Saturday, March 15, 2008


His pastor is a virulent antisemite. He associates with and lauds Louis Farrakhan, the Nation-of-Islam leader who called Judaism a "gutter religion," and, along with the Obama Pastor Wright, visited Ghadaffi in Lybia.

Obama's Incredible Denial Concerning His Pastor

In settings where the preacher stays indefinitely, as at Trinity, the decision to join a church is typically more thoughtful and intentional, particularly where the preacher has a style that's noteworthy in content and delivery. That clearly fits the description of Pastor Wright. Obama has no choice but to associate himself with the content of Pastor Wright's sermons. They were the defining characteristic of that church. The Obama family picked it, and they've stayed for 20 years. It's their church, and any denial of that association is incredible.

Clarice Feldman

I still like my question - when does the reconciliation begin? Barack's wife is angry, his minister is foaming, yet we are supposed to elect Barack as Mr. Sunshine and Unity. Why aren't the people closest to him sunny and united?
I really can't imagine how he might justify bringing his kids to listen to that, and it doesn't explain why, over twenty years, he has not moved his minister towards a more reasonable position (or moved himself towards a more reasonable minister). But it is not awful spin.

"When does the Obama reconciliation begin?"
Clarice Feldman


“Nobody is suffering more than the Palestinian people. I hope for loosening up aid restrictions to the Palestinian people.” }} more…

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