Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Would You Rather be Armed or Dead?

Image courtesy of Great American Gun Bloggers

What's happening Here? A bunch of gun blogs listed at a Jewish site? Don't I know that most Jews disdain, hate, or at least are afraid of guns. Guns kill, don't they?

They sure as shootin' do! They're supposed to do that. Why else have 'em?

Oh, I know target shooting, sport, practice. But to what end? Why be a dead shot?

I do not mean a dead shooter, but someone who when he or she shoots to protect the lives of loved ones and one's own, the round is dead on target.

Wouldn't it be better, when they again come to kill Jews, not to go quietly into cattle cars, gas chambers, ovens?

"If one comes to kill you, kill him first."

And so, without any further words, these are people who believe that one should be armed, so that one need not fear those who come for one, are armed, and come to kill one.

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Who says Jews and Guns don't mix? Look here:
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Still want gun control? We got a special something for you:

What does the Halacha say about guns?
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And . . . if you've opted not to let them maim you, beat you to death or kill in any manner without resisting with deadly force--and you pack (a gun or guns), then you ought to read this:
Thoughts on fighting, winning and the 2nd amendment...from Texas Fred
The purpose of fighting is to win.

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