Monday, August 11, 2008

JTA News: Jews caught on both sides of Georgian-Russian fighting, etc.

Jews caught on both sides of Georgian-Russian fighting
Russian and Georgian troops continued to fight a pitched battle on Monday that has spilled beyond the borders of South Ossetia and toward the Georgian city of Gori, where Jewish relief organizations continued to make contact with local Jews. More »

Israel playing down Georgia ties
For the Jewish state it's more than just sound diplomacy -- Russia is widely expected to supply Tehran with advanced anti-aircraft missiles that could fend off a pre-emptive strike on Iranian nuclear sites. More »

Israeli policy headed for change
Ehud Olmert's departure opens up the possibility of radical new directions in Israeli policy vis-a-vis the Palestinians, Syria and Iran. More »

Op-Ed: Ethiopian aliyah must go on
The executive director of the North American Conference on Ethiopian Jewry argues that the aliyah from Ethiopia must not cease, despite what the Israeli government says. More »

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