Friday, July 25, 2008

“Ehud Olmert -- The Perfect Role Model for the Israeli Left”

A contrarian view by Moshe Brody

“Ehud Olmert -- The Perfect Role Model for the Israeli Left”

A thoroughly-incompetent failure
Willingly led our country into disaster
Caused national suffering, loss, destruction, and death
Completely useless and derelict in all duties
Corrupt, unprincipled and self-serving
Totally irresponsible and answerable to nobody
Manipulative and deceitful
Sadistically persecuted our nation's patriots
Shamelessly betrays our nation and people
Sells our country out to foreign interests
Treasonously fraternizes with terrorists
A demoralizing defeatist and appeaser
Gives aid and comfort to our enemies
Compromises our country's security and puts us in grave personal danger
Arrogantly refuses to accept any blame or consequence
Eager to repeat past follies and catastrophes on a larger scale
-- but despite all these grievous crimes and shortcomings...

Impossible to remove from power!
Makes you wonder whether Israel is in fact a democracy—something Prof. Paul Eidelberg — a graduate of the University of Chicago — has shown to be a myth.

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