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Jews! Do Not Be Taken In By the "Baruch" Obama Ploy

There it was! At a meeting between Jewish senior citizens in South Florida and some young and (much too) eager Obama proselytizers:

The young woman exhorts the seniors "to come onto 'Baruch' Obama!"

What a clever ploy! Or was it?

Easy to try and draw a parallel between the Hebrew "Baruch" and the Arab "Barack" But are they the same? Is the candidate of Islamic origin "blessed" by HaShem?

Is Islam "blessed" by HaShem?

Nowhere in the Judaic tradition does G-d "bless" either Mohammed nor his followers--from their 7th-Century origin until today.

The nice Jewish seniors sitting down to be pumped full and up with Obama propaganda are surely all Democrats--some were for Hillary, others were for whomever the DNC in their "wisdom" were to foist on the American people.

Why are all these nice older people "Democrats?"

Well, it goes back to the days when the Holocaust was raging in in Europe.

In the U.S., the isolationists, the ones who wanted to stay out of any foreign entanglements were all Republicans. Of course, there were the Wendell Wilkie "One-Worlders"--not isolationsist, but not FDR either.

And there--with FDR (Franklin Delano Roosevelt--is the origin of the alliance between American Jews and the Democratic party.

FDR was the savior of the Jews. Or was he? On the surface, he appeared sympathetic to the plight of Europe's Jews, that were being exterminated by the Nazi death machine.

How about the St. Louis?

She was a German ship carrying 936 Jewish refugees, who had been refused entry into Cuba, and sat waiting between Florida and Cuba to see whether the Jews could be allowed to enter the United states.

"Sailing so close to Florida that they could see the lights of Miami, passengers on the St. Louis cabled President Franklin D. Roosevelt asking for refuge. Roosevelt never answered the cable. The State Department and the White House had already decided not to let them enter the United States."


"Since the days of Roosevelt the Jews have been told that the Republicans are for big business and not for the underdog."

Jackie Mason, [t]he veteran Jewish-American comedian spoke recently on Israel National Radio's A Light Unto the Nations with Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel. The discussion included the United State presidential elections and the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Here's a sample of the interview exchange:

Ari Abramowitz: Why is it that Jews in America insist on voting Democrat, especially for this guy Barack Obama?Since the days of Roosevelt the Jews have been told that the Republicans are for big business and not for the underdog.

Jackie Mason: I'll tell you the truth. Barack Obama isn't only fooling the Jews. He's fooling all the people of America. Right now, people are determined to prove they can vote for a Black person because they were told they're racists all their lives. White men are walking around feeling guilty thinking if they don't vote for Barack Obama, they're racists.

But as far as the Jews are concerned, they are still wedded to the Democratic party, when the Democratic party is not interested in Israel. The Democratic party has voted very often against Israel on major issues. The Republican party is determined to help Israel almost more than the Jews are. Even the Hassidic Jews. I don't care how religious you are. They're not as willing to fight for Israel as the Evangelical Goyim. But since the days of Franklin D. Roosevelt, the Jews have been told that the Republicans are for big business and not for the underdog. The Jews feel the Democrats are helping the struggling people. And they still believe it. The Jews are more willing to feel guilty for not helping a poor person than anybody else is. Because a Jew has to feel that he's always compassionate and always helping the underdog.
Jackie Mason: The white man's guilt is not so much the reason for the Jews' guilt. But the Jews have a big complex about Democrats because the Jews have this sickness that somehow the Republicans are the selfish party and the Democrats are the compassionate party. They've bought it since Roosevelt because at one time it was true. In the days of Roosevelt, the Republicans really were the big business party and Roosevelt came and revolutionized this country with a great compassionate concern for the underdog. He supposedly cared about the helpless and fought somehow to protect people who aren't doing so hot and the minorities. In retrospect when you look back at history, Roosevelt himself was an anti-Semite.

Ari Abramowitz: He turned away the Jews.

Jackie Mason: He not only turned away the Jews when they had 900 Jews get killed on that ship [the S.S. St. Louis in 1939], but he didn't care about the Jewish plight in Germany. Every time he was reminded to do something about it, he either ignored it or got mad if you mentioned it. Not only did he not care, I think subconsciously he was hoping the Jews get wiped out.

Ari Abramowitz: So what would it look like if Obama was elected? Would he be Jimmy Carter Part II? Israel is the apartheid state?

