Thursday, April 3, 2008


IDF troops hit Palestinian who was throwing stones in Hebron Staff , THE JERUSALEM POST
Apr. 3, 2008

IDF troops on Thursday fired at a Palestinian [read "Arab" there is no "Palestine," there are no "Palestinians"] who was throwing rocks at them and confirmed that he was hit.

The soldiers took chase after the Palestinian [Arab] after he assaulted one of them and tried to grab his gun. One of the troops fired at his lower body.

The IDF announced that it was investigating the incident.


"Only in Israel"

"throwing rocks at soldiers" during the rock-throwing attacks of what the Arabs called the "intifada," shooting at the legs instead of the body mass was apparently part of the rules of engagement for the IDF

"assaulted one of them tried to grab his gun" would, according to U.S. Marines, who were approached by a hostile, result in at least a gun-butt smash into the assailant's face.

"One of the troops fired at his lower body" if into the pelvic area, then proper response. wounding in the leg, unless hitting the femoral artery, results in "an Arab who (after assaulting soldiers) runs away, lives to kill Jews another day."


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