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The Will to Win . . . . . . and the will to lose
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Israel Shuns Victory
by Daniel Pipes
This is a reader's comment on the Pipes article:


The Will to Win . . . . . . and the will to lose.
The Arabs who occupy Judea and Samaria are determined to achieve their war goal: eliminate Israel and its hated Jews. They showed this in their "democratic" election--which should have warmed the cockles of G. W. Bush's heart--by electing the terrorist group Hamas to head its government.

The apathetic Jews of Israel kept in power a government determined to try appeasing the Arab occupiers of Judea and Samaria by promising to relinquish all claim to these Jewish lands. The people of Israel yearn for "peace," without being aware of the only way to achieve this blissful state: defeating your enemy--utterly--or allowing a Jewish land to again return to be a forgotten footnote of history. In the latter case, their "peace" will consist of life in a Diaspora or death at the hand of their determined enemy: the jihadists of Islam.

Until the Jews of Israel rid themselves of the desire to please--the nations, specially the masters in Washington, and the jihadists who can only be pleased by submission or death--they are doomed. there is a choice: Victory or Eradication. There is nothing in between but for a lingering malaise resulting in the latter.

"Victory or Oblivion"
Reader comment on article: Israel Shuns Victory

from Q & A with Likud anti-pullout leader Uzi Landau
A reader asks:
Excuse the intervention of someone who is not involved in the conflict, but my worry does exist. Is this war? Why do your people attack a people who don't have a regular army? Even if you were not backed by the U.S., would you continue the war? It has already been recognized which side is stronger, the problem is whether the stronger can show the virtue of modesty and generosity or not.
Akira Yamanaka

Hayama, Kanagawa, Japan

Uzi Landau [responds]:
First Sir, this is truly a war which the Arabs have launched against Israel for almost 100 years with the clear purpose of totally destroying the chance for the Jews to have a state of their own, like any other nation. The Palestinians could have had the dignity of a state in 1948 when they were offered a Palestinian state by the UN resolution. They rejected it and went and attacked Israel because in that very resolution, the Jews too had earned a state. Between 1948 and 1967, no one heard about a Palestinian people, and the "territories" of Judea and Samaria and Gaza did not have any Jewish settlement or community. They were inhabited by the Palestinian people and only used as a a stone to launch terror attacks against Israeli people. Please note that during these years there was no claim for a Palestinian state nor that there is a Palestinian people because the Arab countries controlled Gaza and Judea and Samaria. Only after the attack on Israel in 1967 again in order to destroy the state which ended in Israel's conquering Judea and Samaria and Gaza did the Palestinians for the first time demand a state. They had the chance in the Oslo agreement again to have a state of their own and Israel went to far-reaching concessions to come to peace terms with the Palestinians, and yet again the problem then too was that when they had to recognize Israel as a free and Jewish state in return, they resorted once more to terror. And this so even with the present Palestinian leadership - they are unprepared to fully accept the existence of the Jewish state.

Uzi Landau [continues]:
That the Palestinians have no regular army, thank God this terror entity doesn't have an army, but it has an abundance of different terrorist organizations which are deliberately targeting women, children innocent passers-by, bomb kids in discos and students in universities in order to promote their political objectives, and they are popularly supported by the Palestinian population. In all of our history with the Palestinians, whenever they had a chance to have a state of their own in which they had also to agree to the existence of a Jewish state, they always turned it down. Please note the dangers to countries and people today do not come only from entities that have regular armies, but rather from terrorist organizations that with mega-terror activity are targeting hundreds of thousands of innocent people in order to promote their evil political objectives. Please see the examples of the bombing of the Twin Towers in New York, the bombing in Bali, Indonesia, the hundreds of schoolchildren in Beslan, the hundreds in Madrid and this is only part of the list. The Palestinians are no different. The Palestinian terror organizations are part of this worldwide concert of terror and their terror should be treated no different than Al-Qaida terrorists.

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