Monday, December 22, 2008

The Bushian* Mantra that "Our View of Islam is an Inaccurate Representation of 'What the Real Islam Is'" Repeated by Chertoff

. . . from Jihad Watch comes this gem:

"'As one threat fades, another may come in,'" from USA Today, December 18 (thanks to Debbie Schlussel):

Q: Who is the war on terrorism against? Is it al-Qaeda? Is it the tactic, which seems impossible to eradicate? Or is it Islamic radicalism?

A: What we're confronting is an ideological conflict with an extremist world view that I don't think is an accurate representative of Islam, but uses the language or hijacks Islam for an extremist agenda. It's an ideology that's reflected in al-Qaeda, and it's reflected in Lashkar-e-Taiba, which everybody now knows because of (the Mumbai attacks). That is the struggle, and unlike the Cold War victory, I don't think there's going to be a wall that comes down. It will be a process of using hard power to strike back at the leaders and using soft power to change the breeding ground where people try to recruit.

*Obama's replacement of Chertoff as head of Homeland Security gives no promise of a needed new governmental vision of Islam: Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano, Barack Obama's pick to head Homeland Security. As to the term "Bushian," it refers to George W. Bush's false representation of Islam as not what we "see, feel, and hear" but as what the supporters of the ideology known as Islam want us to "see, feel, and hear."

The Saudi connection of the Bushes as well as the penetration of our institutions, corporations, State Department, etc. by Islamic interests spear-headed by the oil-rich Saudis and UAE are to blame for this fooling of the American people.

See Saudi Kingdom Continues to Export Radical Wahhabism

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