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Had they been able to,
the Arab attackers
"would have lynched us,
not just the car."

Arab 'Third Intifada' Underway?
28 Adar 5768,
05 March 08 05:15
by Nissan Ratzlav-Katz

[NOTE: Be sure to read the "Talkbacks"-- Comments at the tail-end of this article. It will give you an indication of how many people feel about the Arabs in Israel. Leslie White]

A near-lynch by an Arab mob in Jerusalem ended without casualties on Monday, as rioters confronted civilians and soldiers in several locales. Arab students at Israeli universities held pro-Palestinian Authority demonstrations as well. Hundreds of policemen are on high-alert duty in the capital on Tuesday.

Israeli security sources say that the riots are not a spontaneous outpouring of rage over the events in Gaza, as they are often portrayed. Rather, the sources say, the unrest is organized and incited by those elements interested in "heating up" the Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria regions. Those behind the incitement are attempting to spark what some sources say may be a "third Intifada."

Rioting, rock-throwing and firebomb attacks by Arab mobs were reported in several locations in municipal Jerusalem during the day. In one instance, two municipal workers escaped a lynch mob on Salah A-Din Street, a main road in the eastern part of the capital. On Monday night, they described the event to Mayor Uri Lupolianski.

Inspectors Ephraim Moshe and Chaya Eliyahu said they were driving down the street when they realized the road was blocked by flaming dumpsters. They were forced to stop and their vehicle was then attacked by dozens of Arab men, who hurled rocks through the windows and hit the sides of the car with metal rods. The two managed to escape after driving onto the sidewalk.

Eliyahu said that had they been able to, the Arab attackers "would have lynched us, not just the car."

"There's nothing to do about it," said Moshe, "because of what's happening in Gaza, it's easiest for them to take it out on us." He called on Jerusalem's Jews not to give in and to continue to travel in all parts of the city.

Mayor Lupolianski said the incident was quite serious and he called on police to catch the perpetrators as quickly as possible. "The municipality will not give in, but rather will continue to enforce the law and to provide service to all residents of the city - Arabs and Jews," he said.

In other incidents, Arab rioters attacked Border Police officers with rocks on Monday night in the village of Kalandia, north of Jerusalem. Police responded by firing at attackers' legs, hitting one of the men. The injured rioter's condition is not known.

Near the village of El-Aroub, south of Jerusalem near Hevron, attackers threw Molotov cocktails at an Israeli car. No one was hurt in the incident. An Arab rock-thrower was shot in the same area earlier in the day by an IDF soldier. The wounded man was part of a mob that stood aside the Tunnels Highway and stoned cars, lightly injuring an Israeli citizen.

In other incidents, an IDF officer was lightly wounded during a violent Arab riot outside Kalkilye, east of Kfar Saba. The officer was evacuated to a Jerusalem hospital. Arabs also stoned a car west of Ramallah around noontime Monday, causing damage but no injuries.

Residents of the PA-controlled city of Ramallah held a large demonstration in support of Fatah, of PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and against the Israeli military operations in Gaza.

Alongside the violent riots and confrontations, relatively peaceful demonstrations were held by Arab students on the campuses of Haifa University and Jerusalem's Hebrew University. The students waved PLO flags and held signs condemning what they called Israeli "atrocities" in counter-terrorism operations against rocket-launching teams in Gaza. A smaller counter-demonstration of Israeli patriots was also held at Hebrew University, with students waving the national flag. A noticeable police presence kept the noisy demonstrators separated across a main thoroughfare at the school.
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Arabs Rioting

Total Comments: 48

1. Wait but I thought they don't live in gaza, I thought they're israeli arabs, LOL
Velvel, silver spring (04/03/08)
Wait I thought Israeli Arabs side with peace, not Hamas. I thought Israeli Arabs like the moderate Fatah terrorists better than the angry Hamas terrorists. Wait, but Abbas and Fatah sided with Hamas in solidarity of bombardment of Israel by protesting the IDF and calling off peace talks. So in that case, Fatah is Hamas in a different colored, fancier suit. So I guess the Israeli Arabs support both Fatah and Hamas, since neither Hamas nor Fatah are peaceful.

