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turning the land over to the arab mohammedans

A reader's comment at re what is happening in Israel:

"From reading the headlines I begin to believe Israel is not a jewish state, at least not one where jewish citizen all have the same rights. Maybe it is time to follow the Solomon example, two states Israel and Judea one for jews and one for Olmert "

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Date added: 7/24/2008

KFAR SABA -- Police prosecutors in the trial of Rivka Meirchik, languishing for a fourth month in jail, have used the case to prove Arab land ownership of the Jewish community of Shvut Ami despite the ruling by Kfar Saba Magistrate Clara Rejiniano that the indictment does not include trespassing.

In the latest development, the army reportedly fenced off the area of Shvut Ami in mid-July and declared it a closed military zone. Eye witnesses told that signs outside the fence read "Private Property," and "Closed Military Zone." Eyewitnesses also said that the army had burnt all the furnishings of the house and the synagogue belonging to the Jewish residents.

Police prosecutor Nili Dayan brought witnesses during Meirchik's trial to prove that Shvut Ami belongs to Badria Amar, who testified that neither she nor her family have lived in the structure on the land for four decades. She also testfied that they had not tended the land, include olive and pomegranate trees, for more than 11 years.

Amar is the complainant against Meirchik, who was arrested by the police on April 2 in Shvut Ami. But Amar testified that she last visited the land in October 2007.

"She's [Amar] the complainant," Dayan said on July 9. "We're talking about land that is not registered. In order to prove trespassing, we need to prove ownership and the physical presence [of Amar] or not does not affect this. I don't want it to come to that [to a Supreme Court hearing on ownership]."

During the trial, the prosecution tried to prove Amar's ownership of the land with Jordanian maps dated to the early 1930's and Jordanian possession tax documents presented by an expert witness from the military prosecutor's office, Rinat Levine.

"I have no complaints [against Meirchik]," Amar said in cross-examination. "If there's a trial, why do I need complaints?"

The defense has said that the prosecution used the trial of Ms. Meirchik to set a precedent to indict Jews living in Shvut Ami for trespassing.

"They took this complainant [Amar] and tried to wrap her in this incident that she knew nothing about," Public Defender Aliza Kashkash, said. "All her complaints to the authorities were previous complaints [against other people]."

"Find a way to bring all these people to trial," Kashkash told Dayan.

Dayan responded that she was using Ms. Meirchik's trial to pave the way for multiple indictments.

"This is exactly the way," Dayan said.

Police have also charged Meirchik with assaulting a police officer and disturbing the police after officers ordered Meirchik and four other young women to leave Shvut Ami.

Police Commander Shmuel Hirshler testified that he announced to the girls that this was a closed military zone and that they were in violation of a military order. But Kashkash said that the order was invalid because it was dated Feb. 21 and the fact that it was not presented to the girls.

"At any stage, they never presented the order and there's a problem with this because of the date," Kashkash said. "So it [the eviction] was illegal."

The prosecution concurred that there were problems with the legality of the eviction order.

"That's why we didn't indict on violating the order," Dayan said.

With regard to the assault charges, Kashkash said that the police officers gave conflicting testimony as to where and how the alleged assault occurred.

Ms. Meirchik is also charged with refusing to cooperate with police identification procedures including fingerprinting and photographing.

"The defendant chose not to testify, to remain silent and to ignore the authority of the court for ideological reasons," Kashkash said. "This must be taken into account."

Ms. Meirchik, who refused to cooperate with police conditions for her release and is being held until the conclusion of judicial proceedings, has already spent close to four months in the Neve Tirza prison, most of it in solitary confinement.

The next hearing is scheduled for August 6.

Defense Attorney Dov Even Or has petitioned the Supreme Court against President Shimon Peres for failing to respond to a pardon application for two Jewish security guards. The brothers, Dan and Yitzhak Halamish, are serving seven and eight months sentences for shooting in the air to disperse a group of Bedouins who camped and threatened them near their community of Maalei Rehavam. On July 23, the army declared the former Shedma Israeli army camp a closed military zone to Jews. A small group of Jews who arrived at the camp in the Judean desert, located close to the road that... Read More

Another reader's comment at re what is happening in Israel:

"Olmert's daughter (& her fellow travelers) is permitted her reign of left wing terror by harassing soldiers and coddling terrorists.

"In the land of Israel this is considered ideologically appropriate behavior. However, Nadia Matar is dragged into court for 'insulting' a public offical. Why? Because she is on the 'wrong' ideological side of the spectrum.

"This type of appeasement behavior is par for the course for a regime which lets loose on the public captured ! terrorists, and pardons ! scores of others.

"In the topsy turvy world which passes for Israeli leadership only one of two outcomes are possible. Either Nadia and her supporters will win, or the leadership will win. If the leadership comes out on top, rest assured it will be a victory for our enemies, and then we can all say goodbye to what is left of our Jewish homeland. We will have no one to blame but ourselves if we do not stop them."

And another . . .

"In regard to the current report involving the police's failure to investigate properly the alleged shots fired at Beduin trespassers in Judea & Samaria, this is par for the course.

"There is a MOUNTAIN of evidence whereby Jewish rights in Judea & Samaria are non existent.This is no accident.There are orders from the political elite to make the lives of Jews in the heartland ! of our homeland as miserable as possible.

"It is not an understatement to suggest that the supposed Jewish police forces act as protectors of the Arabs, and as harassers of the Jews.

"The current situation is absolutely intolerable. It will come to a point-and soon- that the nationalist Jews will take the law into their own hands. Could any sane and rational person blame them if this happens? Certainly not me! "

And a couple more . . .

"I thank the person who, via his weekly newsletter to his family & friends, mentioned your site and got me interested in it. I am currently working with several "ideological/political" prisoners (Daniel Pinner, Shmuel Zetham, a few of the 21 expelled from Judea and Samaria, etc.), trying to raise funds for them and their families, publicize their cases, arrange for jail visitations, etc. Most of these prisoners are in jail for reasons other than their protests against the expulsion (e.g., arrested for illegal gun possession but getting the third degree because of where they live). I would be glad to send you some material on some of these prisoners that I have been posting on various lists, if you request.
Y'shar Koach, your site presents a much-needed service to the Jews of Israel and outside of it!"
Kol Tuv,


"This site caught my eye because of its simple name and mission - Israel Justice. What has been missing in Israel since the disaster of the Oslo Accords has been pure justice for Jewish nationalists and their interests. Anyone who stands up for Jewish rights in our homeland is eventually hunted down for 'ideological' crimes. The laundry list of those persecuted is growing by the day.

"The authorities have become pathological in their hatred of nationalist Jews, (religious & secular) and this hatred culminated in the destruction of 23 ! Jewish communities and thousands of lives, all in order to please our most implacable foes. The brutality at Amona soon followed. The slippery slope appears unstoppable, or not.

"Therefore, nothing is more imperative now for Israel's survival as a Jewish state, not as an Israeli state, than for justice to me meted out to those seeking to undermine Jewish rights in Israel.

"I am doing all I can to effectuate these goals in a myriad of ways. Enough said."

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