Sunday, March 22, 2009

Jews: Do You Know Who Your Enemy Is?

from Skywriting your love

75. Bob Murphy:
I am fascinated at how many American Jews have remained Democrat, remained leftist, and remained psychologically incapable of understanding the nature of their enemy.

What is it about those people?

Can’t they see the inevitable result of the characteristics of the European Jews who lined up, went to their ghettos, lined up and went to the trains, lined up and got sent left or right depending on whether they were worth working to death or should just be terminated immediately?

Hitler and his ilk are always up front about their attention and so is Ahm a nut job, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Brotherhood in Egypt, etc etc.What is it these people don’t get?Americans can afford to be slow to anger. They haven’t been whupped in a very long time.

But Israel and wider Jewry???is Judaism (sp?) so intellectual that they (with the exception of many Israelis) just cannot come out of their mental projection?

Does swinging chickens around their heads make them go funny?I’m amazed.I hate to admit I am not surprised that women as a group voted overwhelmingly for Obama and tend to go fuzzy left emotively. Honorable exception Nahncee.

But the Jews should know better. There are still many thousands of them walking around with Hitler’s telephone number on their left arm.

Maybe Israel should be sending agents overseas and teaching Jews why and how they should defend themselves against Jihad.

Mar 22, 2009 - 12:24 am

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