But wait, that means that Israeli Arabs are really not peaceful and want the destruction of the Jewish state and the death of Jews.... WOW.... COULD IT BE??????



CHAIM, NY (04/03/08)

Allan, us (04/03/08)

4. Jews protect yourselves now your government is not. (n"c)
Moses, (04/03/08)

5. Here's the video
Moriah, Sacramento (04/03/08)

6. So why shouldn't the Arabs riot?
Gershon, Champaign, IL (04/03/08)
They know that they are safer than I am when I venture into S. Chicago. Heck, they don't have to worry about Israeli "authorities", who will arrest the victimized and attacked Jews for defending themselves!
Disgraceful! Jews, don't take this! Defend yourselves any which way you can!

Chazak Ve-ematz -- "be strong and resolute"

7. What are 'Palestinian' Arabs doing in the 'Hebrew' University?
MED, USA (04/03/08)
Why can't they attend their own Arab universities anywhere in the Arab League Nations. Why do they want to ruin the an Israeli learning center?

8. This Should All be Sending Messages
Dave Levy, Burbank.CAUSA (04/03/08)
Either you learn by history and deeds, or will become victims again, so goes the saying. The disengagement seems not to have taught Israel anything..(it still thinks it can have a 2 state solution, living side by side in peace). The Arab-Israeli and overall Palis reaction to the Israeli defense in Gaza, should be a warning to every Israeli of future events. First of all, violent protests must be contained, quickly and forcefully. (See Russia, Korea, etc, responses). Perhaps for PR and venting purposes, an area set aside might be okay, if supervised? The State should prosecute violaters...using the full force of the law. IDF actions anywhere are gov't initiated, for the protection of all Israelis. Perhaps the Muslims think they are somehow beyond all of this, and can take their hatreds out without any restrictions. This all should be sending a message to Olmert, Livni and Barak. You have a 5th colume in your country AND 2 states are futile.

9. Ist Intifadel.....
Jeff, Atlanta (04/03/08)
We are about to be witness to the SECOND Jewish Intifada! The first took place in 70AD.
In this second Jewish Intifada, The Jews will NOT be undermined by a duplictous leaderhip who is in fact COLLBERATORS like that in the first. The Jews WILL purge their leadership of COLLABERATORS! watch and see, intersting times ahead! The Sicari's are BACK!

10. NOT 'Third Intifada',,,but TOTAL WAR!!! THERE WILL BE ONLY ONE WINNER, the JEWS (n"c)

Chaim Yankel, (04/03/08)

ArafaT'S IN, HELL (04/03/08)

13. Why not
JK, SD, USA (04/03/08)
Why shouldn't the 3rd intafada start. Rice grabs her skirt and runs off to Israel when her clients, the "palestinians", cry out, foul and holler about Israel's defensive campaign into Gaza. Olmert, the court jester please his "queen", Rice, with his usual village idiot dance, while shutting off the Gaza campaign, as rockets and terror rain down on Israel.

The "palestinians" know very well that with Rice/Bush on their side, they can continue their jihad genocide with pretty good assurances that will lose very little, and probably gain a whole lot.

14. Law and order.
Adam Neira, Melb, Australia (04/03/08)
It is good to read Mayor Lupolianski's comments regarding apprehension of the Arab attackers in the eastern part of the Holy City.

Law and order must be maintained in the Holy City. The contagion of violence should not be allowed to spread.

15. Expel the Muslim Arabs to their countries of origin.
Tomi, (04/03/08)
That will solve the problem, it will be done eventually, it's just a matter of when: the earlier it's done, the more innocent lives can be saved. Give the Christian ones the option to stay.

16. There is LOTS to do...
hymie zoltsveis, nyc,ny (04/03/08)
What does the commentator mean, "There is not much to do" when a muslime attacks a Jew? Are you nuts? Carry guns, and if you are attacked by a muslime---KILL HIM.

