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What YouTube Doesn’t Want You to See

What YouTube Doesn’t Want You to See
Noah Pollak - 12.30.2008 - 11:00 AM

from Commentary magazine
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Yesterday, the IDF did something innovative: it opened a channel on YouTube and posted videos to it that help explain why Israel is fighting Hamas. The site hosted about a dozen videos showing things like Israeli humanitarian aid deliveries to Gaza and airstrikes that prevented terrorists from firing rockets at Israeli civilians.

This was apparently too much for YouTube, which moments ago removed several videos from the IDF’s channel, including the most-watched video, which showed a group of Hamas goons being blown up in an air strike as they loaded Katyusha missiles onto a truck. The point of such footage, as if it needed to be said, is not to revel in violence — it is to show the legitimacy of Israeli self-defense.

(This is the You-Tube IAF video: Israeli Air Force Strikes Rocket...
Israeli Air Force Strikes Rockets in Transit
[TRANSLATED] Israeli Air Force Strikes Rockets in Transit
The Israeli Air Force strikes terror operatives transferring short-range missiles ...
1 day ago 19,162 views idfnadesk)

The rank double-standard that YouTube has applied to Israel is disturbing. YouTube hosts all manner of similar footage — much of it far more gory than the grainy infrared images posted by the IDF — of U.S. air strikes. Why is YouTube capitulating to those who do not wish for Israel to be able to tell its side of the story?

UPDATE: the IDF just uploaded a new video to its channel, this one of Hamas’ headquarters going out of business. Let’s see how long it lasts. Click here to watch.
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