Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Obama and Gun Rights

from Jews Against Obama

Shamelessly stolen from Vilmar

Looks like the guy so many swoon over wants to take away your guns…….while simultaneously having a soft spot for criminals. (Isn’t that so like liberals?)

On guns:

In his answers to the 1998 Illinois State Legislative National Political Awareness Test, Obama said he favored a ban on “the sale or transfer of all forms of semi-automatic weapons.”
By definition, this would include all pistols ever made, from .22 target pistols used in the Olympics to rarely-fired pistols kept in nightstands and sock drawers for the defense of families, and every pistol in between. Obama’s strident stand would also ban all semi-automatic rifles and shotguns, whatever their previously legal purpose.

In 1999, Obama proposed to make it a felony for the gun owner if a firearm stolen from his residence and used in a crime was not “securely stored” - effectively negating the homeowner’s right to self-defense.

On going soft on criminals:

Let’s also note that Obama opposes mandatory minimum sentencing, and was given a rating of 75 by the National Criminal Justice Association in 2005, which is the bare minimum to qualify for a “mixed” record on crime; 74 or lower is deemed a “soft on crime” record by the organization.

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