Thursday, December 10, 2009

The U.S. and "No Jews Allowed in Judea!"

[quote from Gerald Honigman]

Secretary of State Clinton made a hasty visit to North Africa—both Egypt and Morocco—to kiss Arab leaders’ derrieres for her previous "mistake." Her crime? She dared to praise Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s temporary halt to allowing more Judeans—Jews—to live in Judea, a place where they lived and owned land for millennia up until their slaughter by Arabs in the 1920s and 1930s. Over a million Arabs—many hostile to Israel and supporters of those who would see it destroyed and its people slaughtered—can live in the Jewish State without fear, but how dare Jews live in a small part of Judea.


Secondly, I’m concerned over Netanyahu’s offer Arabs have company in this corner. Who knows what he actually offered if Hillary gave him some praise. She’s definitely no fan of Jewish leaders who act like they still have their private parts intact...regardless of what too many card playing Jewish grandmas like to think. Israelis did not vote Bibi into office to elect yet another yes massah stooge for an American State Department which fought against Israel’s very existence from the getgo and remains hostile and largely Arabist in orientation to this very day.


Think of it...There was Hillary in "Arab" North Africa [The majority of North Africans are "Berbers", not Arabs] . And what was she up to? Reassuring Arabs that Israel will remain a 9-15 mile wide sub rump state, perpetually at their mercy under threat of invasion, terrorism, and being severed in half. Israel is simply expected to forget about the establishment of real and secure borders—not previously imposed armistice lines—that the final draft of UNSC Resolution 242 called for after the 1967 fighting which started as a result of an Arab blockade of Israel and other hostile acts.


Neither the Arabs’ more honest Hamas nor the Arabs’ latter day Arafatian Fatah’s Abbas has any intention of recognizing a state of the Jews nor allowing it to exist in peace—regardless of who is doing the whitewashing. to such enemies, Israel owes nothing except exponential payback.


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Taken from the book The Quest for Justice in the Middle East by Gerald A. Honigman

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