried out. The violent clashes that ensued surpassed any previous clashes between the security forces of the State of Israel and Jewish civilians, including the 2005 unilateral disengagement from the Gaza Strip and destruction of the Gush Katif settlements.

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Arutz-7's Yishai Fleischer reporting from the scene: "I am seeing youth exercising non-violent civil disobedience by laying down in front of a D-9 tractor which is heading towards the first house to destroy it. I just saw a soldier beating one of the youths who was laying down. He is now bleeding… This is not a joke. Police are now spraying some gas cloud onto the youth on the roofs.

I have never seen this. I don't know what it is. The kids are having difficulty breathing.

Shortly afterwards, Fleischer said, "I just saw Knesset Member Dr. Aryeh Eldad walking around with his arm in a sling. I asked him what happened. He said, 'They broke my arm.'" Dr. Eldad was the former Chief Medical Officer of the IDF.

More scenes from the violent stage of Amona: MK Effie Eitam was run over by a horse, and was seen bleeding heavily from his head.Arutz-7 Radio showhost Ari Abromovitz reported the following live from Amona: "The soldiers came in on horses with clubs swinging indiscriminately. The protestors responded by hurling objects including rocks and bricks from the roofs. I saw a little girl kicked down the mountain. I have never seen anything so violent."Several youth were trampled by police horses.

Eye wittness account @ Amona
I got the following in my [not me, lw, but the signee of this piece] inbox. I know the guy, lives in Melbourne, Australia.

Please read:

> 12th Shevat - Shabbos Parshas BeShalach
> I have been back from Israel for just two days, and many people have
> to me and asked me questions about Amona. I find it quite disturbing how
> many people have taken sides with the media, and justified police
> against the protesters. However, what is more disturbing is how little
> people know about what really happened last week.
> I am in the middle of writing a full account of the events in Amona, but
> won't be ready for a while. In the meantime, I feel a sense of urgency
> shedding some light on the event.
> First let me tell you about Amona.
> Amona is a small village with about 40 residents and is located 30
> north of Jerusalem, in the Binyamin area. It is beautiful, surrounded by
> olive trees and rolling hills. In fact, the hill where HaShem showed
> Avinu all the land he was destined to inherit, is a few kilometres from
> Amona. Amona has a Shul, a Mikveh, a goat farm, two water towers, a
> kindergarten and a children's playground. The people of Amona live in
> caravans and were getting ready to move into their newly built houses,
> now lie in ruins.
> It is important to get the facts straight. I was there. I saw what
> with my own eyes. The media completely twisted the true events of Amona.
> - The whole confrontation could have been avoided - if the police wanted
> to. The police did not have to let all the protesters in to Amona (like
> Gush Katif), nor did they have to say which day they were going to
> the homes. People would not have camped out in Amona for more than a few
> days, the police could have come two weeks later, and destroyed Amona in
> middle of the night. There would have been a small protest that could
> been controlled in a peaceful way.
> - The majority of people who came to Amona were under the age of
> and were not looking for a fight. The days leading up to the clash, were
> full of singing, dancing, learning Torah, simply hanging out and having
> good time. It was more like a festival than a protest.
> - The majority of protesters were sitting inside the houses when the
> arrived, They were unarmed and had no intention of using violence. They
> beaten for no reason, they pleaded for police to stop, but they refused.
> - Contrary to media reports, the violence was not started by the settler
> youth. The first act of violence was by baton-swinging policeman mounted
> horses, charging a crowd of people who were sitting on the ground and
> singing songs. Then, about 2000 police marched through a crowd, batons
> extended, smashing anyone and everyone in their way. They were followed
> another 4000 police, all carrying wooden clubs or metal batons.
> - The Torah demands a person to protect fellow Jews if they are in
danger or
> being abused - even if the abuse is being carried out by a Jew. What
> you do, if you saw your 15 year old daughter or sister, being beaten on
> head with a metal baton? Just stand there? Give the policeman a hug and
> sympathise with him? Or, do anything in your power to stop him?
> - No rocks were brought on the rooftops to throw at police. There were
> cinder blocks that were brought on to the roofs to hold down the
> around the perimeter of the roof. Only after seeing the police
> against young kids, did some people (including myself) break the cinder
> blocks into small pieces and throw them at helmeted policeman, in order
> stop them beating people. In one case we actually caused the police to
> retreat and rethink their strategy.
> - No one anticipated the kind of violence that police used. By the end
> the day, more than 200 protesters were seriously injured, the most
> being 15 year old boy who was beaten on his head, resulting in a coma
from a
> fractured skull.
> - The police did not intend on arresting anyone. They only brought two
> to transport prisoners. Out of 3000 protesters only 40 were arrested.
> intention was to 'teach us a lesson'.
> This protest was not about 9 houses, or Amona, or the entire West Bank
> that matter. We knew, from the day we got there, that we would never be
> to prevent the destruction of the houses. The government would bring in
> 100,000 police if it needed to. That is not why I or anyone else came to
> Amona.
> We came to defend the Land of Israel. We came to make a Kidush HaShem
> I believe we did make). We came to protest against a secular Government
> does not care about the Biblical (Torah) rights of Jewish people to live
> We came to protest Gush Katif, where people hugged and cried with
> earning the temporary sympathy of Israeli society. These people are now
> without schools for their children, they are homeless, jobless, and have
> received zero compensation from the government.
> We came to tell ourselves and the world that we will not remain silent
> do nothing, as our brothers and sisters lives are being ruined, as the
> of Israel is being destroyed and given away for political gain and as a
> victory for terror.
> In Amona I protested and cried many tears. I cried for the Land. I cried
> the wounded children. I cried for the policemen who have forgotten how
> cry. I cried as I watched a young girl defiantly climb to the top of a
> bulldozer - only to be pulled down and beaten by three policemen
> clubs. I cried for the man who spent his entire life savings ($100,000)
> his home, only to see it turn to rubble in minutes. I cried after seeing
> policemen smile and laugh, despite being humiliated and being called
> I saw a boy being beaten by a policeman. I kicked him, as hard as I
could. I
> was beaten and dragged away.
> Something happened to me at that moment. As I was being held down by two
> vicious policemen, my faced pressed into the gravel, my entire being
> aware of something. This land is worth fighting for. It is real, and it
> where I belong.
> I will not forget, nor will I forgive.
> Good Shabbos,
> Moshe Feiglin