It is time that athe muslimes are ALL CHASED OUT OF ISRAEL.

How long will it take before smart Jews start screaming "YOU CANNOT HAVE PEACE WITH MUSLIMES!"

Chase them out of Israel. This is OUR LAND. STOP GIVING THEM ANYTHING.


17. Be realistic...This government is losing the country...
Salomon Mizrahi, Sao Carlos - SP (04/03/08)
The south of Israel is under siege, Jerusalem is a dangerous place the Galilee is dominated by Arabs on brink of revolt, and all the north is under the threat of Hezbollah...
This government, with the support of the majority of population, is mentally out of his mind, to the level of dementia...
How could anyone mentally sane still believe in the so-called "peace process"? The golden calf of the secular Jews.

18. let the word go forth: throw a firebomb or a rock, you're dead. your choice. (n"c)
dante, uk (04/03/08)

19. There have already been > 3 Intifadas
David Silvern, Petah Tikva (04/03/08)
If one looks back over the last 80 years, there have been many more than 3 intifadas. It is just a matter of brand name. The 1929 and 1936 revolts in my mind at least are intafadas and should thus be counted in the tally. Only the brand name has changed. Same stuff under the sticker.

20. Foaming in the mouth hate monger Arabs
Jim Santiago, Miami (04/03/08)
Your PM leader must go. This man has brought much disgrace to Israel and IS
willing to give up parts of the Capitol
of these hate mongers. Now I'm no jew, but I have this closeness and admiration for Israel and its people.
What I can't understand is why the Jewish people do not rise up and get rid of PM Olmert. The man is dancing to President Bush's tunes cause Bush wants
to have history jot him down for "peace" between Israel and these hate mongers. The only problem with this scenario is that it will be a false peace and at the risk and expense of the Jewish people and its biblical land.
Mark my could give up the whole of Jerusalem and these hate mongers will find some excuse to continue attacking and killing Jews.
Look, if the squirmish between land was
bewteen Mexico and the USA, in which
Mexico wanted Texas back, Bush would tell them "over my dead body".
Bush, who claims to be a christain, and must of read the bible, should know very well that Israel during ancient
times include all the current territory
that it has but also Gaza and the West Bank. Yes, during those times that was Israel.
When Israel took over where the current
mosque is...temple mount...why didn't you just blow up that mosque which is
a blasphamy site in the eyes of the Lord. It's like putting a harlot amongst pure virgins.
Why didn't you keep the west bank?
Yet in the eyes of that two face Olmert
Israel has plenty of land to hand out.
Look how these Arabs disgraced the tomb
of Joseph yet little denouciation from the world and especially the UN.
So in closing all I have to say is that if you like Olmert giving away your capitol Jerusalem and giving away more
and more land and stopping Israeli settlements...than keep this turkey in his current position..You get what you
vote for.

21. Moriah 5 the video: SHOWS ARAB COWARDICE
Velvel, silver spring (04/03/08)
Look, it is frightening that they can do such a thing in our land to an innocent Jew, and they are a pack of wild dogs in this video, but LOOK AT WHAT COWARDS THEY ARE. If we fight them, we will win. Look how many 'hit-and-run' attempts happen in this video. They throw a rock, they see it hits, they get a little spooked and run away in case they are caught in the act or revenge is taken. You can see this plainly through the horror of this video. THE ARABS ARE AFRAID. WHY LET THEM WIN? WHY NOT MAKE THEIR FEARS A REALITY. SELF-DEFENSE, DESTROY THEIR UPRISINGS WITH VIOLENCE.

Like their cowardly culture of terrorism, they attempt 'hit-and-run' attacks on the car and fear a true reprisal. They are kids. The product of a baby boom at some point by these impoverished villainous thieves. And now they have nothing except pathetic attempts to terrorize innocent people. If they ever were met by a real resistance or a real response, if the person in the car was armed for example, they would scatter like little rodents, these pathetic cowardly dogs in this video.

