Saturday, July 5, 2008

Anti-Semitic Muslim, Arab and Neo-Nazi Websites

by Shlomo Muslim, Ph.D.

From, and thanks to, TMQ2
"The Muslim Question Blog"
The Anti-Jihad ‘Love’ Blog

Arab oil money is poured into bullying, intimidating, litigating, and killing anyone and everyone who says, writes, publishes or thinks something certain Muslims find upsetting. Meanwhile, Muslim anti-Semites and Muslim money poured into anti-Semites have led to the greatest amount of hate speech, hate literature, hate web-sites, and wars fueled by hate ever.

I call it hate, even though the term is shorthand, used here to encompass all the things Arabs and Muslims do that others find offensive. That would include anything that reeks of having a double-standard, like we get to practice our religion but you don’t get to practice yours, we get to live in the Middle East and in Africa and parts of Europe, and you don’t. We get to kill you, you don’t get to kill us. We get treated well by you when we’re prisoners of war, but we chop your heads off. That kind of thing.

Of all this Muslim hatred, just how pervasive is the hatred on the web you might ask — and what can be done to combat it?

The Website bills itself as “the Internet’s largest scholarly collection of articles on Zionist history.” A seemingly endless list of topics includes “the genocidal plans of Zionism,” “Jewish banking and financial manipulations,” “Jewish mind control methods” (”liberalism” and “civil rights” among others), and “Jewish pornography.” A reeking cauldron of every anti-Semitic trope ever invented, it even manages the classic anti-Semitic double-think of seeing Jews behind communism and capitalism, government and crime, black slavery and . . .

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