Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Must Israel Change its Relationship with the United States?

The following comes from Prof. Paul Eidelberg

Concerning Forthcoming Eidelberg Reports

1) For its own sake as well as for the sake of its American friends, Israel must change its benign relationship to the United States.

2) The American Government has become an overt, and not merely a covert, enemy of Israel.

3) It is a mistake to believe that the so-called right wing has 65 Knesset seats.

4) Netanyahu is desperate to include Kadima and/or Labor MKs in his coalition since more than five members of his coalition do not support a Palestinian state.

5) A Palestinian state means nothing less than a sovereign Arab-Islamic state in Judea and Samaria and would therefore pose a constant existential threat to Israel.

6) Regardless of his or her subjective feelings, anyone that advocates a Palestinian state must be deemed—from an objective point or view—an enemy of Israel and should be treated accordingly.

7) Certain members of the Knesset should form a strategy board to reassess Israel’s relationship to the United States, and to determine what must be done to prevent the Israel’s Government from betraying the Jewish people as it did in 1993 via the Oslo Agreement and again in 2005 via unilateral disengagement from Gaza.

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