Sunday, September 28, 2008

How Many American Jews Still Support the So-Called "Peace Process" the U.S. is trying to foist off on Israel?

How Much Do American Jews Support the Peace Process?
by Yale M. Zussman

Middle East Quarterly

[first published in 1998 - updated for today's "same-old, same-old" story]

As it becomes more widely-known that American Jews are skeptical of the [peace] process, three consequences are likely to follow. First, American Jews opposed to it will feel freer to express their opposition, and it will become ever-harder to dismiss them as "hard-liners," "right-wing" ideologues, or apologists for the Orthodox. Second, the foreign policy establishment will find it more difficult to claim that it has the support of American Jews, and will have to make more of an effort to present their case. Third, especially with a presidential campaign . . . under way, American pressure on Israel should ease off.

These are positive developments for anyone interested in a real peace in the Middle East, for they again focus attention where it always should have been: how ready are the ["Palestinians"] and other Arabs to live in peace with Israel?

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