You will NEVER, EVER see this in US media. I will attempt to post this on every site I possibly can to show this to the world. This is partly so shocking to me simply because it is something never shown.

22. They Must Go.
Yaakov, Melbourne (04/03/08)
Sooner or later, but preferably sooner...

23. Only one solution: Move all rioters to Gaza.
Michelle, Vancouver (04/03/08)
And those accused of threat of injury or actual injury to Jews must do jail time first, and then they and their families should be sent to Gaza.

24. Kick them Out
Yonatan, USA (04/03/08)
Kick those blood sucking arab dogs out of Israel.. before they take over our country and nuclear weapons to do what Hitler only could have dreamed.

25. It will only get worse until you get rid of Olmert and the government (n"c)
R.Alkalai, USA (04/03/08)

26. Hashem was right!
Moshe Rebbi, Har Nevo (04/03/08)
"If you will not expel the enemy that is in your midst, then they shall be as thorns in your eyes...". (Deut)
Not Kahane, not Shteinmietz, not Ghandi...God!

27. Antidotes to Rock-Throwing Crowds (Intifadas)
Leslie White, Newport News VA (04/03/08)
Escalation in rock-throwing crowd control:
1. Water cannons
2. Tear gas
3. Pepper spray
4. Unbearable noise that hurts ears
5. Flame throwers

Order of control techniques may be varied.


29. Third Intifada..
Nathan Rai, Bangalore (04/03/08)
Third Intifada ?
No problem.
We have operation Offensive Shield planned.
These Hamas hyenas rant from behind their "women and children", get their asses lammed and then ask for a hudna.
Some one must be enoying this...

30. No matter what they call these riots...
Leo, Fort Wayne, Ind (04/03/08)
it amounts to little more then another escalation in the level of tension and violence that never goes away. When millions both inside and outside of Israel have been raised to hate Israel then peace isn't possible. The sooner Washington and Jerusalem realize this, the sooner the rules of this on-going game can be changed.

Lion King-Ben David, Kings (04/03/08)
Agree with the most comments-bad Arab citizens need to be deported and sent to their own Arab countries eg Egypt Syria Jordan etc.
Facts on the ground tell me this 'Third Intifada' is the LAST INTIFADA-THE LAST ARAB ISRAELI WAR--as said in our Tanach the Arab would be a wild man who would be against every one and everyone would be against the Arab--a prophecy written down by Moses himself--pride and ego is the Arab's worse enemy and envy of the Jew is why they are out to steal the land and Jewish infrastructure--a nation of thieves BUT NOT A NATION OF ACHIEVERS-THEY HAVE ADDED NOTHING TO THE WORLD EXCEPT TERRORISE IT--when these terrorists are decisively defeated on the battlefield and their survivors sent into exile expect to see A NEW ISRAEL--A CONSTITUTIONAL MONARCH--and THEOCRATIC STYLE of GOVERNMENT IN WHICH THE TORAH IS THE PRIMARY BASIS OF ALL GOVERNMENT DECISIONS---THIS LAST ARAB ISRAELI WAR WILL BRING CHANGE--A RETURN TO OUR TRUE DESTINY--A NATION THAT CONNECTs ALL TO THE DIVINE AND HIDDEN WORLDS WHERE THE DIVINE IS DOMINANT AND WHERE THE INHABITANTS ARE BLESSED AND ADVANCED THROUGH PEACE.

32. Europe wants arabs
Jonathan, Londonistan (04/03/08)
Let the Israeli arabs go to Europe. Europe has unlimited social security welfare and plenty of zoos.

33. Kick Olmert, His Cronies and the Arabs Out NOW! (n"c)
Kayla, Florida (04/03/08)

34. eliminate the problem now
Lawrence Mercier, Louisville Ky (04/03/08)
I think the best way to handle this is called deport. These Arabs do not have to live in Israel and they may leave or be put over the wall by the police. No nation needs inside terror and it must be stopped now.