Now for the piece de resistance:
from Sultan of Knish:

Photostory - Amona: From Dawn Through Demolition
Additional Photos by Eyal Dor-Ofer - BauBau Photos For Those Who Want to Understand What's Happening Here and Why - Click Here - Interviews with Children and Teenagers beaten at Amona #1- Interviews with Children and Teenagers beaten at Amona #2 Sexual Assaults and Police attacks on MDA Medics -Interview with former IDF Brigadier General and Chief of the Medical Corps, current Knesset Member and head of the Ethics Committee, Aryeh Eldad on his beating
Letter to an IDF member by a beaten boy
same link as the one right above the photo:

Letter to IDF General: How Could You?

Thank you Sultan, for that elucidation.

What made Ehud Olmert do it? Was he so eager to show his "Palestinian Peace Partner(s) how he was willing to do to Jews to remove them from the land that was promised them? Or was he trying to pleace his mater and mistress in Washington (Rome)?

Whatever. What I think of Olmert must be censored. It cannot be keyboarded on any but an X-rated blog.

Also think back on the "idiocy--that Sharon/Olmert made happen at Gush Katif." They turned a garden into something that is beneath description nor discussion. Oh, its a good place from which to lob missiles into Israel and kill Jews. That's what it's all about for the darling "Palestinian" Arabs, that are the joy of so many peace-loving Jews, in Israel and in America.

Shalom. (Doesn't look like that'll happen in our lifetime. Not unless . . . ah . . . ugh . . .the rest is silence.)

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