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Are Moslems Being Victimized the Same as Jews?

Free speech cannot be an excuse for hate
Jun 15, 2008 04:30 AM
Haroon Siddiqui

One staple of anti-Semitism has been that Jews have taken over the world, or are about to. Now Muslims are being accused of the same.

That Muslims pose a dire demographic and ideological threat to the West was the hypothesis of a 4,800-word article, The Future Belongs to Islam, in Maclean's magazine in October 2006. Its reverberations are still being felt.

Last month, the Ontario Human Rights Commission called it "Islamophobic." This month, the British Columbia commission held a week-long hearing. And the federal commission is weighing a report from its investigators.

The commissions are responding to petitions filed by a Muslim group that argued the article constituted hate and that Maclean's refused an adequate counter-response.
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Kathy Shaidle retorts:

Dear Mr. Siddiqui
The difference between what the Nazis said about the Jews and what people today are saying about radical Muslims is...

What we're saying about radical Muslims is true.

To pretend otherwise is to perform the intellectual equivalent of hiding Nazis in your attic during World War II.

Whereas The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is a proven hoax (something millions of your fellow Muslims seem too stupid to figure out or too stubborn to admit), the many declarations of radical Muslims of their intent to take over the world are all too true -- they uttered those words themselves; have been doing so before your favourite punching bag, George Bush, was even born; and have been captured doing so on video.

And from Jihad Watch:

"The difference between what the Nazis said about the Jews and what people today are saying about radical Muslims is..."

where Kathy Shaidle comments:

Kathy Shaidle here:

Thanks to all of you for your comments and encouragement.

I tossed off that post in a rage yesterday and it is now traveling all over the web! Guess I've struck a nerve -- in a good way.

Let's hope Haroon Siddiqui decides to file a "crime complaint" against me with Canada's "Human Rights" Commissions.

I'm already being sued -- along with Ezra Levant and other Canadian conservative bloggers -- for daring to criticize the Human Rights Commissions fascist tactics, which include entrapment and telecommunications fraud.

Another legal problem couldn't make much difference at this point :-)
Anyhow: thanks again for your support. The struggle up here gets depressing -- not to mention dangerous and expensive -- at times, but your encouragement keeps us all going for another day.
God bless,
Kathy Shaidle
Posted by: Kathy Shaidle

at June 16, 2008 8:42 AM

Kathy Shaidle comment at Jihad Watch

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