Friday, April 4, 2008

Straight Talk with Senator John McCain:

by Bill Mehlman


“Straight Talk” on the Middle East demands the complete reassessment of a State Department-inspired “peace process” constructed on the sands of illusion. The solution of the Arab-Israeli conflict requires neither the decimation of Israel nor the creation of a new terrorist entity between the Mediterranean and the Jordan. It requires common sense, a sane regard for the vital interests of Israel and the United States in the world’s most critical sphere and an end-certain to any further appeasement of the extremist elements in Islam. We would strongly commend to your attention a settlement plan devised by Member of Knesset Benny Elon, which has already won the general endorsement of Senator Sam Brownback, Florida Congressman David Weldon and others.
he prerequisite for Straight Talk is Straight Thinking. Our respect for your proven ability in this regard compels us to believe you will think long and hard before taking America further down the road of an ill-conceived policy marked for certain failure.

*Bill Mehlman represents AFSI in Israel and is co-editor of the Jerusalem-based internet magazine ZionNet (

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