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Captive Exchanges, MU and Humiliating the Jew

Captive Exchanges, MU and Humiliating the Jew
July 17th, 2008
From The thoughts and writings of Prof. Eugene Narrett

In the late fourth century CE, Bishop Ambrosius of Milan and Syria and, about fifty years later, Augustine of Hippo in North Africa formulated the official position of the Roman church on the Jews. They should not all be killed, they argued, but small numbers of them kept around in degraded and weak stature so as simultaneously to prove the origins of the Jokerist redeemer and as evidence of how, as a result, the Almighty had rejected them as the chosen people and taken their Promised Land. This principle informs Rome to this day of the Quartet whose leader Tony Blair recently came out as a Catholic.

Humiliate the Jew: this is the ugly, murderous and self-destructive essence of “the West” to this day. It is embodied in the person of Tony Blair, newly come-out as a Catholic and leader of the Quartet’s unrelenting assault on Jewish sovereignty in the Promised Land. On July 16 Israeli security services saved his life from his Arab friends, playing their role in Edom’s game of humiliate the Jew.

Humiliate the Jew is the essence of the mis-named “captive exchange” in which the bodies of soldiers Regev and Goldwasser were returned to Israel in exchange for freeing dozens of Jew-murderers (“terrorists”) and two hundred bodies of same. The chief among the freed killers pledges to resume attacking Jews.

It was clear from the first that the soldiers probably had been killed, or were expected to be killed. While there was constant, if hollow talk of Gilad Shalit and getting him back, Regev and Goldwasser rarely were mentioned though their return was part of the highly touted UN resolution 1701 which terminated the one-sided war of Iran-Hez bollah against Israel, a war the perennial regime of Edom’s subcontractors refused to fight. Do you remember? In response to the attack, murder and abduction of border guards and to four thousand rockets showered on Israel, the regime refused to mobilize the reserves (the major part of the IDF), refused to invade the non-state of Lebanon and contented its with ‘surgical bombing’ after batteries already had fired at Israel. When American diplomats announced that Israel had four days left to finish its “work,” Olmert sent small forces a few kilometers across the border on a no-win photo op. The result: casualties for nothing and Hizbollah has rebuilt and increased its strength under the benign eyes of EU and UN observers, as many of us predicted would happen.

And we remember the admission by IDF Deputy Chief of Intelligence, General Ya’akov Amidror that “because of agreements with the international community it was decided to let the enemy strike first.” Who made these “agreements” and what were the carrots and sticks used to seal it? Perhaps someone will tell us what the next “agreement” is to immobilize and degrade Israel.

Ishmael is the proximate but not the main problem: Edom is....

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