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Jewish Leaders' Lethal Error:

Blind Faith in Governments


from Jews and "Gun Control"

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Jewish "leaders'" most common lethal error is also the most inexplicable. In the 1,800 years between the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 C.E. and 1948, when the State of Israel was re-established, governments murdered far more Jews than all sorts of hate groups combined.

Thus, it is especially surprising that Jewish "leaders" should have persisted in relying on government protection.Victims often identify with -- and sometimes even help -- their oppressors. In the past 2,000 years governments have been Jews' deadliest enemies. Forgetful of their own history of armed self-defense, Jewish "leaders"sought protection from governments.

Jewish "leaders" urged members oftheir communities to appease governments, to keep on "the good side of the powers that be".Jewish "leaders" who trusted governments to protect Jews have beenJews' deadliest internal enemies and continue to be so. Jewish "leaders "who urge Jews to back "gun control" make a similarly lethal mistake. To be disarmed is to be powerless, the first step towards victimhood.

Jewish "leaders'" tradition of relying on government protection, underpins their support for "gun control". If Jewish "leaders"thought about "gun control", they might see through the attractive falsehood, that "gun control" saves lives. "Gun control" necessarily promotes victimhood and thus genocide. There are tens of millions of needless victims of "gun control", including millions of Jews.

Jewish "leaders" need help to break free from a centuries-long pattern of self-destructive behavior rooted in their tradition of placing in governments the faith that should be placed only in G-d. Were Jewish "leaders"to become at least skeptical of government's benevolence they might then be able to appreciate fully the wisdom of the Framers of the U.S. Constitution, above all the concept of "freedom" that the Framers held so dear.

Were Jewish "leaders" to shed the tradition of blindly placing faith in governments, they would work hard to strengthen every part of the Constitution, especially the Second Amendment. This brief Amendment best limits the U.S. Government's capacity to do harm, and certainly could prevent it even from attempting genocide.

Were Jewish "leaders" to understand the tremendous achievement of Israeli Jews -- who have embraced the ancient Jewish tradition of a strong self-defense -- they might embrace the Second Amendment.

As noted above, few American Jewish "leaders" understand "freedom"as every Israeli Jew does. Some American Jewish "leaders" do not cherish freedom because they feel that freedom can never be at risk. America is one of a few places wherein Jews have lived, and in which they have not been persecuted or murdered by government order (others include Australia andCanada). In America, individual Jews have been victimized by racist criminals, e.g., the Ku Klux Klan, the Order, the Aryan Nations, etc. However, in our long history of living in many countries, most of the many mass murders of Jews were inspired and/or committed by government officials.

Thus, American Jewish "leaders" should not be smug. Governments have often turned on Jews: "And a new King, who did not know Joseph, came into power over Egypt."(19) This term "new King" probably means a new Egyptian dynasty. Newly-hostile governments (e.g., the Nazi regime; Spain under King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella) have come closest to exterminating Jews.Some Jewish "leaders" are easily lulled into a false sense of security. They tend to close their eyes to impeding danger, even denying it exists. Thus, some Jewish communal leaders in the Nazi-controlled Warsaw Ghetto opposed armed resistance. They feared provoking the Nazis. In other cases, Jewish ghetto leaders branded Jews who urged armed resistance as "trouble-makers"and betrayed them to the Nazis.

Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of Jews were deported from ghettos to murder camps. In America now, Jews who support the Second Amendment's civil right to be armed are viewed as "trouble-makers" or "alarmists" by "leaders"of major Jewish communal groups. Most American Jews probably feel the government is benign. That can change. Fast. America let in few Jews who fled the Nazis. U.S. planes were not sent to bomb railway lines to Auschwitz' gas chambers, even after it was clear that hundreds of thousands of Jews had been murdered there. But some American Jews still admire Franklin D. Roosevelt, president in those years.


Anti-Semitic fringe groups have a few tens of thousands of members; at very least 10% of the 5,500,000 Jews in America -- 550,000 persons -- are physically capable of bearing arms.

Jews greatly outnumber organized anti-Semites. If Jews are suitably armed, they will then merit Divine help against these enemies.Some Jewish "leaders" miss another key point. Tens of millions of Righteous Gentiles in America whole-heartedly share Jews' revulsion for hate groups, anti-Semitic and otherwise. Some of these Righteous Gentiles own firearms. Almost all of them use their firearms properly. They are deeply offended by the suggestion -- inherent in the concept of "gun control"- that their ownership of firearms makes them susceptible to becoming criminals. They are right to be offended.Every Jewish "leader" should realize that these Righteous Gentiles are a natural allies against the ordinary criminal, members of fringe hategroups, and evil governments. No Jewish "leader" should want to alienate so friendly and so mighty an ally.


The [I]mperial Japanese military leaders, after the surrender in japan, were questioned about their actions at pearl harbour and involving the US during world war II. But most pertinent to this discussion was when they were questioned about their inactions. Why did Japan NOT proceed with an invasion of the US? Their answer surprised everyone: With millions of american gun owners, we comprised the largest armed force ever known and that was their reasoning for not trying to occupy the US and detered an invasion. This is not opinion, look it up. There is good reason terrorists have used the same cowardly tactic and not run amok in our streets as they have in india. You may think BAH! Rubbish! but the Japanese were a much more formidable force than the terrorists we face today. God created man, Samuel L Colt made them equal."
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