Friday, August 22, 2008

Support our commanders (IDF Commanders that is)

by Ron Ben-Yishai

Why are IDF officers deprived of forgiveness shown to failed politicians?

We want them to be aggressive, sly, “think out of the box,” and take risks. Yet when they err and go too far precisely because of these traits, journalists demand that the IDF punish them, while “humanitarian” groups and attorneys treat them as criminals.

The same forgiveness and proportional punishments, which the law enforcement establishment and Israeli society grant failed politicians and even serial offenders, is deprived of IDF field commanders; the people who risk their lives day and night and sacrifice themselves for our sake in Gaza and the West Bank.

The legal procedures currently underway against two senior IDF field commanders are an example of this. . . . Read the Whole Thing at,7340,L-3579485,00.html

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