Monday, June 8, 2009

ISRAEL versus NORTH KOREA -- a comparison

When it comes to comparing how the World (the nations) regard and treat Israel as compared how they view and handle North Korea, Israel comes out as expected: The Jew Among the Nations.

While no nation on Earth--certainly not the Arab jackals yapping and snapping at Israel's heels from north and south and high-pitched barking from the Islamic world from Saudi Arabia to Egypt--fears Israel, the nations are afraid of what North Korea might do--to what is Kim Jong Il and his cadre up next?

Why not? why don't the Arabs fear Israel's might?

Because first of all--the Arabs and the world knows that the United States would never allow Israel to fully unsheath its sword and Israel is far too much beholden to the fading giant of the Americas.

There are the differences between these two states--Israel and North Korea--that must be taken into consideration.

North Korea has China at its back, although neither approving nor disapproving of his Communist offspring, China for reasons of its own, does not want North Korea to fall, whether through military attack from the outside nor internal collapse.

Israel--as does the Jew, always--stands alone. It has no friend. Although the United States mouths that it will not allow the destruction of Israel, it has taken the position under its latest leader that Israel was created by the nations in 1948 to assuage the Jews for the Holocaust (but enough already!).

The world is a-gaggle when North Korea launches a missile or detonates a nuclear test. It is unheedful of and ignores the Samson option.


Because the Jews wouldn't dare! (Or would they? You think?)

The U.S. and the EU do little --or nothing--to try and stop the Iranian mhadi-men fom building up their nuclear war machine--with the declared intention of ridding the world of the ( by-their-Mohammed-accursed) Jews.

But there is always the big stick wielded by the Moslem-dominated UN: Sanctions.

These have been used to threaten North Korea from time to time, with little result to halt that state's eagerness to perfect its nuclear arsenal--for sale to any Islamic entity that wants to purchase these new "swords of jihad."

Two U.S. journalists are arrested and sentenced to hard labor in North Korea. The U.S. is all a-twitter. When an American citizen (Jew) is brutally murdered by Arab Islamics in Israel or its stolen and Arab-occupied territories of Judea and Samaria (Gaza is lost for the time being), not much is heard from the supposed "protector of Israel"--the U.S.

Not that Israel wants or needs this so-called "protector" that is now more than ever intent on destroying the Jewish state.

Even when non-Jewish Americans are murdered by Arabs in Israel's Arab-occupied territory, not much ado about nothing takes place.

At one time the Jew living in Israel and among the nations was viewed with respect. That was when Israel acted alone (without asking the U.S's permission before it acted), when it slammed a fist into the snout of Idi Amin in Entebbe, and fought the "armies of Mohammed" to their utter defeat--until stopped by the cries of outrage from the nations time and time again (from Suez to Gaza).

Perhaps it would be better for the Jew and the Jewish state to discard the image of "victim" and assume that of an unpredictable power that could light up the nations were it to to face a world-wide 2nd Holocaust.

Isn't it time for the Jew to become a Jew again?

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