Monday, March 17, 2008

Poll of "Palestinians": want state with laws set by religion [Islam]

Monday, March 17, 2008

Public Perceptions Towards Liberal Values in Palestine

[Excerpts selected by IMRA*]

II. Main findings
...IV. Religion and the state

78% of respondents would prefer to live in a state governed by religion
rather than a secular state.

When asked what should be the main source of the law, giving as options
civil law, the Quran and the Sunna, and both at the same level, 51% answered
either both at the same level or civil law.
88% of respondents also rejected the idea that women should be able to
travel alone without permission from their nearest male relatives.

...When asked what country they would like Palestine to be modeled after,
respondents most commonly answered other Arab countries; 14% answered a European
country, and 4% the United States. A full 26% said no country.

71% are in favor of reconciliation between Arabs and Jews, with majorities
of all categories of respondents agreeing, except those supportive of Hamas, among
which only 44% agree.

Respondents are evenly divided on whether they could imagine a Jew as their
neighbor in the event that all settlers were to leave Palestine; only 42% could imagine
a Jew as a citizen of a Palestinian state.

How do you identify yourself?
A Palestinian first 29%
A Muslim first 41%
An Arab first 5%
A human being first 23%
Other 1%
Figure 24: In your opinion, what is the main cause behind religious
extremism in the oPt?
10% Poverty and unemployment
2% Fear of modernity
10% Influence of religious leaders (religious discours
19% Israeli occupation
14% The enmity the west has towards Islam
14% Low education
6% Moral decadence
10% Corruption
16% There is no religious extremism

Figure 26: Religion is the source of all laws
Totally reject (n=103) 7%
Reject (n=61) 4%
Neutral (n=116) 8%
Accept (n=203) 14%
Totally accept (n=1007) 68%

Figure 27: People are the source of all laws
Totally reject (n=162)11%
Reject (n=118)8%
Neutral (n=164)11%
Accept (n=264)18%
Totally accept (n=765)52%

Figure 33: Do you support or oppose that Christians be equal to Muslims in
all rights and
Support 91% Oppose 9%
Figure 35: Would you agree with the following: a Christian president?
Yes 33% No 67%
Figure 37: Selling alcohol to adults should be a private issue
Totally reject (n=989) 67%
Reject (n=113) 8%
Neutral (n=61) 4%
Accept (n=83) 6%
Totally accept (n=232) 16%

Figure 41: Women can travel alone without permission from
Totally reject 81% Reject 7%
Neutral 3%
Accept 3% Totally accept 5%

Figure 42: Would you agree with the following? a female president?
Yes 42% No 58%

Figure 48: Do you think that democracy is good for Palestine?
Definitely yes 47% probably yes 30%
Probably no 9% Definitely no 14%

Figure 50: Do you think that democracy will work in Palestine?
Definitely yes 20% probably yes 42%
Probably no 18% Definitely no 19%

Figure 52: Can European democracy be a model for Palestine?
Definitely yes 6% probably yes 22%
Probably no 24% Definitely no 48%

Figure 55: Who today in Palestine best represents liberal principles?
Fateh 27% Hamas 5% Other 8% Nobody 60%

Figure 58: Are you for reconciliation between Arabs and Jews?
Yes 71% No 29%

Figure 59: The best way to reach a settlement with Israel is through.
Military Means 23% Negotiations 56% Both 21%

Figure 60: Taking into consideration that there are all settlers are out of
Palestine, can you
imagine a Jew as a neighbour? Yes 50% No 50%

Figure 61: Taking into consideration that there are all settlers are out of
Palestine, can you
imagine a Jew as a Palestinian citizen? Yes 42% No 58%

Figure 62: Would you side with a Palestinian against a non-Palestinian even
if the Palestinian
was wrong?
Only if the non-Palestinian is right 34%
I will not interfere 11%
I will always side with the Palestinian regardless 54%

A survey commissioned by Friedrich Naumann Foundation - for Liberty in
cooperation with the Freedom Forum - Palestine
conducted by
Near East Consulting
January, 2008
Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Liberty, the liberal German civic education
organization commissioned an opinion poll on "Liberal Values in the
Palestinian Society". This opinion poll was carried out by "Near East
Consulting", a renowned and highly qualified research institute based in

The survey was carried out from the 25th of September till the 18th of
October 2007. A total of 1608 (out of a total of 1900 calls) respondents
were selected in both regions.

*IMRA - Independent Media Review and Analysis

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