Monday, December 29, 2008

Gaza War Diary: DEBKA Special Edition!‏ December 29, 2008

Israel air force pummels Hamas forces, blows up 40 Philadelphi tunnels
December 29, 2008

DEBKAfile's military sources report that Hamas kept a reserve fighting force in and around the tunnels dug under the Philadelphi strip of border land between the Gaza Strip and Egyptian Sinai. The destruction of 40 tunnels in this key pocket Sunday, Dec. 28, Day 2 of the Israeli air offensive against Gaza, blocked Hamas'pipeline for smuggled arms from Iran and Sinai through Egyptian Sinai.

This was the second major Israeli air force operation in two days. More...

Two Israeli armored divisions stand by outside Gaza
December 29, 2008

Amid continuing massive air strikes and wide speculation about whether or not Israeli ground forces will cross into the Gaza Strip, DEBKAfile's military sources report the focus of combat switched Sunday, Dec. 28, Day 2 of the Israeli Gaza operation. thereby sowing confusion in Hamas ranks and not giving them a chance to regroup and recover from the crushing devastation of their military infrastructure since Saturday.

One key objective now is to soften Hamas resistance and prepare the ground for a large-scale invasion by two armored divisions. More...

Hizballah leader says Israel is running out of time.
Oil rises on possible Gaza invasion

December 29, 2008

Hassan Nasrallah in his second speech in two days on the Gaza crisis Monday, Dec. 29, did not offer to help Hizballah's hamas allies, but offered the view that Israel could not hold out for long with air attacks.

Israel's Deputy chief of staff Maj. Dan Harel warned: The campaign has just begun. More...

FM spokesman in Tehran: Iran begins preparing operations against Israel
December 29, 2008

On Monday, Dec. 29, Day 3 of Israel's Gaza operation, the spokesman said Iran had embarked on preparations for operations against Israel in line with the directives laid down by supreme ruler Ayatollah Ali Khameini in his speech Sunday.

In his speech, Khameini issued a fatwa calling on Muslims to stand up and defend Palestinians against Israel. More...

Hamas barrages kill three Israelis Monday, two in night attack
December 29, 2008

Volleys of Palestinian rockets and missiles Monday night, Dec. 29, Day 3 of the Israeli offensive against Gaza, left three Israelis dead, as hundreds of Israel tank, armored cars and artillery piled up outside the gates of Gaza.

The first was killed at an Ashkelon building site; the second two Monday night by intensified Grad rocket and Qassam missile volleys – one outside Nahal Oz and a women driver who took shelter in the Ashdod bus terminus, 30 km from Gaza, which was struck by a Grad Katyusha rocket. Altogether 15 people were injured in the late-night barrage, two seriously at Kibbutz Shear Hanegev. More...

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