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[Israeli] Court slams police for failing to arrest Palestinians who attacked Hebron shooter

Court slams police for failing to arrest Palestinians who attacked Hebron shooter - "wounded" Palestinian filmed assaulting shooter after ostensibly shot‏

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Dr. Aaron Lerner - IMRA:
This story is getting more bizarre by the day. One thing is certain already: PM Olmert was way off base when he spoke of "innocent Palestinians" being wounded by a Jewish pogrom, Court indicts settler caught shooting Palestinians in HebronBy Jonathan Lis, Haaretz Correspondent

Last update - 18:18 10/12/2008

The Jerusalem Magistrates Court on Wednesday indicted Ze'ev Braude, the settler who was caught on film shooting at Palestinians last week, following the evacuation of a disputed house in the West Bank city of Hebron.

Braude was released from police custody just hours before the indictment was submitted to the court. The indictment came after the release, because the presiding judge refused to extend his remand until an appeal was served.

In her decision to release Braude, Judge Malka Aviv criticized police forces for not having arrested the Palestinians documented on the same video hurling stones at him. "The police are bound by the conception that is portrayed in the media," said Aviv, who severely.

Braude, a Kiryat Arba resident, turned himself in to the police last week, after an activist with the B'Tselem human rights group caught him on film shooting at Palestinians at short range, and hitting one.

During deliberation on the extension of his remand earlier this week the judge condemned Braude, indicating that he was caught on film shooting with intent to confront the Palestinians who were crowded in the area.

Braude's lawyer, attorney Ariel Atari responded that the Palestinian claiming to have been injured can be viewed in the video getting up after allegedly being shot, and continuing to hurl stones and bash Braude.

The Judge added that there are certain questions that remain unresolved regarding the behavior of the Palestinians allegedly shot by Braude, as they got up afterwards and continued fighting.
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