Friday, August 15, 2008

The King of Bahrain Wants the Jews Back!

A lovely story!

A King who loves Jews, a population . . . well . . . who's to tell . . . how they feel?

The Population of Bahrain is Shi'ite, the Ruling House is Sunni. Moslem-Arab populations have since the time of Mohammed been less than friendly to Jews.

If you were a former Bahraini Jew (living in, let's say, Israel, would you take the King up on his invitation?)

A story that should be heart-warming, sounds so biblical--the Book of Esther comes to mind.

When a sovereign "protects and loves the Jews" . . . Jews Beware! The people may not share his sentiments. If the King were to go . . . well, figure it out . . . What might (or better yet Will) happen to the Jews?

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