35. Arabs, all cut from the same rags (n"c)
Sooky, Maisons-Alfort (04/03/08)

36. Who or what is doing the reporting now ???
ruhamah, lufkin,tx. (04/03/08)
News commentators:Please state what Arabs are starting this intifada,please.Are they Iraqis,Iranian,Palestinian,ok,to you are you stating that they are alittle of all kinds of mixed race individuals.I loose interest when indefinable characters enter the scene;especially when they are getting such a headline ! Remember state the facts:not opinions or statements.Facts are findings, outcome from, disputed argueable evidence.Certainly,forget the use of "Arabs" in general.By the way,the new President in USA is McCain.Sorry if you don't like that.

37. Golda was wrong
Jonathan Usher, Toronto (04/03/08)
It is immoral, against Torah and just plain stupid for Israel to lose even one soldier in order to protect Palestinian civilians. Remember that there are 5 miilion Jewish Israelis and 50 million Muslims so that I Jew = 100 Muslims in any killing equivalency game.

38. defend yourselves
Vic, USA (04/03/08)
All the Israeli citizens should carry guns and defend themselves. We do that here a lot. It would stop those sub humans fast.

39. Third Intifada
Harry Grunstein, Montreal (04/03/08)
Why can't we send mobs to Palestinian roads and into Palestinian universities to throw firebombs and rocks which can mame as badly as bullets? Why, because we are the people of the Book. We clutch the book in our fist while they clench the dagger in their teeth. That is why we are the chosen and not just by god; but, by all the nations that envy us.When god told us to destroy every man.woman and child of Amalek, we did not listen. Please tell us to destroy this enemy agan. We will not listen again.Why ?

40. The Moslems
Abraham Ammanuel, Maywood (04/03/08)
Just as they have no feelings for hitting innocent Israelis,with their missiles, so should the Israelis respond with a hundred fold attacks.

41. Gov't Must Support Also
f, (04/03/08)
"He called on Jerusalem's Jews not to give in and to continue to travel in all parts of the city."

Right. And if they're attacked, they don't dare protect themselves or they'll be arrested.

42. Israel must change some things- such as- - -
Cliff Ross, Conway (04/03/08)
Annex West Bank and clean out all terrorists, including Abbas and WAQF.Remove all so-called PAL police.Half of which are terrorists, anyway.Instruct all residents they may stay in peace, but must leave Israel if they remain combative. Whoever stays in Israel must swear allegiance to Israel. Period. No more flags of terror organizations in Israel. Stop playing with these terrorist/ protesters.

43. Israel will survive
Maureen Emery, Buford Ga. U.S. (05/03/08)
So be it

44. How does Israel know who's who??
Jean, Atlanta (05/03/08)
Do these Arabs have any solid proof that they should be in Israel?? NO! What I'm saying is this: if Mohammed says he was born in Israel, the Israeli govt should say he wasn't and ship him to Gaza or Germany. If an Arab student cuts class to demonstrate or throw rocks, obviously he doesn't value a decent education, he must've infiltrated the country illegally - throw him out today! Any Arab throwing rocks and threatening a Jew- Hey, he must be using a false name, sneaked into the country illegally, right? Throw him out today! We have NO IDEA who they are, where they came from, how they got into the country, right? Throw them out today! What records? Are there records? - can they prove they should live in Israel?? I don't think so!@

45. No innocent Muslims Non innocent PA's
TonyTrenton, Israel (05/03/08)
Stop treating them with our values for which they have no respect.

46. riots
Billy Levin , Benoni (05/03/08)
Israel, stop sitting on the fence! Either declare war on the Arabs or get Mandela to help you negotiate peace.

47. Riots
Robert Polk, Norwood USA (05/03/08)
Would you sit back and keep watching while someone keeps shooting at you.I think that the people of Israel have a right to protect their people no matter how much force it takes.

48. Attacks on citizens of Israel
Wingy, Russellville (05/03/08)
An ARMED citizenry is your first line of defense.
The second line is an attacking military.

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