Jackie Mason: They talk about how much money McCain is raising versus Obama. Its a pittance compared to the huge amount of press publicity he gets. He's a fraud. Like this pastor thing [Obama's former outspoken pastor Jeremiah Wright]. First thing he says this guy is his mentor, his teacher his philosopher, I learned everything for him. Then they ask, did you ever listen to him? Never. I was in the church but I never heard him. He was talking, but I didn't know I should be listening. And besides, whatever he said he didn't say it on the days that I was there. He said it on Tuesday. I came on Thursdays. Then when he saw his polls started to go down a little he said: he was always my mentor but he wasn't a close mentor. I saw him, but not very often. I heard him, but only maybe once in a while. Then he said: I never even liked him. I never got involved with him. Then he said: whatever he said was disgusting to me and if I knew he was saying these things, I would have hated him a long time ago. And he sounded like he just found out about him 20 years later when he wasn't in the church. He was in the church 20 years, and he never heard anything. Now that he's out of the church for a year, he suddenly found out what he said in church when he wasn't actually there.

Click hear to download the entire interview (right click and choose "save target as" or "save link as")

Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel, reserve soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces, host A Light Unto the Nations live every Wednesday from 5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. on Israel National Radio. They are co-founders of The Land of Israel Foundation and hosts of the TV show Tuesday Night Live in Jerusalem.

Click hear to download the entire interview (right click and choose "save target as" or "save link as")
"Comedian Jackie Mason on Obama and Jews"
by Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel

[color and bold emphases mine. lw]

COMMENT by a reader on the immediately foregoing:

The main reason why Jews vote for Democrats is...
...because the Democrats are liberal. It appeals to the psyche of the Jews. They'd rather trust a fraud of Arab descent -- Obama -- than vote for any conservative, whom they feel are 'religious'. It's because Obama is a fraud, he stammers A LOT when he has to answer questions impromptu. 'Because a Jew has to feel that he's always compassionate & always helping the underdog' (Jackie Mason's quote), they ignore these short-comings of Obama.With a tele-promptor and deceitful smiles, Obama can deliver a speech to charm the people. It's no wonder he charmed the crowds in Hitler's Germany, during his last visit.
MED, USA (11/09/08)


Concerned about
Barack Obama?
You should be.

His Dangerous Views on Israel Have
Just Been Endorsed by Pat Buchanan

Senator Barack Obama has an admirer – political
commentator Pat Buchanan. Both have a history
of being dangerously wrong on issues important
to Israel.

Buchanan, a leading anti-Israel voice in American politics,
said recently his position on Israel is a lot closer to Barack
Obama’s.1 Dangerous.

Buchanan praises Barack Obama for wanting to meet
personally, without preconditions, with leaders of Iran to
resolve differences with the United States. “I think Barack
is right, we ought to talk to the Iranians,” Buchanan said.2

And what does Pat Buchanan think about Sen. Obama’s
pro-Palestinian rhetoric? “Frankly, [Barack Obama] is right
to say the Palestinian people have got a terrible deal over
there and their suffering ought to be recognized. That’s
Obama’s position. It’s my position.”3

The Anti-Defamation League says Buchanan “publicly
espouses racist, anti-Semitic, anti-Israel and antiimmigrant

Yet, Buchanan calls his views on
Israel, Iran and the Palestinians the same as Obama’s.

Pat Buchanan says he shares the
same views on Israel as Barack
Obama. Those views are dangerous,
reckless and wrong.

1MSNBC,, 9/2/08; 2MSNBC,, 9/2/08; 3MSNBC,,
9/2/08; 4

But then, you may well ask, "What about Saul Alinsky? Here was a Jew from whom Obama learned. He learned about "Community Organizing."

Do you know what "Community Organizing" is? and whom Alinsky organized? It weren't any "communities" that had any use for Jews. Quite the opposite, as a matter of fact. He organized the black communities around Chicago.

These "Communities" were not and are not well disposed towards Jews. Did Alinsky care? No! Because he was a Marxist first. A Jew only through parentage.

Obama "organized" in the black communities to attain a voter base that would propel him into the Illinois state senate and then into the U.S. Senate.


And Obama, depite the yarmulke he stuck on his head, and the note he slipped between the stones of the Kotel, is neither a "Baruch," a friend of the Jews, nor anything more than an opportunist who will denounce his own grandmother (which he did) if it will serve to get him into the SEAT OF POWER.

Obama is dangerous for Jews, no "Baruch"--"blessed" is he, but a racist and Moslem-educated admirer of Louis Farakhan of the "Nation of Islam." To Islam, Jews are apes and pigs. Mohammed said it first.

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