Sunday, June 29, 2008


He tries to appear as a multi-faceted "gem"

He'll tell you what HE THINKS you want to hear.

He's a Christian, he's never been a Moslem (lie), he understands the plight of what he calls "the Palestinians," he's always supported Israel, etc. He keeps away from mosques, Moslems, head-scarved Muslimahs, because he knows that Moslems know that he was born to a Moslem father, went to koran-teaching schools, to mosques with his mother's Indonesian Moslem husband, and via the Rev. Jeremiah Wright sidled up to Louis Farakhan, Nation of Islam Jew-hater. But he still addresses cheering Jewish groups--liberal and wanting to show that they can support a Presidential Candidate who denies that he has consorted with Jew-haters and Israel-haters (see the photo where he dines out with the late Edward Said*, their wives and all)--because he is African-American.

He may be many-faced, many-faceted, if you will, but he ain't no gem!

Jews best wait for another Moshiach--Obama ain't it.

What one sees is not what one will get.

* The Obamas and the Edward Saids [Scroll down the page to see photograph]
Edward Said was a Christian Arab, anti-Israel, and pro-"Palestian," who found Yasser Arafat "too moderate."

He was:

Professor at Columbia University
Former member of the Palestinian National Council
Authored the 1978 book Orientalism
"Israel is now waging a war against civilians, pure and simple"
Claimed that the U.S. "decided to unleash an unjust war against the entire Muslim world."
Died in 2003

Despite Said’s prestigious academic position, he was an extremist. He became a member of the PLO’s Palestinian National Council in 1970 but broke off with the PLO in 1991 because it had become too moderate; he was photographed flinging rocks at Israelis from the Lebanese border in 2000; he demanded a one-state solution, the “Right of Return” and reparations for all Palestinian Arabs. He furiously opposed the Oslo Accords as a Palestinian capitulation. In his view, Israel was an illegitimate, colonialist, racist, expansionist state. . . .

The Palestine Monitor Website's official biography of Edward Said declares that he "was born in 1935 in Jerusalem, Palestine. In the 1947 partition of Palestine, he and his family became refugees and moved to Cairo where they lived with relatives." In truth, however, Said was born and raised in Cairo, Egypt. He received a master's degree from Princeton University, and a doctoral degree from Harvard. He thereafter took a position as a professor of comparative literature at Columbia University.
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