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The retreat from Gaza only whet the appetite of the world for Israeli

How long with the retreat will Moloch be satisfied by the move Ramon proposes?

Ramon calls for evacuation of settlers east of security fence

Let's be honest about the goal of the proposed legislation: it isn't to pay
off settlers to evacuate - it is to justify abandoning those who refuse to
leave their homes.

"Why should IDF soldiers risk their lives protecting settlers who refuse to
accept compensation and leave?" Ramón and others will say.

"They had it coming to them" the internet talk backs will read, when
settlers who refuse to evacuate are murdered.

Ramon calls for evacuation of settlers east of security fence
By Barak Ravid, Haaretz Correspondent Last update - 14:22 23/02/2008

Kadima and the Labor Party should pursue legislation granting settlers
living east of the separation fence compensation in exchange for their
evacuation, Vice Premier Haim Ramon told a gathering in Tel Aviv on

Ramon said such a move would advance final-status negotiations with the
Palestinians while demonstrating to them and the international community
Israel's seriousness in its intentions to end its control over the

"When a right-wing government headed by the Likud and Shas determined the
route of the fence, it decided for all intents and purposes that everything
beyond the fence will not be under Israel's sovereignty," Ramon said.
"Indecision with regards to evacuation-compensation harms Israel's ability
to strengthen the settlement blocs west of the fence, where most of the
settlers are today, and to keep them under Israeli sovereignty. In that way,
it endangers the state of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state."

Following the Annapolis peace conference late last year, Ramon began sending
overtures to fellow members of Knesset in order to gauge lawmakers' interest
in approving the legislation. Prior to the conference, Ramon urged Prime
Minister Ehud Olmert to use his speech at Annapolis as a platform to
announce his support for such an initiative. Ramon's proposal was rejected.

Months ago, Labor and Meretz MKs proposed a similar measure which was shot
down by the ministerial committee on legislation.
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